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Radio show date 09-16-2022

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John C. Morley: (00:09)

 Hi everyone. I'm John C. Morley, the JMOR Tech Talk Show and Inspirations for Your Life host.


 John C. Morley: (01:01)

 Hey everyone, it is John C. Morley here, serial entrepreneur. Welcome to another fine edition of the JMOR Tech Talk show. Thanks so much for popping in and joining us. We have a pretty amazing show for you guys tonight. The first thing I want to talk about is a lot of things I want to talk about, but the new Apple iOS release features. And if you're wondering, it's the new iOS that just got released by Apple not too long ago, and it is the Apple iOS 16 release features. So we're going to talk about these, one by one. I think you guys will find it really beneficial. You're definitely gonna want to update your phone to the new 16.0. Got a lot of great features. So let's get into it, shall we? The first thing is the lock feature. Alright, so on the iOS 16 system, there is something called the lock screen.


 John C. Morley: (02:01)

 You have a lock screen gallery for inspiration on making the lock screens. You can customize them, and it's really cool because I played with it, and you can actually click the customized button, and it can pick one of your pictures and then add the clock to it. So I think that's really cool how it does that. You have lock screen switching, so you can switch your lock screen throughout the day, touch and hold it, and swipe and move to another one. If that floats your boat a little better, you can change the stylized date and time with expressive font and color choice if you don't like the white. So lots of great things that you can do there. Different photo styles, so lots of stuff there. Astronomy: If you want to add things like seeing the earth and the solar system moon, you can do that on our screen here.


 John C. Morley: (02:54)

 So that's a pretty cool little thing. You know that they're rolling out, and this is all on the lock screen. The thing about it is that many people don't realize that the lock screen compels you to go forward with, you know, using the phone. The next thing I wanna talk about is the focus screen. So the focus screen, you have a lock screen linking. You can transform how your iPhone looks and functions at the same time. By connecting your lock screen to your focus to activate a focus, you can swipe to the corresponding lock screen. Pretty cool. And iOS suggests a relevant set of lock screens for providing focus options, such as data-rich lock screens, while you can use work focus or photo lock screens while you're in a personal focus.


 John C. Morley: (03:42)

 So really a neat way to use your phone at different times of your life. You have the home screen page suggestions. The iOS suggests the home screen pages with apps and widgets that are relevant to the focus you're setting up. You can set up focus filtering to set up boundaries within Apple apps like calendar, mail messages, Safari, and more. You can focus on filtering with APIs, and you can focus on schedules. You can allow and have a silence list. So when you're setting up a focus, you can select apps for people you want to receive notifications from by either allowing them or silencing them. So that's definitely cool. We haven't really had that before. They've talked about it, but now we have it. Another thing that rolled out in iOS 16 was the iCloud-shared photo library. So you can now share a photo library with your family.


 John C. Morley: (04:37)

 Share a separate iCloud photo library with up to five other people or friends that you know. Smart sharing. You can contribute photos manually or use the smart feature to make sharing seamless, like a switch in the camera. Automatic sharing using Bluetooth proximity and sharing suggestions, which are very easy. You can relive more complete memories. You can enjoy shared photos and memories feature photos and photo widgets. Smart setup rules allow you to share all your past photos or use setup tools to contribute specific photos based on a start date or range. I think that's pretty cool. All right, what else is new in the new iOS 16? Well, message. Now we all live and die by message, right? So you can edit a message now. You can now edit a message for up to 15 minutes after sending it.


 John C. Morley: (05:28)

 This is really cool. Now people will be able to see a record of edits made to the message. So that's interesting, right? So they'll basically see that the message was edited. So you can edit the message and undo any message for up to two minutes after sending it. That's pretty cool. You can mark a message unread, and when you don't have time to respond but want to be sure to reply to the sender later, you can recover deleted messages. You can recover these messages for up to 30 days after you've deleted 'em. So I think that's pretty cool. You can share play via messages. You can share synchronized activities like movies, music, workouts, games, and more with your friends and other colleagues, you can share with. Your API developers can build shared information that you can pass on to the app.


