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File Management; Now Fully Electronic


File management is something needed by every company, and simplicity is the key. With the introduction of EFM, or Electronic File Management, you can effortlessly upload documents, files, and data remotely to be viewed by clients or employees.

The exchange of data, files, and all other information is the foundation of any business.  How this information changes hands, is edited, stored, viewed, and so on can be done using several different methods; most of which can get messy and confusing.  The introduction of Electronic File Management will simplify the most basic, yet most important aspect of any company, large or small.  EFM allows you to remotely upload any documents, files, or data for any purpose your business may seek. 

The JMOR Connection, Inc. is dedicated to Engineering Technology to Grow Your Business®. That is why they developed this remote file management system designed with simplicity and your company’s best interest in mind.  If you’re looking to grow your business, you can request more information about electronic file management systems or any of the other quality business solutions and products that are offered by the JMOR Connection, Inc.