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Radio show date 01-09-2021

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Intro:  The American political system explained in 10 minutes. The American system of government is ideologically based upon a classically liberal republicanism. Historically this stem from the colonial era committees of safety, as well as the original committees of safety in England during the English civil war of the mid-17th century. This Republican form of government was first codified within the articles of Confederation and subsequently into the United States constitution. Thanks to the Philadelphia convention of 1787 and their socialization of the war debt. The federal constitution established the framework for the operating structure of the central government, which is composed of three branches: the legislative, the executive, and the judicial. The legislature writes the laws, the executive enforces the laws, and the judiciary interprets the laws. You probably recognize each of these branches as the United States Congress, the United States presidency and the United States Supreme court, respectively. 


These three branches of the federal government are constructed as such, show us to provide for a separation of powers, which in England had been originally concentrated in the Monarch. And then later distributed between the English Monarch and the British parliament only. Uniquely the American system of government decentralized political power, even more so as intended by the framers. 


This separation of powers also enjoys checks and balances, which means that if one branch becomes Ty radical than one or both of the other two can act to halt the misbehaving branch from getting too much out of control. You must keep in mind that the separation of powers are not just horizontal, but also vertical by which I mean that each American government has its own three branches generally speaking. State governments have their own legislatures, governors and judiciary. County governments have commissioners, sheriffs and courts. Municipalities that is city governments, commonly have city councils, mayors, and judges. Yet the reality of the situation is that the three branches of the federal government, the Congress, the president, and the Supreme court begrudgingly cooperate with each other. 


For example, the president can propose laws to the Congress and the Congress will pass those laws because it will allow them to not only keep their seats, but also bring pork that is stolen loot back to their own congressional districts. Similarly, the Congress can delegate to the president, some of their enumerated powers that were reserved for their use only by the constitution. Such as, instead of declaring war, the Congress delegates to the president, a loose authorization to send troops to kill overseas with no identifiable enemy or goal being declared at all, in blatant violation of the constitution. 


Lastly, if the Supreme court and their inferior courts simply rubber stamp everything that the Congress and the president do, then there is certainly no separation of powers because not only do these judges refuse to perform judicial review, but they'd rather exercise constitutional avoidance by dodging the constitutionality of a matter brought before them for ruling decision. 


According to the constitution, these public servants acquire their public offices in noticeably different ways. Supreme court judges are nominated by the president and then confirmed by the Senate. Judges of both the Supreme court and the inferior courts are not elected. Article One says that the Congress, which is a bicameral two-house legislature are elected to their public offices, but the original intent of the framers conducted these elections in noticeably different ways. 


The house of representatives are popularly elected by the voters within their congressional districts. Just to be clear by the concept popular vote. I mean the purely democratic function of the citizenry casting ballots for candidates who upon winning their respective elections assume their public office. However, the Senate were elected or appointed by the several state legislatures. Yet unfortunately this was altered by the ratification of the 17th amendment, which means that now federal senators are popularly elected by voters. Before the citizenry were incentivized to care about whom was elected to be their state legislators because they in turn would choose the US senators. 


This change is not insignificant because it centralizes power in the federal government, thus regressing the American experiment to more closely resemble monarchical old England. Uniquely the US presidency is the only public office that is specifically enumerated within the executive branch. The constitution says that the president is not elected by the popular vote, rather he is elected by the electoral college, which is composed of electors who are appointed by the several state legislatures. According to the US Supreme court's ruling in [08:54 inaudible] 134 US, 377 and 1890, The judges rule that quote, "the sole function of the presidential electors is to case, certify and transmit the vote of the state for president and vice presidents of the nation. Although the electors are appointed and act under and pursuant to the constitution of the United States, they are no more officers or agents of the United States than are the members of the state legislatures, when acting as electors of federal senators or the people of the state."



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Marcus: Hello and welcome to world of ability. Hello Kurt, how’s it going?