 John C. Morley: (06:22)

 So when someone sends you a video or article that you don't have time to check out at the moment, you can easily find the next time you open the app that it'll be waiting there for you. Collaboration invites. You can send invitations to collaborate on projects and messages, and everyone on the thread will automatically be added to the document spreadsheet or project, respectively. You have collaboration updates. When someone makes an edit, you'll see activity updates at the top of the message thread, and you can tap the updates to get back to the shared project. We have dual sim message filtering. We can now filter conversations and messages by individual sim, and we have auto messages playback, a fast forward or rewinding of auto messages, and audio messages as you listen. So that is really cool looking forward to playing more around that.


 John C. Morley: (07:14)

 Now, another thing that people live and set their life on is male, right? Messages are important, but male is also very important. So they've really kicked this up a few notches. You have smart search corrections intelligence search improves your results by correcting typos and using synonyms for your search terms. Now, I hope it doesn't act like the old smart correct, which usually changes the word into things that you didn't even want to say. Missing recipients and attachments can get notified if you forget to include an important part of a message, like an attachment or a recipient; schedule a send now, which is cool. So you can schedule an email to be sent at a perfect moment. I think that's great because a lot of times, you wanna type something and then just have it go out later. Remind me, never forget about an email that you opened but didn't get back to.


 John C. Morley: (08:05)

 You can see you can select a date and time to have messages resurface in your inbox. I think that is very cool. You have BiMi support, which easily identifies and authenticates email messages with BiMi or brand indicators for message identification and verified brand iconography. Like photography, always iconography. That's pretty cool. So you can make a smart search suggestion. You can see Richard's views of shared content. You can undo ascend, and easily unsend a message that you just sent before it reaches the recipient's inbox. That is cool. Move sent messages to the top of your inbox so you can quickly send a follow-up message, and you have rich links that can give your email messages more context and details at a glance. So that is definitely really cool. All right, let's talk a little bit about the next thing that I think is definitely gonna interest you a little bit Safari.


 John C. Morley: (09:04)

 So Safari is one of the browser programs you can use. And so Safari now has something called share tab groups. Basically, you can create tabs with friends, and when you add or change them, your friends will be notified. Well, that's pretty cool. You have pin tabs and tab groups, so you can customize your tab groups with pin tabs for each group. So that's really cool. And you have web push notifications that'll add support for option notifications on iOS. And this will be coming to us in some part of 2023. You have tab group start pages. You have new web extension APIs, and you have extension syncing, so you can see available extensions from your other devices listed Safari preferences very easily. And once they're installed, an extension will sync, so you only have to turn it on once you have website setting syncs allowing you to do specific website syncing like Page Zoom. The automatic reader view will sync across multiple devices.


 John C. Morley: (10:02)

 You have support for new languages such as Arabic, Dutch, Indonesian, Korean, Polish, Thai, Turkish, and Vietnamese in Safari in the webpage translation area. That is cool. You have a webpage image translation ad support for translating texts in images using live texts. You have additional web technology support, which gives developers more power and control over styling and the layout of web pages. You have strong password editing. You can now edit strong passwords suggested by Safari to adjust for site-specific requirements. And you also have wifi passwords in settings now, so you can find and manage your wifi passwords in settings and reference and share passwords or delete old ones very, very easily. So definitely cool. But something else that's really new with something called pass keys. So passkeys are gonna replace passwords with an easier and safer sign-on method. And so that's really cool.


 John C. Morley: (11:00)

 And your private key is never kept on a web server, so you don't have to worry about websites leaking, compromising data to your accounts, or anything like that. And it is safe from phishing. So Passkey never leave your device, and they're very specific to the site you created, and it makes it nearly impossible to have them fished out. So that is cool. Of course, that can sync across mobile devices. And another great benefit of using Ios 16 is. So you'll have another great feature in iOS 16, and that is something called live text. What the heck is live text? Well, it's a text that's completely interactive in Paul's video frames. So you can use functions like copy and paste and Live Tech's works and photos, quick lookup Safari and more. Data detected in photos and videos is also actionable with a single tap, which is something pretty cool, but I think they could cause some problems because if there are some bad actors out there, they might put that in, and if you click, it might take you somewhere bad.


