Impact of Installing Occupancy Desk Sensors

Installing a building sensor is one thing in an effor to help conserver resources and cut costs but it is a horse of different color to have desk sensors to track workseat occupancy.  The Bank orginally stated that they notified the unions and employees however they failed to comment when many stated no-one recived it.  If they werer just tracking building utilization they wouldn't care about each desk and tie a number to a en employee or worked.  Thus this bank is so full of it as they know they lied.  In fact the only place they didn't put sensors was in the top executive manage offices.


1)  Sensky 360 Ceiling Mounted Occupancy Senor

2)  Commercial Celing Mounted PIR Occupancy Sensor

3)  Leviton Wall Mounted PIR (Replaces your existing single gang light switch)

4)  Dimmable Occupancy Sensor (10V LED)

5)  Fatal:  Big Brother is Watching for (Kindle, Paperbook or Audio Book)

6)  Eagle Eye:  (in HD:  The Movie that explains how too much control can be deadly)

7)  People Trackers for  (Adults, Children, contractors, workers, etc)

8)  Personal Portable Realtime GPS Tracking for Pets

9)  The End of Privacy:  The Attack on Personal Rights at Home, Work, online and Court)

10)  Location Based Social Networking (At Issue)