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 Some of the Solutions we have helped clients with are:


  • Hosted Phone Systems where you can make, receive calls, text, get transcriptions of your voice-mail messages and more
  • Employee and Staff Time Clock Solutions with Apps that have built in integrations to many payroll company's  Share large files with staff, client and even vendors:  set expiration dates and password        on custom created sharing links
  • E-mail Solutions that work with your smart phone, computer, tablet or MAC Computer.
  • COVID Cameras that check check people's temperate before entering
  • VPN Solutions that allow your team to use OTP(One Time Pass-code), Hardware Token to access your secure network
  • Ticketing Solutions with Internal customizable knowledge base
  • Remote Printing from your Smart Phone or other device on your wired or wireless network


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Long before covid work from home was even a concern remote employee engagement was important to many large and small company's around the globe.  Many companies would hire independent sales consultants, full time outside sales representative or even outsource it to a manufacturing representative company.  Although the concept was around for a while it was just not as front and center now that covid pandemic is upon us.


Let's break down the three components of Employee Remote Engagement. Remote:  Meaning that someone will be accessing resources from a location outside of the main office, IE a branch, on the road or from home. An Employee is defined as the person that is hired by a company as either a contractor, independent agent, part time personnel, full-time personnel to perform designed tasks.

Engagement is the activity the person(s) designated by the company such as customer service, sales, service or support role that will be performed.  They may need to interact, send or correspond with internal staff, prospects or current clients throughout the day. In any remote operation tasks such as a corona virus work from home, on the road or branch involvement, it is paramount that everyone is able to do their job in the same way they would be able to as if they were at the non-remote or off-site office location.

Many business that need this are fortune 500, and 100 corporations but there are many business that need the resources of small business computer support.  Remember its' not just having access to Word, Excel, PowerPoint or their proprietary databases including but not limited to their ERP or Sales, Inventory, Billing Management System.  Before covid, work from home solutions may have been a luxury to some but now they are an essential backbone to keep an organization up and running.  What makes this more fun is that several of these solutions either sist behind an office firewall on a private network or pulls resources from specific cloud environments and marries them into one solutions seamlessly all behind the scenes.  


If you are asking why is this so complicated; it’s not, but it is critical that through research is performed to inventory all the required applications, resources currently deployed to mimic the same environment they would have at their own desk environment prior to any covid work from home solutions being needed.

Again, it's not just about software and permissions but sometimes additional hardware may be required such as if an ip phone is needed to communicate  with the offices main voice over ip phone system. If you are asking why can't we just use (POTS) plain old telephone line, cell phone, or any voip monthly service and a soft-phone.  That is an excellent idea; however, it is vital that the system is able to not only make and receive calls as if you were at your desk in the office.  If I lost you; how many times have you called a company and then had to dial an extension number, use their dial by name directory or reach someone with their private (DID) #.  Exactly, needing to mirror this complete functionality from the way the users in the office, out of office, clients and prospects to experience it all the same way.  If it is too different this will often times make clients leave out of frustration, thus everything has to be running like a well-oiled machine.


Sure you remember the commercial with Jake from state farm working from home; calls need to go through and to the right people whenever they are needed.  Now true Jake from state farm working from home was a meme but it was a real agent and it did bring the point across that his agent is there for him even in the middle of the night.  What if Jake from state farm working from home didn't get that call and his concerned client got “Hi, this is Jake from state farm working from home; I can't get your call right now, please leave your message and I will get back to you”.  Well, would that be in 30 minutes, an hour, in a few hours.  Meanwhile; his client may have an emergency about changing coverage or a concern and needs the peace of mind that Jake from state farm working from home will be there should he need him again.


Mary, an executive in sales needs to schedule a call with the five hundred teammates she manages on our sales team.  What if Mary could not simply use a zoom session; would she have to call everyone manual or setup an expensive manual conference call.  Mary was so grateful that her company had her back and had zoom tech support for her.  Mary's simple glitch of no camera working was fixed in less than five minutes by updating a drive and the meeting started right on time.  Thus, during corona-virus work from home times or any other it is key to have a resource plan in place to handle what may go wrong and be ready for it.  We used Zoom Tech Support as an example but it could have been any conferencing or video platform your company deploys for it remove employee engagement team.


Now with covid work from home situations, people and their hours may be reduced or management may just want to make sure that everyone is truly working and doing their job. Thus their company can require that the sales staff attend several virtual networking events and setup one on one follow-ups with party's they meet.  However,' maybe their company besides tracking just when people are working need to manage different staff members and only wants them to clock in and clock out when they are scheduled, can be easily solved by having everyone use cloud based employee a time clock software website or application.  Management can easily see the hours staff is working, look at payroll requirements at any time and make on the fly decisions to shift and mange employee resources during the covid work from home situation or at any other time.


Important Notes for those working from home is not just limited to the technology but also how you work from home.  Do you have the right computer chair?  What do I mean by the right computer chair?  Is your computer chair comfortable, adjustable, has lumbar support?  

Do you schedule your time and take breaks including but not limited to your required 10 minute break every four hours to get up, walk around and refresh.  Have you made a separate place in your home that is dedicated as your office space and that you let your family know when you are working so they won't disturb you unless it is an emergency.  Please pay attention to ergonomics making sure you have and use the most comfortable computer chair, know your company's work from home policy's and procedures well.  Remember to stay logged in to your company's internal chat, messaging system and remember to communicate in a timely fission.  Just because you are not five feet from each other doesn't mean you can do what you want.  Corona virus working from home and using the properly configured remote employee engagement solutions is vital to you and your company's success.