 John C. Morley: (12:00)

 So be on the lookout for that. New languages for live text now include recognition for Japanese, Korean and Ukrainian text. So definitely really cool there. Of course, we have Siri, and Siri has some new enhancements that I definitely wanna share with you. So one thing about Siri is, you know, we had the voice and stuff like that. So I think it's definitely very cool the way Siri works, but sometimes I think people find Siri to be a little bit annoying because it doesn't work the way you expect it to work, and that could be a slight problem. So Siri can now run shortcuts from your apps without any setup required. You can insert emojis when sending messages with Siri. Siri can help you to hang up a call completely hands-free. Just say, Hey, Siri, hang up, participants on the call.


 John C. Morley: (12:49)

 We'll hear you. You can enable this feature in settings very, very easily. Automatically send messages skipping the confirmation step when sending messages. You can enable this feature in the setting. So that's pretty cool. You can say, Hey Siri, what can I do here? And discover Siri's capabilities in iOS and ask Siri what to do. And Hey, Siri, we'll help you out. And so you can even ask Siri questions like, Hey Siri, what can I do with Alexa? Or, Hey Siri, what can I do with iRobot? So it's actually gonna be context specific in a device that you're referring to. So I think that's really cool. You have expanded offline support for Siri and more types of requests without an internet connection, including home control, home kit, intercom, and voicemail. So what this means is that you don't have to have a connection to the internet.


 John C. Morley: (13:40)

 So there is a broader base of the library that's actually downloaded that doesn't have to go to the internet every five seconds. Like we've all seen that we tried to do certain things with our phone, and then it says, sorry, I can't do it cause it can't connect to the internet. So I think that's really cool. So they made some great enhancements there. We also have dictation, so it's an all-new dictation experience while dictating on a device. You can move fluidly between voice touch, and you can type on the keyboard, of course, and you will get the quick type suggestions all without needing to stop dictation, which I think is cool dictation, inserts, commas, periods, and question marks for you as you dictate. And you also have emoji support. You can insert emojis using your voice while dictating on the device.


 John C. Morley: (14:25)

 You have dictation in the messages text field, and the dictation icon is now available in the text entry field, which is pretty cool. And you can easily stop dictation by tapping the new cursor popover. So definitely cool really excited to explore some of these features. And, of course, we have some new enhancements with maps. So you can add multiple stops along your driving route and maps. Plan a route with multiple stops on your Mac, and it syncs to your iPhone. You can check your transverse and see how much your journey will cost with transverse. I think that's really cool. And you can use transit cards and maps, add transit cards to wallets so you can see low balances, and replenish your card all without leaving map maps. So that's pretty cool. So that's a great way for New Yorkers and other people that use mass transit to be able to see what things are gonna cost them.


 John C. Morley: (15:15)

 So I think these are really some useful features that are gonna make quite a bit of difference in iOS 16 plus. It's supposed to have some more security.

Now Apple Pay and wallet. So what was changing that? So you could split the cost now of your Apple Pay later purchases into four payments over six weeks with no interest or fees. That are really cool ID cards presented in the apps. That's gonna be really cool. And then, they'll basically require identity and age verification to the apps only request information needed to complete the transaction. And you'll be able to review this request, and your data will be shared only after authorizing with the face ID or the touch id. Yeah, really cool. So Apple cash payment requests make it easy to manage active payments and requests from your Apple Cash card in your wallet really simply.


 John C. Morley: (16:11)

 And you also have multi-stay hotel keys. Now, this is good, and you no longer need to add a new hotel key to your wallet for each new reservation. A single key allows you to check in and unlock your room for all your upcoming stays at hotels within the same brand. I think that it is absolutely amazing you have easy device migration. For keys, you just tap the plus button in the wallet to see the list of all the keys you own and choose which one you want to add to your new device. You have the Apple Pay Merchant token that lets you securely set up and completely transact the pre-authorized recurring Apple payments. So they added those features. You can verify your identity and apps. Customers of the US will be able to share their verified information from their ID card and wallet within the apps that require h or identity verification for certain purchases.