Kurt: It Is going funtastically. We are having an exciting 2021 right here at transforming media network. And I am pleased to have quite a packed hour ready for all of you in the hour ahead, right here at the world of ability. It's a global conversation internationally to take a look at our culture and everything we do, our commitments and where we play some in the priorities as it pertains to people with disabilities. This takes us right into talking specifically about people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, the deaf community, the blind community, people with physical disabilities, and as your co-host steering co-founder of this show, I keep going with that. I take us to going to the population of people living in chronic pain, people who might have a mental health diagnosis, and those that might have a goal of substance use reduction. Today, January 9th, we have with us, Reverend Don Bennett. We have Cindy Stone and we have right here from transforming media network with his own show, the tech talk show, the JMOR Tech talk show John Morley. So this is an hour that you're going to want to stay with us. And we're going to come back after a little break and we're going to pick up with Reverend Don Barrett. Who's a man on the move, a man on the go. And he is tuned into us with his hands-free technology in his car, but we're going to take a break and come back for Reverend Don Barrett. Don Bennett, I'm sorry, Reverend Dan Bennett will be back right after this message. What do you have for us Marcus?


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Marcus: Welcome back to the world of ability podcast show. Hey, Kurt, it's good to see you back after that short brief exercise of a message there that you proudly got it led us off with, I said world tapping circle, we thank you for all that you do to give us the effort to push this one hope show forward. So Kurt, you know bring us back.


Kurt: Bring us back here we are. And our lead off segment, we've got many minutes with Reverend Don Bennett and this is going to be a great segment here. There's a lot of stuff going on around the city of Milwaukee and Southeastern Wisconsin. And basically Reverend Don Bennett brings us South in Milwaukee. The Southern part of Southeastern Wisconsin. And I don't know where you're cruising around there, Reverend Dan Bennett, but you got me thinking I-94, that takes us from Milwaukee to Madison or I'm sorry, Chicago. Yeah, Milwaukee to Madison, but you're down towards the Chicago area. Reverend Don Bennett, are you able to easily get yourself on mic coming off mute or should we switch up our lineup? Let's see how we can do here. Give him just a little bit, he was introduced to us through an organization that is called the build center and he's doing a lot of wonderful work down there. So while we're waiting for Reverend Don Bennett, I did bring up your show. John morally the Jay Morley, the JMOR tech talk show, for our listeners with the world of ability that don't know about your show. Can you give us a little bit of an introduction and what you're doing here at transform you media network? 


John Morley: Sure. Well our show is not quite a year old and we basically answered all kinds of questions about technology. We tell you how technology is supposed to work and what you should do when it really doesn't work that way. And it's not throwing your computer out a window and it's not having a car run over it. We try to take care of these things in a fun way and also a manner that keeps everyone calm and collective because it's technology and it's all small stuff and we can solve it all. Step-By-Step.


Kurt: Very good. Thanks John. So John, the other connection that I have with you is somewhat been a little bit of a domino effect that one of our regular contributors here with transforming media network in the world of ability is Helen [15:35 inaudible] in Weaver. And she ma she got me involved in a business community. So I'm going to come back to that thought. I am noticing now that Reverend Don Bennett has been able to get himself Miced up and we're going to test his audio, Reverend Don, how are you doing? Are you able to, to talk today? 


Reverend Don Bennett: Absolutely. Can you hear me? 


Kurt: Yeah, we are hearing you Good. Thank you for joining us.


Reverend Don Bennett: Wonderful, wonderful. I had to pull over. I had to just pull over and stop and so that I can speak safely and clearly.


Kurt: Good idea. Good idea. Thank you for doing that. Here at the world of ability, we do want to adhere to all safety precautions. So, Reverend Don, what are you up to today and what you do with your days? What is January for you? Who are you and what do you do?


