We know how important a strong, reliable internet connection is for your practice.  A faulty connection can result in referrals not going through or the loss of appointment data.  By installing up to date firewalls and other technology such as switches, routers and wireless access points, we can make sure that your connection will always be up and running. 

We also know how important your patients’ privacy is to both you and to them.  We can provide top of the line software, such as a password protected Wifi network, to keep this information completely safe.  You need to fulfill HIPA’s rules and policies and we can make sure that you adhere to and even exceed these regulations.  Some may feel that having password protection may not be enough and JMOR offers other forms of protection such as bio-metric finger readers, which requires the user to have the correct fingerprint to access.  If that’s not enough, we can add systems that require a second form of identification, such as a card.  The bottom line is that we can accommodate however much protection you feel you need to keep your data safe. 

For doctors, JMOR offers several Physician Leadership tools such as Unified Communication with Video Conferencing.  As its names implies, this system unifies all the computers in your office, which makes sharing information faster and easier.  With this tool, doctors can collaborate and share information from multiple distances with specialists even in the operating room.   The video conferences can be used to communicate with patients, staff or even other medical facilities.  The video can be shared on mobile devices, making it more convenient and easier to share. 

We also offer safe, secure hardware disposal.  The thought of someone or some kind of malicious program gaining access to your patients’ private data through hardware that was thought to be completely destroyed is frightening, but unfortunately it can and does happen.  JMOR can make sure that your unwanted hardware will be completely disposed of with all the data inside it permanently erased.  If you are already experiencing some kind of disaster, JMOR can help with disaster continuity and planning to make sure your practice is up and running again as soon as possible.