As an office manager, one of your top priorities is making your office run as smoothly as possible.   When issues like viruses or spyware invade your office’s computer systems, they can make your computers run slow and ineffective, grinding overall productivity to a halt and making life difficult for everyone working there. JMOR specializes in maintaining PCs, Network Servers and infrastructures to ensure the highest level of performance. Your computer systems will be regularly updated and equipped with powerful anti-virus technology. We can also upgrade your hardware and other applications to make sure they are up to par now and will continue to be reliable in the future. 

JMOR provides one of the best backup solutions available; a reliable system that makes sure you get your data back quickly and efficiently. We can also set up firewalls that ensure that your employees are unable to waste company time and bandwidth by playing computer games and downloading long videos.  We seek to educate your entire office about new technologies, so we do not simply install these programs, but we will take the time to train your employees how to use them correctly and prepare them for new software and hardware updates.

If you are moving your office to another location or having a new staff come in, JMOR can help manage this.  We can cancel any staff’s prior resource access to all premise systems and company remote resources while employee is being terminated. Instead of hiring movers that aren’t familiar with computers, JMOR will bring in experts that can safely disconnect all of your PCs who understand the need to be careful while handling certain wires. Our efforts can drastically reduce the time lost by a move or change in staff so your office can continue to run as smooth as possible.

You can learn more about how our backup solution works and why it is so important to have here. You can also read this case study that tells of how we effectively helped an office deal with a slow internet problem by installing new technology and educating them about bandwidth usage