Reverend Don Bennett: Well, I thank you. First of all, Kurt for allowing me to be a part of this podcast on today, we really appreciate it. I am the pastor of I care ministries. And what we do is we're planting a ministry in Racine, Wisconsin. And one of the things we started out doing as we're planting is, we started looking at the homeless population and the homeless situation and the Racine area. We've started by soliciting donations for the halo incorporated, the hospitality center, the help center and those different places that provide assistance to the homeless population. We know that many of our homeless populations do suffer from various disabilities, be it mental, physical, emotional also substance abuse, which is a real close one to my heart. And our goal with I care ministry is an acronym. The I, in I care is for integrity. Living an integrity life, C is for commitment. That means being commitment, not only to God, but commitment to each other. The A is for accountability, again, accountability to the God and accountability to my brothers and sisters in the human race, responsibility, the responsibility for us to not only care for ourselves, but to care for other people. And the expectancy, is that the expectancy that our good work will help people. And that we do believe in Jesus Christ second coming, and he will return. So we are poised and ready to provide assistance in the Southeastern Wisconsin area. We're just starting. However we are up and running. Actually the reason I'm on my phone now in the car, because I just dropped off a bunch of clothes up in Milwaukee to an organization that's going to be able to share with individuals who are homeless or who are need, or who are buying homes and don't have the resources.


Kurt: That's absolutely what it's all about folks. The last decade of my life has been learning more and more about the barriers that exist in society, not looking to place any blame on anybody, or try to, you know, get to preach in, or try to rally anybody up to point to any individuals. I think this is an all-hands-on deck initiative. Everybody just needs to pay attention, get into this narrative, get into this conversation and please participate. This is a free country. We do everything by our own free will. And this is a global conversation worldwide. So we're kind of giving you a little backyard, look at Racine and what a Reverend Don is doing from Racine telling a story about right now, he's impacting Milwaukee as well, Southeastern Wisconsin, but these kinds of stories can be told anywhere, anywhere in the world. And so thank you, Reverend Don, for what you're doing, and please on behalf of the world of ability, thank all of your volunteers and supporters. You are all doing immensely important work. Reverend Don is you do what you do, what is the most important thing for our listening, viewing audience, people that are participating in our social media and so forth. As we look at how we can take our reach and translate it to something that works in your ministry, what are you telling people? I mean, nonprofit work, it's about funding, donation, volunteering, stuff like that, but can you describe all of your charitable ministry and nonprofit work? Like what's the important stuff to move your ministry forward in January?


Reverend Don Bennett: Well, I think the first thing Kurt is heart. I think it's very important, yeah, we need all the other stuff, but we have to have heart. I think the heart, the people that have the heart to understand where other people are at, many of us have been able to rise above adversity and rise above challenges and situations in our lives to get at a place of comfort or a level place where they can, you know, kind of see over the water line a little bit. And sometimes I think what happens, Curtis, we forget that one time we were under the water too. And so I think to never forget where we come from and just to have a heart for people to understand, there are people that are suffering and regardless of how we think things are, there are people in worse positions than we are. And to just get a heart forgiving, that's number one, a heart and compassion for people. Number two is that to be able to want to give, to help people, to replical organizations that are, I like to say foots on the ground, making things happen in the neighborhoods, providing food, providing shelter. We are in the process of now making connections statewide to be able to get those types of resources, those types of donations, those types of contributions. So we are excited about that.


Kurt: Very good. Rightfully so. So, John as you're listening to Reverend Don Bennett and you know, we didn't have any pre-show preparation. We're learning about all of this together. What are your thoughts, John, about what Reverend Don is talking about? How does this fit into what you experienced out in New Jersey and in your life? You know, give a little reflection on this, what's coming to your mind John?