 John C. Morley: (17:02)

 You can add keys from Safari, and you can now securely add new keys to your iPhone and Apple Watch directly. Pretty cool. You can also use something called Apple Pay Order Tracking. So what this does is it allows users to receive detailed receipts and order tracking information in the wallet for Apple Pay purchases with participating merchants. I think that is really cool. You could pay multiple merchants in a single Apple Pay transaction. So you can specify a purchase amount for multiple merchants within a single Apple Pay payment sheet. And this gives you the flexibility to make a bundled purchase, such as a travel package with a flight rental, car, and hotel, all at one time by paying multiple vendors. I think that is really cool. You can now top up your Apple account. Now topping is something that's been around for a long time by a lot of different phone providers and pay-per-phone service systems, anything from psychics to professional advice, they call it topping up the account.


 John C. Morley: (18:04)

 We can now top up your Apple account. What is topping 



Means? It means that you replenish your account balance from your Apple account card 

and topping is just a neat way of saying that you just raise it. So I think that is definitely, you know, really, really cool. So there are other new features that are going to now be present in the 16. And that is the home enhancement. So the all-new home app has an all-new design, and it makes it easier to navigate, organize and view and control all your accessories around your home. You can categorize lights areas, climate securities, speakers and TVs, and water to quickly access the relevant systems without you having to spend lots of charges trying to file. You'll find the whole house view. You can see your entire house at a glance in the redesign home tab.


 John C. Morley: (18:57)

 And the rooms and favorite accessories are integrated into the app's main tab. You have a new camera view. Up to four camera views are displayed front and center in the home tab with just a scroll. And you can see any additional camera views in your home very, very easily. So they have the new tile design, which makes it easy to update architecture widgets on the lock screen. So you can now add the home widgets on your lock screen so you can manage it without having to go into the phone. I think that's really cool. The matter is a new smart home connectivity standard that will enable compatible accessories to work together seamlessly across platforms. And the matter will allow you to choose from even more compatible smart home devices to make your life really easy. So they're really giving you a lot of stuff, aren't they?


 John C. Morley: (19:45)

 Well, there are more ladies and gentlemen, yes. What else is there? There's health. Alright, so in the health set of enhancements, we've got to track your medications, which is pretty cool. Reminders for medications, add medications using your iPhone camera, so you don't have to actually log them manually. And you have medication logging really cool. You can learn more about your medications, the educational content, what's in them, any side effects, things like that, and what they're used for. Medication interactions such as is this drug gonna cause a problem with something I'm already taking? And it can warn you of invitations for health sharing, like with your provider or with family. You can do that very easily, and you even have cycle deviation notice so you can receive a notification if your logged cycles, such as if it's ladies' menstrual cycles, show up a pattern, infrequent periods, it will now show you that very easily so you can have that persistent spotting.


 John C. Morley: (20:44)

 So they've done that, and yes, they add another section. So we had help before, but you know what they did now, which is really cool. I think this is amazing. So help always helps, but now we have a separate section called Fitness Now. It used to just be helping. Now we have fitness. So the fitness app for all iPhone users will track and meet your fitness goals even if you don't have an Apple watch. Yeah. Alright, so I think that is pretty amazing. You can use things like the iPhone motion sensors for your steps, distance, and even third-party workouts will give you an estimate of your calories to contribute to your daily move goal. Way to go, guys. I think that it that's really cool. So there is another new feature in the iPhone 16 platform here, and that is called family sharing.


 John C. Morley: (21:40)

 So you can approve child accounts set up with the right parental controls very easy to do. You can set up things like screen time requests and messages, and screen time requests from your kids now appear in messages. So it's easy to approve or decline your son or daughter's request, all without having to get to their phone directly. Pretty cool. Maybe they're working, or maybe they did something well, and you want to give them a bonus so you can, they can request, and you can give them a bonus. You have a device set up for kids. You can use a quick start to easily set up a new iOS or iPad device for your child with all the appropriate parental controls already in place. And family checklists give you the optimum tips and suggestions like updating a child's settings as they get older, and you could turn on location sharing or just remind you that you can share it also to your iCloud subscription for everyone a little bit later.


