Aside from simply keeping their patients’ teeth clean, many dentists seek to educate their patients about oral hygiene and dental procedures. Often, they seek to employ new technologies that can make this information memorable, informative and perhaps even “fun". JMOR can provide a rock solid technological foundation so that you can continue to invest in these new technologies without having to worry about your current system being able to handle them.  Many dentists have begun using videos that explain procedures to patients to help put their mind at ease and JMOR can connect you to the latest videos and video players. 

Technology is a rapidly growing market, with new developments being made every day. JMOR stands at the forefront of this market and can make sure that you are always able to support the latest programs or devices.   For example, we can give you the ability to send x-rays to a patient’s tablet or other mobile device while they are in the chair.  You can also send these to your staff and you can use this same technology to send instant messages or emergency alerts, making communication between assistants and dentists faster and more effective.  

Like doctors, a dentist’s office relies on having a strong internet connection to keep their referrals and appointment data organized and up to date.  JMOR can guarantee that your connection is reliable and that your patients’ records are kept private and secure.  In addition, we can provide more advanced forms of protection, such as bio-metric finger readers and card readers.   Recently, we’ve developed a program that automatically turns off a computer screen and locks it when it senses that the user has left the room, or if a certain amount of time has passed.  All of this extra protection will ensure that your practice never violates HIPA or any kind of privacy law.

We can also improve your existing technology.  We can update your Windows Software and Dental Practice Management Systems with latest features as well as update your printers, scanners and fax machines.  If desired, you can require a pin number to release a job from MFC once the user is at the printer.  You can print, walk up fax, scan quickly in black and white easily with a couple keystrokes.  Your technology is there to make your office run smoothly and efficiently and the better your technology is, the more efficient your practice will be.