Whether you operate a few computers or have thousands on your network, it's not a question of if you will get attacked but when, if you are not properly protected. Many people purchase off-the-shelf antivirus solutions and find their computers running slowly or worse, hacked. Most hackers can defeat basic antivirus software, even from top companies.

We take a different approach. We have multiple data centers where we install a server blade and client endpoint management software on all your computers and servers.

Our blade acts as the main control center, allowing you to:

  • Create new invitation codes to join the network
  • Remove endpoints
  • Customize services to different policies
  • Get detailed reports
  • Force scans or patches, and more

Our End Point Protection Management System includes:

  1. Antivirus & Malware
  2. Ransomware Protection
  3. Vulnerability Scanning
  4. Sandboxing
  5. Application Firewall
  6. Web Content & Site Filtering

With over 30 years of experience, we have tested many solutions. Often, they failed to detect basic viruses, let alone full-blown ransomware. Additionally, many lacked sandboxing—a special environment where programs are isolated and blocked if they misbehave. This feature also intelligently notifies thousands of users and blocks the malicious programs on their systems.

To have a reliable endpoint protection system, you can't rely on a basic piece of software. It needs to handle the areas above, update its definitions frequently, and upgrade its engine when new updates roll out. It should also be scalable, allowing you to add firewalls, switches, and even WiFi devices that can be easily tracked and managed.

When you choose to work with The JMOR Connection, Inc., you'll quickly see that we excel in technology and security. We understand that if your servers or computers go down, it impacts your business, and if you lose your data, you might be out of business.