 John C. Morley: (22:36)

 So that is definitely really cool. So there's a lot in this iOS 16, isn't there? It's not just about security. Yes, we have some changes in CarPlay. This is cool. So we all know car play is basically Apple's app that allows you to connect to your car and basically play those things in your car. So you have the next generation of car play which covers all the driver screens for a cohesive experience. Deep communication with the vehicle system allows for driving information on the instrument cluster to be sent, including the control of the radio and the HVAC system. So the new version of CarPlay is specific to each vehicle. So that's important, and it will accommodate unique screen shapes and layouts and new levels of personalization to allow drivers to choose their specific designs, including the brand-specific options. You have fueling and driving task apps.

 So that is something now in CarPlay, and you could automatically send messages, skip the confirmation step when sending messages, and you can enable this feature in Siri settings while in CarPlay. Alright, so as we're talking more about this, there is something that is definitely popping around. Do you know what that is? That is privacy. Yeah, that's privacy. So privacy now has a safety check area, and this new section in settings helps people in domestic or intimate partner violence situations quickly reset the access they've granted to others. I think that is really, really good. You have media streaming improvements, so you can stream video directly from devices that support non-air play streaming and protocols without having to provide Bluetooth or local network access permission. Yeah, the PACE Board permission app needs your permission before accessing the PACE board to paste content from another app. Really cool. You can lock hidden and recently deleted albums in photos, and the hidden and recently deleted albums are locked by default and can be unlocked using your iPhone authentication method, such as your face id, Touch ID, or of course, your passcode.


 John C. Morley: (24:43)

 All right, so what we were talking about a lot in this new version is what's new in security because this is a big thing that usually happens when they have different versions. But now that we have security enhancements, this is really cool. So we have something called the RSR Rapid Security Response. You can get important security improvements to your device even faster. And these improvements can be applied automatically between standard software updates. So that's really cool. So this was more than just a minor update. This was a major update. You have landscape face ID, and it works in landscape on supported iPhone mode. So that's really cool. So you don't have to have the phone like this, you can have it the other way. You have lockdown mode. This is a new security mode. It provides extreme protection for the very small number of users who, you know, have faced grave target threats to their digital security.


 John C. Morley: (25:34)

 And it basically locks down your device's defenses and strictly limits certain functions that would reduce the attack surface that could potentially be exploited by highly targeted mercenary spyware. So that's really good if maybe you're in the legal profession and but this isn't, that wouldn't be used for everybody. Only very, very specific targeted people or those industries where they could be high, you know, sought after. That's something I think is really cool, and that's something they had been working on, to be honest with you, for a while. So definitely a lot of features. And you know what, ladies and gentlemen, I didn't tell you this, but you know, there's even more in the, in this new, in this new app. What else could there be? Why did you ask me that? Here is the accessibility section. So the Apple Watch mirroring, you can fully control apple's watch from the iPhone and use switch control, voice control, or any other assistive features to get the most out of your Apple watch.


 John C. Morley: (26:31)

 You have door detection and a magnifier. You can locate a door, read signs or labels around it and get instructions for how to open the door. That's pretty interesting, especially in other countries. Maybe something may not be clear, but I think that's good. You have the Siri call hang up and if you just say the name, hang up, yes, she will hang up the phone, and participants on the call will hear you. So they know that you're hanging up, and you can enable this, of course, in the settings area. You have live captions. Now, these beta transcriptions are generated automatically in real-time for users who are deaf or hard of hearing so they can follow easily along with conversations, audio, and video. Really cool. So new accessibility options and books, new themes, customizations, and options such as bolding, adjusting character, and word spacing.


 John C. Morley: (27:25)

 And, of course, there is much more. You also have something in there called detection mode and magnifier; get detailed descriptions of your surroundings with a new magnifier. Really great for people. Maybe when you go in the restaurant, you want to read the bill, you don't wanna a magnifier, yeah, the buddy controller. So you combine inputs from multiple gain controllers into one. So your care provider or friend can support you in getting to the next level in your game. Really cool. You have voice control call hangup, which we talked about. You can now hang up the phone, and FaceTime calls with voice control. You just use the voice commands such as the word hangup. And when voice control is turned on, participants on the call will hear you and what you're saying. You have live captions on Facebook now, so you can automatically see the transcribed dialogue, which I think that's really, really cool.


