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JMOR Announces Enhanced Security Solutions for New Jersey-Area Physicians and Medical Practices

For Immediate Release - July 17, 2014


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JMOR Announces Enhanced Security Solutions for New Jersey-Area Physicians and Medical Practices

Local Tech leader’s new and improved support options, including Wireless-AC for local-area providers can save practices millions

Kinnelon, New Jersey. Information security is a vital concern for almost any industry, but it’s especially crucial for those in the medical profession. To help physicians and medical practices meet those challenges, New Jersey-based The JMOR Connection is offering several improved and specialized tools and services, including Wireless-AC, uniquely designed with their security needs for protecting data and patient privacy, while also ensuring HIPAA compliance.

"The addition of Wireless-AC to our services for medical professionals means that we’re offering the very latest in Wi-Fi speeds and standards (with technology offering up to one Gigabit per second)," comments JMOR founder John C. Morley. "Wireless-AC is expected to become the industry standard by 2015, yet we’re offering it right now, and at little additional cost."

As technology evolves on a constant basis, medical data is now in more danger than ever, especially with the recent discontinuation of official support for the Windows XP™ operating system. At the JMOR Connection, this issue is of constant and vital importance in its support for area medical practices and physicians. “We’ve provided support for medical facilities who invested the time and money to prepare themselves, as well as rescuing those who faced disaster when they did not,” adds Morley. “Just one instance of double jeopardy  -- such as a fine from HIPAA and compromised data – makes these security measures well worth the investment.”

Helping to Ensure HIPAA Compliance

JMOR understands that all responsible medical professionals understand the importance of keeping (PHI) Private Health Information secure. However, technology that was once on par with market standards is becoming obsolete, and many will find their practices out of HIPAA compliance due to compromised security. Consequences can include a failed technology audit (which can result in HIPAA violations totaling as high as $1.5 million dollars per year, according to the national AMA website). Another potential consequence is hacked patient data, which if used maliciously against the patient can lead to a substantial lawsuit against the practice or hospital – an outcome that can be just as costly as violation fees.

The JMOR Connection addresses these security issues with specially created solutions from the provision of a strong, reliable internet connection, including access to the superior Wireless-AC for Wi-Fi, as well as state of the art firewall and technology upgrades (such as switches, routers and wireless access points), and installation of top of the line software for added safety.

"Medical practices today are faced with fulfilling HIPAA’s rules and policies, and JMOR can make sure that you adhere to and even exceed these regulations," adds Morley. "We know how important your patients' privacy is to both you and to them, so our solutions go beyond simple password protection to more advanced security options such as biometric finger readers, which require the user to have the correct fingerprint to access, for true security and peace of mind. We're also able to add systems that require a second form of identification, such as a smart card or secure dongle. The bottom line is that we can accommodate however much protection you feel you need to keep your data safe."

Today's ever-evolving "bring your own device” technology results in increased vulnerability from within practices and medical centers to security breaches and hackers. The JMOR Connection addresses this with professional, commercial-grade firewall solutions that protect data by filtering traffic between devices at the intranet level, and also by filtering traffic coming to devices from the internet. JMOR is able to customize professional firewalls with granularity, which offers more precise control over access, to increase protection where additional security is needed – and where lower-budget firewalls fail. JMOR also offers password encryption solutions that add a critical level of security, as well as safe, secure hardware disposal, which helps to ensure that unwanted hardware is safely disposed of and that all of its data is permanently erased.

Specialized Tools & Services for Jersey-Area Physicians

JMOR offers several specialized tools and services to meet the needs of physicians and their practices, with Physician Leadership tools including options like Unified Communication with Video Conferencing, which unifies all the computers within an office in order to make sharing information much faster and easier. With this tool, doctors can collaborate and share information from multiple distances with specialists – even in the operating room. Video conferences can be used to communicate with patients, staff or even other medical facilities, and the video can be shared on mobile devices, making it more convenient and easier to share.

For New Jersey-area medical practices facing security issues, deadlines or disasters, JMOR is here to help with disaster continuity and planning to make sure their practices are up and running again as soon as possible.

About The JMOR Connection

The Mission of The JMOR Connection is a simple one: To continue to make technology work for its clients.

With customized security and support solutions for a variety of business needs and industries, The JMOR Connection understands that each business needs the tools and support to help them function more efficiently and profitably. JMOR’s custom solutions development team has been developing powerful business productivity solutions for nearly ten years, and recent products include EFM (a Smart Document Management Solution), a cost-effective package for securely managing and tracking documents online from any web browser around the globe.

In addition to its Physician Leadership Tools for medical professionals, JMOR also offers ACTRMS™ (its Attorney Case Tracking Record Management System), the only attorney case tracking solution a practice needs for managing multiple attorneys, assigning, scheduling and tracking court cases and individual dockets, and more.

To discuss JMOR’s security solutions especially for medical professionals and practices in the New Jersey area, as well as his recommendations and tips for better business security, founder John C. Morley is currently available for interviews or appearances. To get his insights, or for more information on The JMOR Connection’s tools and services for medical practices and physicians, please contact publicist Angela Mitchell at (904) 982-8043, 394-1000, or you may send and inquiry from our Media Relations Area.