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JMOR Tech Talk Show Jan 15, 2021: How using a secure App will keep you off the Radar

Radio show date 01-15-2021

Click here to watch this Show Hello, everyone. It is that time for the JMOR tech talk show. Where we answer questions about technology, explain the way they should work and why they don't sometimes. And now here's your host, John C Mor....

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Mike Kara Radio Program: Jan 16, 2021

Radio show date 01-16-2021

Click here to listen now  Mike Kara: Well, welcome back to our next edition of the Mike Kara radio progra....

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The World Of Ability Jan 9, 2021

Radio show date 01-09-2021

Click here to Watch this Episode   Intro:  The American political system explained in 10 minutes. The American system of government is ideologically based upon a classicall....

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JMOR Tech Talk Show Jan 8, 2021: Happy New Year and BoAT and Karl J Weaver

Radio show date 01-08-2021

Hello, everyone. It's that time, for the JMOR tech job show. Where we answer questions about technology, explain the way they should work and why they tone sometimes. And now here's your host, John C Morley. Click Here to Watch this Episo....

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PR 360

Radio show date 01-06-2021

Have you ever wondered what it takes to create a successful public relations campaign? Do you know what it takes to deal with a crisis?Do you find yourself looking online for the latest news on consumer technology? PR 360 will help give you the answers to thesequestions. Join us each week....

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My Future Business Show

Radio show date 12-20-2020

Watch the Show now! We all have the right and the potential to do whatever we want. As long as it doesn't physically harm or affect another person's life in a negative manner. And if you can live your life like that, ....

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JMOR Review Channel BOSCH SHP88PZ55N01

Radio show date 10-20-2020

The BOSCH SHP88PZ55N01 doesn't just look attractive, its efficiency, packs some amazingly useful features and is so quiet you could sleep next to it.Yest, of course it actually cleans the dishes but it does with style and high efficiency. ....

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JMOR Unboxing Channel BOSCH SHP88PZ55N01

Radio show date 10-12-2020

Taking a look at the BOSCH SHP88PZ55N01 Dish Washer Click here to watch the unboxing video....

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JMOR Tech Talk Show 2020E13: Joe Bidden's App exposes access to millions of voter records

Radio show date 09-18-2020

JMOR Tech Talk Show Joe Bidden's App exposes accesses to millions of voter recordsWhat laptop is best for meTiktok was purchased by OracleMuch more. Click here to watch this episode!....

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JMOR Tech Talk Show 2020:E12 FB going to pay people for deactivacting their account during the election, Walmart, Amazon, Uber and more

Radio show date 09-11-2020

Facebook stating they will pay people about $120 for deactivating FB accounts during the elections. FB may not be all that for B2B Advertising and business are starting to see this and pull out. Walmart now jumping on the bandwagon with test piloting Drone Delivery. Uber saying they will be going....

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JMOR Tech Talk Show 2020E11: Amazon and Drone Deliverys, Schools Reopening, Tesla Self Driving Cars and More...

Radio show date 09-04-2020

Time Square NY,Merriam-Webster,What is a Jerk, Amazon, Drones, Tesla Self Driving Cars Make Progress, Indianhillschooldistrict,wiifm, wiify,Walmart,Galaxy New Flip Phone, worldmeters, covid and more. For Tips on Tech just Text itsupport to 888111We have some great gu....

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JMOR Tech Talk Show 2020E10: Zoom crashes, Tesla fights

Radio show date 08-28-2020

This past week zoom goes down and all learning, corporate meeting and trainings took an unrepresented little few hour holiday.Also, Tesla is fighting back by blocking 3rd part software updates that are 50% less then their own and much more. ....

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JMOR Tech Talk Show 2020:E9 (Visas given out to those wanting to work on islands, FB, Uber& & Lyft Possible Law Suit and More)

Radio show date 08-21-2020

In this episode will see if getting a visa to work on a beautiful island is all its cracked up to be.Will Uber and Lyft get sued in NJ like they are doing in CA for mis-clasifiying drivers as contractors?Cheap insurance for NJ Drivers that don't have a DUI is this reality?All....