John Morley: I think the biggest thing is, you know, you have to do something because you want to do something, you don't do something because you're going to get a payoff. And a little bit of prep that I had done for today, depending on whether you want to use it or not, is that technology is a part of that. And when we can use technology to amplify people's lives and give them that I don't want to call it a crutch, but I want to call it a support. We have things like clear text out there now that can help people that can't hear. We even have prosthetics that can allow the sense in your arms to be able to control the fingers and muscles. So I think it's a matter of research and development, and I think it's having a heart and a passion that really wants to do more for other people and to make that difference in our world. I think that's what it's about. I know what it was like when I broke my leg several times and there's a lot of people out there that don't care. And you have to realize that you'd say you broke your leg, or maybe you had a disability that was temporary. You have to be really grateful because just knowing what it's like for that short period of time, I can really appreciate and understand what other people are going through. Just a simple fact of being able to use a bus where I couldn't drive and use my leg and knowing that it was temporary for me but understanding that other people may not be able to ever walk. So I'm very grateful but try to help people in a way that doesn't make them feel obligated to me. That makes them feel like I'm just helping them like a friend because they get a lot of times, we don't want to be a burden, or the other person feels they don't want to be a burden. And I think it's just has to come from a relationship perspective and I'm just talking friendship. And if we can do that and come from that perspective from a sincere, no strings attached heart that we truly care about the person, then the person is more willing to embrace what we can bring forward to help improve the quality of their life.


Kurt: Quality of life. Absolutely thank you, John or all of your thoughts and yeah, I'm a big fan of technology. I love your show. The JMOR Tech talk show. It's a necessary thing. You know, Zig Ziglar has said, you know, in his career about how money is essential as oxygen. And I think technology has gotten there. I think most people on the planet think that about technology, it's almost as necessary as oxygen. Obviously, there's people on earth that don't participate in technology, but it's the same thing with money. There's people out there that build up a non-monetary economy. 


John Morley: Well, money is just energy, whether it's good or it's bad, money is energy. And when you realize money is energy and realize that money comes to you and don't worry about how much you have money just comes. But when you think about how much you need, then you put a block on money.


Kurt: Right. Right. So, I want to go from that into bringing in the particular opportunity we have today for myself personally, and in a budding partnership that we have with our third guests here today, Cindy Stone is with us today and she is working on a show with me that's going to emerge on Monday. On Monday, we're going to be working with the disability channel and we are bringing forth the USA today's show. And Cynthia Stone is here with me as my cohost. And so Cynthia, I want you to give a little bit more of an introduction of yourself, why you're with the disability channel and the type of work we're going to be doing together with the USA today's show. 


Cindy Stone: Let's give a voice to the voiceless. That's right. Turn on the mic. Oh yeah. It's such a pleasure to be on this platform first of all, with such a scene professional. So amazing. I was you know, curious to hear how this would all play out. And I see so much synchronicity, Oh my goodness. Reverend Don talking about the homeless. That is how I started on this whole path, inward onward and upward, I always say. Where I actually spent time with the homeless, recognizing that it's really about pouring into humanity and pouring into ourselves and being the change you want to see in the world. One of the groups I was involved with actually is based in Canada here. So I'm actually from Canada, there's a [27:21 inaudible] connection forming though, which is awesome. And I actually started with a group called [27:27 inaudible] of the Canadian Jewish humanitarian and relief committee, quite a mouthful. But what they did was they actually had a creative writing contest for the homeless. And it was so interesting to see this play out because what had happened was the, you know, the world basically looked at them and they're like, what are you doing? Like the homeless camp, are you serious right now? And it was just so fascinating because you know, in my wanders, working with the homeless, just like with the world of abilities, you meet people of all walks of life, people that are PhD, people that are doctors, people that are dentists, people that are nurses, whatever it happens to be. And it was just this whole, you know limited belief system that they can't write. And if I have permission Kurt, I would like to share something that was written by one of the homeless, which I think really speaks to this. Would that be okay? So this kind of gives a heart to the homeless, like a heart to the situation like John was talking about in terms of pairing that. So here it is. And it's just about seeing past things. Let me know what you think. It's by someone called Kimberly Martin. "I am a person bereft of voice, stripped of pride, naked, and vulnerable, shivering and cold. I'm in your doorway, huddled beneath the crusty bedding, which masked my tears. I'm the one who stares at your fine clothes and tailored hands and hair. Wondering why it is not me. I am the lumpy step over as you rushed to your job. The one you curse beneath your breath, the inconvenience you face each morning, the reason they shun away, I'm deafened by the nine noise I hear. Protruding through my tattered clothes from the pit of my bowels, the sounds so relentless that drills inside my body, like never-ending jackhammer, driving hunger through my veins, never allowing me rest or forgetting that I am on the brink of starvation. I'm a roadblock, an obstacle. The thing you cross the street to avoid touching. So dirty at times I cannot bear to view myself to face the Frankenstein creation I have become, not valuable, not priceless, but worthless. The thing which society seeks to rid itself up like an unto a pest I'm sought out for extermination. Target of hate, disgust and spit set out to be removed. I'm a defacement of scenery. The reason property values decline, forced to muddle myself amongst discarded trash. The only place I find solace, saddened that a structure of brick and mortar has surpassed me as an object of beauty. Beauty, which I once conveyed in my innocence unaware of my future fate. And [30:27 inaudible] blanketed by scars, which don't come with age. I'm eroded and my mind, body and soul, breaks of the qualities, which made me human. I'm rotting teeth, filthy skin and ratty hair, a jumbled mass craving to be cleansed. I pray desperately, but in vain. I am a product of the environment in which I rest. The pain which abides in my head, the violence which breeds in my nest, the sorrow which has become only friend, continuously rejected, shunned, and shamed, hard pressed to find a reason to go on, to keep breathing. I am never safe, never warm and never wanted. Void of love for never having known it. I am broken, downtrodden and lonely. These my companions and my burden. I've run out of tears, exhausted my esteem and my hope. I am lost without salvation. I am one, one of the homeless."


