The Value of a Good Backup Solution

Why do I need an effective backup system?


A backup system protects your data and keeps your files safe in the event of disaster, such as a fire, software malfunction or even simple human error.  For businesses, I prefer to liken the concept of backup to something like homeowner's insurance.  When things are good, you may bemoan having to continously pay for protection, but if you were to lose your home in a disaster, the insurance prevents the experience from being completely devastating.  While you may be thinking that the probability of a tornado destroying your building is so small that it becomes insignificant, you should consider the liklihood of a different kind of disaster.  Things such as server errors, a malicious virus or spy-ware, or even an employee who mistakenly deletes important files have unfortunately become commonplace in the business world.  Having a good backup system protects your company from all of these things.


Okay, but my company can't afford such a "luxury".


If you're a small company, just starting out, or perhaps even you've had some setbacks recently and are looking to save money, I can understand your concern about spending money on a backup system.  However, no matter what your company's situation currently is, having a reliable backup is crucial to your success.  In the past two years, 50% of businesses have experienced some kind of unforseen interruption.  Of those, 80% went out of business within three years, and if their problem included a critical IT failure, they failed within only one year.  Most of these problems resulted from virus/malware, so much that the United States was found to be the number one country with these issues.  These statistics are not meant to scare you; rather, they are here to show how prevalent these disasters are and how devastating they can be for a company.


I understand the need for backup, but why choose JMOR's backup Solution?


We know that there are cheaper backup options out there.  Some companies choose to use on-premise only methods, or record their data on tape.  These solutions are too often unreliable and overall ineffective.  In fact, 77% of the companies that use tape have found failures.  The difference is that JMOR uses a Cloud Connected method which both stores and replicates your data to a secure JMOR cloud as well as an on-site or off-site vault.  This replication is important, as JMOR can provide with the replicated data in only four hours, as well as restore the data completely in 24-48 hours.  This swiftness is important, as being without your data for too long can be very harmful to your company.   In fact, 93% of companies that lost their data for 10 days or more went bankrupt within a year.  An unreliable backup system may be able to eventually recover your data, but it may take too long and cause irreperable damage to your company.