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JMOR Tech Talk Show 2020 E8: Schools Use Tech to Track COVID

Radio show date 08-14-2020

-Schools use Tech to Track COVID with a bracelet that monitors their temperature and tracks their exact location-FB now showing a warning when making covid posts-Kamala Devis Harris-Fornite Games Sues Apple and Google  This and much more on this episod....

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JMOR Tech Talk Show 2020 E7: Flying Cars Approved, Low Cost Fitness Watch, Tiktok Losing US Users

Radio show date 08-07-2020

In this episode will talk about the recent bill passed to allow for flying cards, a new low cast fitness watch, tiktok losing us users.The Power-outage that challenged many last week. ....

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JMOR Tech Talk Show 2020 E6: Flying Cars are Coming, HBO Max, Protecting Identity

Radio show date 07-31-2020

On this episode will talk about the return of Jetson Flying Card, HBO Max Games, Youtube Changesand how to protect your identity. Click here to watch this episode.....

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JMOR Review: Bonsaii 3S30 Shredder

Radio show date 07-30-2020

In this video I will give you my review of the Bonsaii 3S30 Shredder. Click here to watch the Video....

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JMOR Unboxing of Lenovo Thinkcentre M070Q

Radio show date 07-30-2020

In this video I will unbox a Lenovo Thinkcentre M070QThis is the same form factor as the Lenovo P330 and P340 without all the added extra power and additional bells andwhistles like WiFi and simultaneous  multi-support power graphics card. ....

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JMOR Unboxing Lenovo P330

Radio show date 07-29-2020

In this video will take a look at the Lenovo P330, reveal some of its hidden featuresas well as the construction of the product. Click here to Watch the Video ....

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JMOR Tech Talk Show 2020 E5: COVID Technology that is helping people get by during this pandemic.

Radio show date 07-26-2020

On this episode will talk about robots that delivering food to those being forced to quarantine in China when they travel in for two week.sAlso, they use min-robots where this virus originated to deliver food from several local barsThe concept of using QR Codes to view an electronic....

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JMOR Unboxing: Bonsaii Cross Cut Shredder 3S30 (18 Pgs/Min)

Radio show date 07-24-2020

In this video we will unbox the Bonsaii Cross Cut Shredder 3S30. How many times have you received an application for a new credit card, bank, insurance or other policy statement but what you don't know is tossingthat into your home garbage will spell trouble.  If so....

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JMOR Tech Talk show 2020 E4: Digital Dating, Space Launch, Robot Jobs ,does iPod Return

Radio show date 07-17-2020

Click Here to Watch this Episode In this episode will explore the realm of digital dating, the launching schedule for the next space endeavor, what jobs are robots taking over and even the possible return of the iPOD.....

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JMOR Review of Dyson V7 Motor Head

Radio show date 07-04-2020

Taking a look at the Dyson after using it for a few days.Click here to watch the review now.....

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JMOR Unboxing Dyson V7 Motor Head

Radio show date 06-28-2020

In this video will unbox the Dyson V7, review what comes in the box,show you how to put it together and get it ready for use.Click here to Watch the video now. ....

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JMOR Tech Talk Show 2020 E3: Roblox, Disney World, Technology, Parents, credit cards, fraud

Radio show date 07-10-2020

On this episode of The JMOR Tech Talk ShowWatch this Episode Now -Will talk about how Disney World is slowly reopening-How innocent kids are racking up the bill on parents  credit cards when ....

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JMOR Tech Talk Show 2020 E2: Tik Tock Copying User Data & Microsoft Stores are Closing

Radio show date 07-10-2020

JMOR Tech Talk Show:  (Tik Tock Copying User Data, Microsoft Stores Closing and more)Watch this Episode Now!....

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JMOR Tech Talk show 2020 E1 (What are show is about)

Radio show date 06-15-2020

JMOR Tech Talk show 2020 E1 -On our show we will talk about all sorts of technology-Explain how they should work-How to fix it when it doesn't....