Kurt: Oh wow. I think what we'll do with that, Cynthia, I think we'll pass the airwaves over to Marcus. I think we'll take a little break on that. We'll come back and we'll keep our reflections going after these messages. Marcus, take us away. 


Marcus: Yeah. That's a very beautiful transition, indeed. Thank you for that wonderful poem, indeed. So you know, speaking of just great art, you know, we do get, you know, a good trailer for you guys to sit back and enjoy. This comes all the way from transform you films. You know, where we inspire in a night over there at transform you films, we have a trailer to enjoy from an animation. So we'll sit back and enjoy this one and tell us what you think. You can find more premium interviews and films over at, Be back with you in a flash.





Why and why I can't touch the sky? I live at the bottom of the big blue sea. I wonder why I'm not a star in the sky. I must try and touch the sky. First, I tried making [33:44 inaudible] out of a fish, but their fins were too ticklish. I tried being eaten by a whale, so I could be blasted up into the sky. But it wasn't that high. And I certainly couldn't fly. 


I tried to fill myself with gas. But when [34:09 inaudible] back to where I started. I tried [34:16 inaudible] became a cheesy lagoon.  Why and why I can't touch the sky. But what's that, I saw a funny face that looks like a star. It's me. I am a star, but a star in the sea. I think it's just better to be me.


Marcus: Okay. Welcome back everyone to the world of ability podcast show. And thank you transform u films for that animation, that animated film, that is the movie, the short film, Cora. You can find that and many other animation films and short movies and full picture movies over at, that is Get started for free 14 days free. And then after that, it's just $1.99. We've got premium interviews over there too. Even some from the great and wonderful John. He has some over there too. You know, he has some new [35:24 inaudible] coming this week. That'll be added to transform u films and premium interviews. So check it out and back over to Kurt. 


Kurt: Thank you, Marcus. Wow. We keep having beautiful content and all these work products and everything. I'm continually amazed right here at transforming media network. Welcome back to the world of ability. And I'm going to add a little wordage into what I use from here forward. I'm going to start using a little something that's a saying, I'm starting right now. And it's a phrase of everybody transforms. And that comes from what brought me here is the sport of water skiing. And six years ago, I worked with a buddy to create what is known as the everybody skis program. And so I'm using my experiences from the everybody skis program and professing that everybody transforms. And even this show, the world of ability is transforming right in front of your very eyes. We have Samuel Salgado is coming into this segment and we have Ann Marie Sheridan from pursuing compatibility. So we keep adding more and more value, more and more contributions as we go. This is a moving target, but John, I want to come back to you just a little bit. As you heard Cynthia Stone read that beautiful piece and then with even our commercial break and everything and where you're at now, I just want to pick your brain a little bit what's on your mind and what are you contributing at this moment?


