For manufacturing companies, we know how important efficiency and employee safety is to you. Our programs allow sales people, engineers and plant workers to work together as a team. This saves time, travel costs and reduces mistakes.  We are also here to mitigate any technological problems or even disasters so that your business and your employees will remain unharmed. We can help you set up protocols and safety measures to prevent any kind of future disasters.

We also have experience installing sound control programs such as Fabritrak and Fabriwin.  We have even integrated our accounting system to synchronize with Fabritrak.  We can provide you with the necessary bandwidth for high end manufacturer, whether it involves robotics or otherwise.  It does not matter how large or small your company and factory are, we will determine the perfect amount of bandwidth so that you can function as efficiently as possible.  If you are using high end programs like CAD, Fabriwin or Dual Monitor Views, JMOR can come in and engineer workstations for them.

We have experience setting up and maintaining servers for a manufacturing environment.  Our computers themselves are resilient and designed to survive the more extreme conditions in a factory, such as high/low temperature or dust.  Some customers have responded well to our new commercial WiFi service that only works with central management system.  This allows users, factory workers and guests to access only the information they need after it has been approved for them. Like any other company, your privacy is important and JMOR excels at helping businesses keep their information safe and secure.  Lastly, we have recently begun creating custom apps that allow your smartphone to manage your factory's data and manage your other systems.  The is great for when you are on the go and makes everything more convenient and simple.

Our goal is to improve your operational efficiency while lowering your total cost of ownership.