Keeping track of upcoming cases, court dates and court house locations can be tiresome when using just notepads and papers.  It can also be easy to misplace this information or maintain a foolproof method of organization. 

Our solution is similar to our service for CPAs: a digital system that does all of this organizing for you.  For attorneys, we offer a specific software called ACTRMS (Attorney Case Tracking Management Systems).  This software is simple to use and will organize all of your information in a way to that easy to access and understand.  Of course, it will also keep all of your information completely secure.   This software offers convenience as well as a more efficient way to manage your case data.  If you’re interested and want to learn more you can visit our website here at 

In addition to managing your cases and clients, our software can also manage scheduling and billing.  The idea remains the same, instead of you trying to keep track of sending bills and scheduling appointments, our software can do that for you.  Why waste all that time and man power when you can rely on a secure system to provide the same service?  For the tasks that do require physical action, such as printing, faxing and scanning, JMOR can provide you with the latest and most efficient printers and scanners, including PC-Fax, so that here you can also waste less time using sub-par technology and instead use fast, reliable programs.   

Some may feel uncomfortable storing all of their precious data on a digital service, as a technical problem or emergency can put all of this information at risk.   However, JMOR provides one of the best backup solutions available visit our JMOR Backup Solution that uses cloud connected technology to recover all of your data in the fastest and most secure way possible.  You can feel confident that your data is always safe and secure, no matter what happens.  We know that disasters can happen and how devastating they can be, that’s why we offer special disaster recovery programs in addition to our backup software that educate our clients on how to effectively handle any kind of emergency.