 John C. Morley: (28:12)

 And new languages and voices for the voiceover and spoken content. In fact, voiceover and spoken content are now available in over 20 additional languages, including Bangla, Indian, Bulgarian, Catalan, Ukrainian, and Vietnamese. And you can also select from dozens of new voices optimized for assisted features. So you don't have to just listen to her. You can have different voices to pick from. I wonder if they have names for the different voices. That would be pretty cool. So like, could say, Hey, what, what's your name? And then it would actually take, I don't know if they've done that, but that would be really cool if they did that. So Siri announces notifications for hearing devices. So she can now announce iPhone notifications on your made-for-iPhone hearing devices. And you also have Siri pause time.


 John C. Morley: (29:00)

 You're gonna adjust how long it waits for you to finish speaking before responding to your request. That is cool because a lot of times, you know, you're saying something, and you have to quickly get in. So I think that's really cool. Also, the ability to support switching auto answer for calls on and off. And you can switch auto answer for phone, and FaceTime calls on or off with Siri. So that's neat, but be careful with that because your phone just auto-answers. That could be a security risk if you're not prepared. You have starting point detection with voiceover in maps. So voiceover users now get automatic sound and haptic feedback that identifies the starting point for walking directions and maps. I think that's really cool. You have voice control spelling mode to dictate names, addresses, or other custom spelling, letter by letter using voice control spelling mode.


 John C. Morley: (29:48)

 I think that is cool. You have audiograms to health import your audiograms into the health app on your iPhone, which is really, really cool. Again, you have the magnifier, and you have customization options for sound recognition. So you could train your iPhone to listen to sounds that are specific to your environment, such as the beeping sounds of an electrical appliance in your kitchen and the precise ring of a doorbell in your home, and more. I think that's really, really cool. Do you guys want more? Yeah, there are more ladies and gentlemen. Of course, there's more. You now have app clips. What the heck is that? So there's an increased size limit for app clips. You can find and download larger app clips with a 50% larger size limit than before. Yeah, precise location suggestions and spotlight and series suggestion widgets. And you have support for live activities using the live activities with your app clips.


 John C. Morley: (30:41)

 There is a new book feature. The audiobook mini-player has been redesigned with revamped player controls and a mini-player that makes it easy to keep listing as you browse the store. So definitely a lot of good stuff. Ladies and gentlemen, you know there is still more. Did you know there's more? Okay, there is the camera section. Oh my gosh, the camera section. Yes. So messages and call status. So the camera actually has foreground blur in portrait modes, and portrait mode lets you blur objects in the foreground of a photo for a more realistic look, and you have improved quality when recording in cinematic mode. Alright, so I was getting a little eager.


 John C. Morley: (31:32)

 There are new features in the contacts mode. So messages in call status you can see and unread messages are missed. Facetime and phone calls from friends and family are right on your home screen. That is nice, that's really, really nice. There's a dictionary feature. So you can basically have five new bilingual dictionaries available. Bangla to English, Sec to English, finish to English, Hungarian to English, and Turkish to English. All right, so you've been asking me for, and yes, there are more features. Let's talk about what you get in FaceTime now. All right, so they added a lot of features with FaceTime. You have hands-off in FaceTime, so you can move FaceTime calls seamlessly from your iPhone to your Mac or iPad and vice versa. When you hand off a call, your connected Bluetooth headset transitions to the new device simultaneously.


 John C. Morley: (32:29)

 You can share play app discovery. You can see which of your installed app supports sharing and playing and open them from the FaceTime controls or browse new experiences from the store. Collaboration. You could tap the share button during an active FaceTime call. Start collaborating with others on the call-in files, notes like keynotes, numbers, page reminders safari, and supported third-party apps. You have live captions in FaceTime as well. So they really added a lot of stuff. Alright, they added something else. Ladies, do you know what that is? This is a weird name. It's called Freeform. This is something new. And so freeform is a pretty unique thing. It's coming. It's not fully rolled out. It's something they're working on. It has a canvas, and it's great for diagramming new projects or importing assets or just brainstorming on a board.