John Morley: Well, the thing I can tell you as, as I hold peace and meditation, very, very dear to me and a fun fact, the most people don't know about me and I don't do it medically, but I'm certified in addition to being an engineer I'm a certified hypnosis. And I got certified in that because I wanted to push my goals further. And what I needed to learn was how to get into States. And I got to tell you something, listening to that poem and listening to the transform you film. It just took our brainwave level, and it just literally slowed it down. Something that takes a long time to really allow people to do if you haven't practiced. Just listening to something and being in a state of grace just really helps us to be able to receive and just really gets us to connect the things that we didn't perceive before. So just really wonderful, priceless feeling. 


Kurt: I love it. Thanks John. Thanks for sharing. Another guy here that I know is not afraid to get deep and share some philosophy and just kind of good things in life as a change agent and leader Samuel, are we able to do a sound check? Are you able to mic up and give us what you're bringing to us today? 


Samuel: Yes, sir. How are you guys doing today? 


Kurt: We're doing funtastic. We're having a partaay right here. 


Samuel: I love it. I love it. I think it was, John that said he were a hypnotherapist.


John Morley: I'm a certified hypnosis. That's correct.


Samuel: Oh, that's fantastic. I love working with alternative medicine and, you know, anyone that's in an alternative medicine whether that is hypnotherapy, whether that is you know, culation, stem cells, acupuncture, [39:03 inaudible], electromagnetic therapy and people in medical marijuana, yoga, really anybody that's trying to make a difference in the medicine community by offering real healing because the body has an immense regenerative potential to heal itself. And I think more and more people who are coming alive to that fact. So we love to propel that, and we do that. One of the big things that we do at the, you know, through philosophy ideology and new technology. So the use of blockchain and cryptocurrencies really you know, evolving people's finances and getting them to be more in control of their finances, whether or not in control of a, or whether not being controlled. And they're not being in a position where a central authority has control of their finances. And also blockchain is censorship resistant. So a lot of people that talk about cancer cures, are the things in the alternative medicine community are now able to do that via the blockchain. So that, you know, we can really give people real healing. And then obviously, you know, there's cryptocurrencies. So I just like to educate people on that, and it's not just Bitcoin, by the way, a lot of people get stuck on Bitcoin. It's so much deeper than Bitcoin. Bitcoin is simply just one cryptocurrency in the litany of currencies, and then you know, philosophy. So things like open source, which is free flow of information from the top down in an organization. One of the biggest problems and the reason why a lot of companies die, I mean, there's a litany of reasons, you know, in March, but one of the big ones was because, you know, employees weren't being treated right. There's a lady on here, her name's Ann Marie, and she always, you know, tells me how she's angry.  Angry at the system and how the system hasn't treated her well. And how she is very intelligent, has a lot of great ideas, but you know, what companies tend to do is just say, you know, just shut up and work, you know, and you see that in a multiplicity of areas, in a multiplicity of industries. So we really like to change industries and we have an event called [41:34 inaudible] summit. It's on January 16th. As you can see here, it's on January 16th, 2021. And really, it's just about coaches coming together and collaborating because one big thing is that a lot of people, you know, have this ideology that you know, that we can't be, or that people in the same industry type are competitors. And the reality is the reason why the conventional medical industry works, or podcasts fast works is because they strip off that label.

