Why should I trust JMOR with my IT solutions?


JMOR understands the challenges that come with running a day-to-day business. We know that having high productivity and high efficiency is crucial to any company's success. We also know that running, maintaining and fixing your computers and networking systems also play a key role in your company's success.

We know the stress and frustrations that come with having a computer malfunction on you as well as the frustrations of trying to fix it yourself. The JMOR Connection, Inc. is here to take that unneeded stress away from you and is here to serve you and your technology needs. We listen to our clients and understand them and their businesses so that we can help them keep it running smoothly. We will solve your problem right the first time and keep your business in business and give you the best solutions available.


Serving business in the New York and New Jersey area.

Take the stress off yourself and let us fix it for you.


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