 John C. Morley: (33:29)

 And they say it's only limited by your imagination. So yeah, fully collaborative. With real-time collaboration, you can, of course, view others' contributions very similar to a shared whiteboard like on Google or something like that. A Google doc. You have rich communication. Freeform leverages the messages and collaboration of APIs. So you can see updates from your collaboratives right in your conversations, and you have your draw anywhere. Freeform is designed to provide a great whiteboard experience, even on the go. Write or draw anywhere on the campus and then select and move your text and drawing around as needed. And, of course, you have rich media support for things like images, video, audio, PDFs and documents, and web links. So definitely cool. Let's dive into another area. There is something called games. So you can see your friends play activities and achievements on the all-in-one device.


 John C. Morley: (34:18)

 On the redesigned game center dashboard, you have the share play support games that use the game center and multiplayer support, have share play integration now, and you have contacts, integration contact show your friends game center profiles, tap through to see what they're playing and accomplishing in the game. iCloud, you can hide my email in apps; hide my email is integrated directly into quick-type keyboard suggestions. So you can keep your personal email addresses private in third-party apps. Custom email domain, you can share your custom domain with people outside your family sharing group and purchase a new domain or enable catchall aliases right from your iCloud mail settings. And you have inclusive languages. So you could choose your term of address keyboard layouts such as the new shock pin layout, the quick path for traditional Chinese, the Chanciness input the psyche, choose dialect support, the new languages for autocorrect, and new languages for emoji search.


 John C. Morley: (35:21)

 You can now search for emojis in 19 new languages, including Albanian, Armenian, Azeri, Bangla, Burmese, Estonian, Filipino, Georgian, Iceland, Kumar, Lao, Latin, Lithuanian, Martha, Mongolian, Punjabi, Tamil, Urdu, and Uzbek, which is Latin. New languages for keyboard layouts are now available Apache, disgogna, Simone, and Yiddish. And keyboard haptics. Turn on keyboard haptics, and you'll feel the confirmation every time you type. So they have something else that I think is kind of cool. And this is kind of neat. This is a word that they kind of did something cool with it. And ladies and gentlemen, it is called a memo G. What the heck is that? So you have stickers that include six new expressive poses. You have more hairstyles and more noses, and you have condex stickers, more headwear, and more neutral lip colors.


 John C. Morley: (36:37)

 Wow. Oh wow. They did some things with the music system. It looks like they have a thing where you can keep track of your favorites and artists that you care about most with the new music notifications and improved recommendation feature. You have the music recognition feature songs identified with music recognition in the control center now syncing with the Shazam app and hey Siri. What's this song? I identified that Siri now syncs with the Shazam app and music recognition. So now you can ask in that link. So that's really cool. And I dunno if you guys know this, but there are a lot of things you can ask Siri to do. The reason I'm spelling it and not saying it is because she's right near me, and every time I say the name, every once in a while, she's gonna interrupt me, and I didn't want her voice to come through the recording.


 John C. Morley: (37:22)

 So you have the news section with my sports home pages and more local news. And you have favorites. You have noted you have quick notes on iPhone-enhanced smart folders, locked with passwords. You're gonna crypt lock notes end-to-end on your iPhone. You cannot group by date, and the group of them can collaborate with a link, and you can filter by any or by all. Oh, this is really cool, ladies. Gentlemen, you've been asking for this for a long time. They added a lot of features in the photos arena. What did they add? Well, let me tell you, they added duplicate detection. So photos identify as duplicate photos in the albums and utilities. So you can quickly clean up your library, you can lock hidden and recently deleted albums, and the hidden and recently deleted albums are locked by default and can be unlocked using, of course, your face Id, Touch ID, or your password copy and paste edits are very easy.


