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JMOR Advises Leader on Cyber Security in Voice of America

JMOR Leader Advises on Cyber Security Issues in “Voice of America” Article

JMOR founder John Morley of Kinnelon, New Jersey tech company offers timely insight and advice on cyber attacks in the wake of recent Sony breach


Kinnelon, New Jersey. It’s become a grim fact – the number of cyber attacks like the recent massive breach against media giant Sony Pictures is only expected to rise in the days to come. Luckily, in a recent report in Voice of America, JMOR Connection leader and founder John Morley offered his insight and advice on the issue, and how companies and individuals can better protect themselves.


Entitled “Cyberattacks Are Here to Stay, Experts Say,” the December 15, 2014 science and technology article ( included contributions by Voice of America Washington contributor George Putic, and spotlighted the growing number and scope of cyber attacks worldwide, as well as offering insights on how companies can protect themselves.


“I was delighted to be able to offer insights to Mr. Putic for the article, and was privileged to be able to provide cyber security advice to Voice of America readers,” comments Kinnelon, New Jersey-based technology leader John Morley of The JMOR Connection. “It’s more important than ever to stay a step ahead of hackers, and the only way to do that is to stay up to the moment on your technology, from your firmware, firewall, hardware, and more. You also need to make sure you have the best and most qualified security resources available to handle potential breaches or emergencies when they do occur.”



JMOR founder Morley is an expert on cyber security, and he speaks out constantly to companies and consumers alike on the dangers posed by potential security breaches, which are riskier today than ever before. “As the recent Sony breach demonstrated all too well, too many companies go for style over substance when it comes to their cyber security,” he adds. “When it comes to protecting your information, it’s vital that you choose a provider that’s capable, recommended, and best of all personally known and vetted.”


Information security has never been a more important or vital aspect of doing business today, and Morley provides timely insights, advice and specialized tools and services to help companies protect themselves, their privacy, assets, and information. The Voice of America article also noted Morley’s theory that the Sony hackers may have had inside help, as well (noting that the government agrees)—spotlighting the all-important need for companies and individuals to take steps to protect their information on an internal basis as well.


It’s a timely lesson, from an expert in the field.


About The JMOR Connection

The Mission of The JMOR Connection is a simple one: To continue to make technology work for its clients.


With customized security and support solutions for a variety of business needs and industries, The JMOR Connection understands that each business needs the tools and support to help them function more efficiently and profitably. JMOR’s custom solutions development team has been developing powerful business productivity solutions for nearly ten years, and recent products include EFM (a Smart Document Management Solution), a cost-effective package for securely managing and tracking documents online from any web browser around the globe.


In addition to its Physician Leadership Tools for medical professionals, JMOR also offers ACTRMS™ (its Attorney Case Tracking Record Management System), the only attorney case tracking solution a practice needs for managing multiple attorneys, assigning, scheduling and tracking court cases and individual dockets, and more.



To discuss JMOR’s security solutions especially for companies in the New Jersey area and beyond, as well as his recommendations and tips for better cyber security, founder John C. Morley is currently available for interviews or appearances.


To get his insights, please contact publicist Angela Mitchell at (904) 982-8043, or reach Morley directly at (973) 394-1000, extension 108, or via


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