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JMOR Gets New Home in Franklin Lakes and Wants to Give Back to Community

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JMOR Gets New Home in Franklin Lakes and Wants to Give Back to Community

Franklin Lakes, New Jersey - July 21, 2016

                 The JMOR Connection, Inc. is pleased to present you our story with the intention of getting it published with your organization. We wish to share our story with your readers and show them what makes us unique and most importantly, how much we want to give back to the community. We have just moved our offices to Franklin Lakes and are excited about getting connected with our new home and expanding our business.

                Who are we you may ask? We are the JMOR Connection, Inc. Engineering Technology to Grow Your Business™. Having over 23 years of experience, we care more about helping our clients solve their issues over whether or not we are making money. We believe in security, trust, integrity, and professionalism. We understand the challenges of a day-to-day service business. We are not afraid to be different nor to think outside the box. Our clients get the facts from us and they can stop the insanity; doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. We are here to serve the community and have been serving them for years. Last year, we ran a community food drive, with help from the local schools and CYO organizations, and collected over 6800 cans of food for the community of Kinnelon. We are already sending out feelers and trying to see how we can help our new community of Franklin Lakes. We don’t just offer our technology services but also random acts of kindness. Our clients and our community come first and we want to let them know that we are here today, tomorrow and for your growing needs of the future. We ask all of our clients the same question: are you willing to sacrifice quality and service for price?

The JMOR Connection, Inc. is dedicated to providing solutions and services that will help small businesses grow and keep them up and running. We believe that your readers would benefit a lot from hearing our story and we also believe it will help us to connect better with the community and be able to give back to them. We hope you agree.


To discuss JMOR’s security solutions especially for companies in the New Jersey area and beyond, as well as his recommendations and tips for better cyber security, founder John C. Morley is currently available for interviews or appearances.

 To get his insights, please contact Christian Garcia at, or reach Mr. Morley directly at (973) 394-1000, extension 108, or via


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