 John C. Morley: (38:15)

 You can make this make to the photo and paste them onto another photo or a batch of photos, and you can sort people now alphabetically. That's really cool. You can undo and redo edits. You can tap to restart a video in memories. You have new memory types for this day in history, and children playing turn off featured content. You can disable memories and featured photos from appearing in the photos area and in the photos widget. All right, podcasts, this is a real, really cool one. So podcasts, you can get faster access to more of your libraries and CarPlay, and you can find downloads and saved episodes more easily than you could before. Alright, they have something now that I think is really gonna be amazing for all of you guys and ladies that use the iPhone.


 John C. Morley: (39:08)

 And that's the reminder section. You can now pin your favorite list to get to them quickly. You can save a list as a template. You can view all your completed reminders. You can approve schedules in today's lists really, really easily. You can approve list group notifications and shared lists. You can have richer notes with bullet underlines and bold or strike-through texts when you add notes. So I think that's really cool. So it's not just plain text, and you can filter by any or by all. And, of course, they made some changes. Ladies and gentlemen, in the settings area, the AirPod settings, you can access customized AirPod features. When AirPods are connected, an AirPod menu will appear at the top of settings really, really easily there. So you have Spotlight, and you can search on the home screen to improve Siri suggestions and quick actions.


 John C. Morley: (39:57)

 You have to start live activities and expand rich results. There's a whole bunch of things they added for stocks, such as earning dates, multiple watch lists, and new widget options. You have a system of new languages that got added, including Bulgarian and Kazakh. Tips collections, you can now access collections by themes and interests. And you have a translation option. So you can use a translation camera, and you can translate the text around you using the camera in the translate app. Pause the view to get translation overlaid on text in a photo and zoom to get a closer look. So that's really cool. So you can basically translate the text around you. You should use the camera. So that's really cool. You take a picture of something, and it can tell you what it is. I think that's amazing. The translation app and system y translation support Turkish, Thai, Vietnamese, Polish, Indonesian, and Dutch.


 John C. Morley: (40:50)

 We have the TV app, live sports updates, and a lock screen. We have a visual lookup. You can lift subjects from the background, lift the subject from an image or isolate the subject by removing the background. New domains for visual lookup. We have weather enhancements such as severe weather notifications and more weather details. So the question you might be asking me, John, is, what are new security enhancements in iOS 16? So I have to say it's that lock screen. That's probably the biggest thing. And we did learn a lot about the security updates. That's there; that's gonna be a lot easier. And also the privacy updates. So that's pretty cool. And Apple has added tools to make it easier to apply security updates, and the new face ID capabilities improve us for now, locking down certain photos that are private and details on all the new privacy and other security features that I've just reached.


 John C. Morley: (41:53)

 I can be found on the apple website. So lots of great things. IOS 16, even on my brand new iPhone 13, took some time. I'm gonna say it probably took about maybe about five to 10 minutes to install. So it was not a quick install. But one thing I really do like about the new feature, which I think is cool as a job. I met you, and you can see this year, you can see my phone, you can see the number. The numbers are really easy and clear to see. They made the really little bolder and bigger. So I think that's great because a lot of times you're looking at the phone, and you can't see the number. Now, if you're looking across your, oh yeah, I can see the time easily. Alright, ladies and gentlemen, this has been a blast tonight.


 John C. Morley: (42:40)

 Sharing with you the new iOS 16. I'm gonna keep playing with it and sharing throughout different programs what features I like and what features I don't like, and even offering some tips about how you can use the new iOS 16 for greater productivity and ways to improve the quality of your life. Ladies and gentlemen, I'm John C. Morley, a serial entrepreneur. It's been a privilege. It's been a pleasure and an honor to be with you again this wonderful evening. Thanks for tuning into the JMOR Tech Talk show. I hope you guys have a great rest of your weekend. We only have two more Fridays in the month of September, and then we're in October. We're gonna be in the Halloween season soon. So have yourself a great, great wonderful weekend. And I'll be back, that's right, next Friday, September 23rd. So definitely check me out there and check out all my other great content at And remember, when you use technology, it's a tool. And use it for good. Use it for bad, make a choice, use it for good and use it to help others and yourself. And I'll see you on another JMOR Tech Talk show real soon.




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