It takes a lot of time to physically organize all of your clients’ data and the actual storage of this data can use a lot of company resources.  If the old saying that “time is money” is to be believed, then this process is actually costing your company money along with your employee’s time.  If you were to instead use a digital method for this storage process, you could then save time, money and company resources by using programs that make this process faster and easier.  Therefore, your office would run more efficiently and could use this extra time and resources for other pursuits, such as finding new clients.  JMOR can provide digital storage for your data as well as setting it up so that you can receive payments electronically once work is completed.

By using our Electronic File Management System (EFM), you can access, send and receive documents to and from anywhere for clients, temporary workers or government agencies.  These documents will be completely secure and can be tracked so that you know they were successfully delivered.  We can update your technology so that you can print, fax and scan easier.  We offer several different ways of protection for your data, ranging from a simple password to a more complex finger print identification system.  Your data will remain secure, while simultaneously maintaining the standards set by Sarbanes-Oxley act.

If you are uncomfortable with storing your data digitally because you worry that a technological problem could result in the loss of data, JMOR offers the most cutting-edge backup software available.

For more information about our backup software, you can click here.

If you choose to employ this service, you won’t have to worry about your data because it will be securely protected and quickly retrievable in the event of an emergency or disaster. We can get back records from some of the most crashed and believed to be destroyed hard drives, even if it doesn’t power up we can get that data back.

Together we can develop a Disaster Management and Recovery Plan so that you can feel fully prepared for any kind of problem.