Custom Built Technology Solutions in NJ

JMOR offers New Jersey businesses Custom IT Solutions to meet their every day demands.

At JMOR, we are constantly anticipating our clients’ needs by thinking outside the box and developing new, innovative ways for them to solve business problems using cutting-edge technologies.

We build and develop solutions to meet any client’s needs and budget. From custom form factored hardware to advanced client relationship management software (CRM), JMOR has the right solutions for our clients today, and the tools they need to succeed in the future. With access to a full line of products and services, having JMOR as your trusted custom technology solutions partner positions your business for long-term efficiency and success.

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Case Studies

server security consultant

NJ-Based Production Client Case Study

Client: NJ-Based Production Company

*The Problem: Slow speeds for network users.* JMOR received a call from a nearby production company complaining of a slow internet... Read the full story

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