And they specialize in certain niches and certain fields. And then they say, Oh, well, you need this podiatrist. You can go to this podiatrist, that's a buddy of mine. Or you go to this chiropractor, that's a buddy of mine. We don't do that in other industries. You know, we look at it as this is my competitive advantage, and this is how I'm better than this person. But the reality all the everyday man or woman wants, is healing. And for, you know, in the sake of alternative medicine or with coaching, you know, they want guidance, you know, and I think millions upon millions of people want that. And I think that it's really about, you know, serving the customer versus, you know, fighting our competitors. And I think that once we stop thinking of everyone as competitors, and we start thinking about ways to really change this planet and really focused on coming together, I think that's when really, we can make a difference in, and, you know, there's also going to be a lot of money involved in that too, you know, because a lot of people care about money. And when you stop thinking about, I, and start thinking about the greater collective, you know, that's really when money happens. I mean, some of the best industries in the world, you know, the Amazons of the world, the apples of the world, you know, what they did was they created products that reached billions of people. And now everybody's like, you know, just I can find it on Amazon. You find my book on Amazon, you can find this on Amazon or, you know, Google, you can Google it, you know, so it's really about if people come together and create those things that really change the world and make a difference. I think everybody wins, you know, whether that be green initiatives to help the planet whether that be, you know, again with cryptocurrencies and finance, and that's really what we do, you know, we really see where we're going as a society and we just want to help everyday Americans wake up and live their optimal lives.


Kurt: Optimal lives. And most people might proclaim that for them, an optimal life, you know, in that search of romance, that search for love and that lifelong partner and Ann Marie shared us is here with her masterpiece of an enterprise called pursuing compatibility. And the world of ability would not be complete without finding that compatible partner. So Anna Maria, take it away and tell it, or Anna Maria I should say. [44:43 inaudible].  Friends with similar names, you know, but tell us more about pursuing compatibility and what you've been hearing. What does that do for you as the founder of pursuing compatibility?


Ann Marie: So I am the founder and creative director of a fiercely creative company called pursuing compatibility and we specialize in improving dating relationships and society. So we are a company that's a fusion of entertainment, education, digital arts, technology, and encouraging mental health. So I assess society's issues and I think of creative, innovative solutions to make it better. And I'm currently focused on helping the loneliness statistics, reducing the divorce rates and easing heartbreak. So a lot of, my company is super unique because it happened by accident. So it just kind of like captain out of a lightning bolt out of nowhere, I had faced the heartbreaking reality that being with a partner for eight years and not the right fit. And I was going through a lot of self-therapy and emotional devastation. And I'm very fortunate because my ex is a really good person, I still trust him to this day 100%. There was never any cheating, never any like abuse. We had our issues for sure, but he's a really, really good person. Still a friend of mine, so there is no like harsh feelings against like dramatic, I guess my ex, it's more of just the devastation realization that sometimes you thought you are compatible with somebody when you're younger and you're not compatible with them anymore. You know, sometimes it happens, and relationships are extremely complicated. So what my company offers is just various dynamic of assessment. So I believe this society, I think everyone can agree that our society is screwed up. Why? Because of the culture, we have a high divorce rate. Why? Because of the culture. People get married, why? Because they go into things naively, right? So they're high in serotonin. They're high in dopamine, they're high on lust. They don't know the difference between lust and what's real love, right? That's one point and another point is cultural influence, generational transference, just because your parents found their soulmate at 20 or 15, does not necessarily mean that you will find your soulmate at the same age or the same time, or in the exact same way. That's a cultural dynamic. We got a different culture shifts. So being a millennial single person you know, starting over, I discovered that the dating culture is very complicated. It's frustrating starting over. We have a lot of cultural dynamics with the black culture and different cultures. So my company was influenced by my heartbreak and also from living abroad for nine years, facing reverse culture shock and culture shock and the identity crisis, facing multiple times of economic devastation, overcoming invisible discrimination, being ignored at work, not being taken seriously, being dismissed at interviews because people thought I was crazy for asking too, for them to repeat themselves. Just a lot of crappy things that I faced in my life then pretty you know I'm not angry, I'm just frustrated. And so my company plans to blow people out of the water with mind-blowing content, founded the percent compatibility podcast. Marcus is helping me raise the roof and make a massive change and spread my good work and my message. I just applied to be on a Ted talk, hopefully it will be soon. I have an inspirationally compassionate platform called genie match. So if you go to, it is an inspirational platform. That is the combination of creative therapy, social inclusive connections, and something else that I forgot at the moment cause I'm a little bit forgetful. But the point is, is it's basically a forum support group. So you could be struggling with whatever you're going through, it is open to people that are single, married with, you know, whoever you can provide inspirational content. You can provide inspirational support. If you're struggling with mental health conditions, we will support you. If you're struggling with spirituality, we will support you. If you are struggling with a fricking first date for God's sakes, we will support you. You know, and I am leading the way to make a very ambitious, creative, fierce approach to shock people. And I'm already shocking a lot of people. So I'm just trying to shock people more by expanding my reach and Marcus is trying to help me.


