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Some of our solutions include:

  •   Firewalls that not only scan for state-full packets but are able to actively monitor, allow, restrict traffic but also learn from a national threat database landscape continuously
  •    Managed AP's that enable you to have the control over your network and even reactive them on a schedule if required, plus support for not just 80211.AC but also 802.11AX.
  •    Disaster Planning and Recovery Procedures
  •    Antivirus and Spyware Scanning and Removal
  •    Bio-metric, Face Recognition and 2 Factor Authentication Systems


 Cybersecurity is not a question of if but when it will happen to you if you are not protected!


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In today's world, whether you are using the computer for leisure at home, on road or at the office, data security, privacy, flexibility,  and compliance are paramount when needing to be operating on a network.  Whether your data is stored in the cloud or a local file server its important to have the right polices and procedures to not just detect and react but learn as new threats and technology emerges.

There are many things to think about when starting a basic discussion about security and the technology you may need.  The very first question we have to ask is am I trying to protect an individual computer, a (LAN) Local Area Network or (WAN) Wide Area Network.  Next we will need to know what applications and services you need to use daily. 

Now I know you have heard some people say I don't need protection its just my personal computer or our company is very big an really won't matter.  Everyone needs protection and no matter what type of topology or network they are connected to .  With innovations of faster networks it is paramount to have security since threats will also rise faster. 

There are several bad players on the internet Hacktivist, Cyber Terrorist, Cyber Criminal, Cyber Warriors and they eat, sleep and drink how to become better at their criminal craft. A Hacktivist is someone who wants to attack purely because of political, social and moral disagreements and they are not after any of your money.  One of their favorite things to do is find ways to enable everyone to have access to government restricted censored websites.  A hacktivist communicates covertly to government threatened groups to further their specific groups political, social and moral agenda.  Another thing hacktivists love to do is create (DOS) Denial of Service requests to block certain websites from being able to function and prevent a specific social, political, moral item they disagree with.

We have all heard the word cyber and maybe even cyber Terrorist but what does it mean what do they do.  Well according to Merriam-Webster and I quote "of, relating to, or involving computers or computer networks (such as the Internet)".  This is a person who attacks because of an ideology or imbalance in their brains.  A cyber terrorist lives to intimate people and instill fear in them so extreme that it becomes more then simple threat.  They love seeing people who are in fear of their lives and take great enjoyment in wanting to cause others bodily harm and loss of life.  Even though this is their primary way of operating they may not always d something with a direct violent approach.  A cyber terrorist may find it fun to cost a power plant trillions by keeping them down for while as they only operate on 5-12% profit.  Thus you could see how just this act alone could kill a city, state, nation when its own power company can't afford to provide a needed to service to its clients.  Not to mention the number scales even larges because you have to calculate how many business don't have generators and will have to close their doors with no power.

While we are talking about Cyber let's not forget about the Cyber Criminal are individuals or groups of people who's primary intent is to use technology to conduct deviant acts over networks.  Some the things they are well knows for is social engineering, harassment, and money laundering.  Their main purpose is retrieve sensitive personal information over networks from computers, server, mobile devices and now IOT Devices to generate a profit.  One type of Cyber Criminal Act is Ran some Ware which may encrypt your computer's data after several days, hours, minutes,seconds and then attempt to force you to pay them to unlock the data.  A Cyber Criminal may attempt to blackmail you with your data to ensure the highest street price for it.  The more prominent and wealthy you are the more they will attempt to ask you for.  

Another big one that is getting a lot of media attention is the Cyber Warrior and their main motive is to attach because of a Government Interest.  These people will often go after local/national government if they are not pleased with the current state of affairs or political policy.  Another key role of the Cyber Warriors is they get exhilaration when they are able to disarm missiles and other Government naval defense systems.  Thus they want to send a message to Government and let them know that now they have no weapons they have no choice but to conform.

Everyday our world is learning about new threat types thus systems that are implemented can no longer be just something checks a file signature on a database to confirm it is virus/malware threat or not.  Technology that learns from what is currently out in the world to also understand patterns and behaviors is key to protecting you and your environment.

Before we can get more into how technology will help protect you and your business its important to understand some best practices for using a computer and being on any network.