Kurt: And along with that shock comes awe, Anna Maria I'm in awe in what you're doing, congratulations in finding in your life to be so bold. And you know, with this motivational message, you just provide us, we're going to go into another message to the folks that make this show possible. And Marcus I’ll toss it to you to give us a little break. We're really tapping people's emotions. So let us simmer down a little bit and let's get a commercial message Marcus.


Marcus: All right. Sounds like you guys are definitely, you know, steaming the air waves here with all that you've provided. Thank you, guys. So I think our esteemed guests, indeed. So you know, in case you missed it the first time, we definitely going to go back here and allow you guys to be right back introduced to the world tap and circle to give you guys another look at them. So thank you guys again over at the world tapping circle, [50:43 inaudible] be right back and flesh.




Research confirms toxic emotions contribute to disorders and diseases. Experience the power of EFT tapping with Sonya Sophia and the rural tapping circle. Sonya Sophia is an expert in the field of emotional freedom techniques, EFT, and has over 30 years of experience in the healing arts. 


Join the world tapping circle in easy steps. Try tapping for free, like go onto the link in the episode description right now.


Marcus: Right, we are right back with the world of ability podcast show. Once again, you can find the world of ability podcast by heading over to That's Right over there is well you'll be able to find more details about the world tapping circle, and much, much more. Don't forget to follow and like the world of ability at the world of ability on Facebook and back over to Kurt.


Kurt: All right. Thank you my trusty co-host and co-founder Marcus Hart and all this beautiful work at transforming media network. Welcome back again, as we were saying to the world of ability and in co-hosting fashion, I'm going to lean on Cynthia a little bit. We kind of spiraled away from that piece you read to us. Thank you so much for contributing that. So in co-hosting fashion, Cynthia is my co-host of the USA today's show. What are you thinking?


Cindy Stone: Oh, right. Well, yeah, there's lots percolating up here today. We got some great guests on the show. I am so excited. I mean, definitely amazing stuff. Amazing. I mean, you put out your vibe, you attract your tribe, right? We got healers among us. I mean, I definitely subscribe to that modality as well. I got the ASMR channel going and definitely engaged in neuro-linguistic programming. So I am an NLP practitioner. I definitely believe that within all of us is the kingdom of heaven and we can heal ourselves. And it's all about tapping into our greatness as Anne Marie did share with us about, you know, breaking [52:53 inaudible] and really breaking through, you know, I'm subscribed to the definitely in the empowerment realm. And that brings me to what we're going to be doing together. I'm so excited. Captain Kurt and I, okay, so this is amazing stuff. Now you might notice, I mean, if you're not actually seeing this podcast, we have the disability channel showcase and abilities banner, right on this amazing green screen here. And so really the disability channel, that's right. Check it out. Thank you. Case and point. All right man over there. Yeah. So the disability channel, it is actually a channel designed by and for people with disabilities and veterans, and it's all about showcasing abilities, breaking past all of those barriers, limiting beliefs, overcoming adversity, and really showing the world that, you know, we are not defined. We are all souls. We come in different costumes, but you know, really, it's about bringing unity to our global community and helping people have, you know, a say and a way to play. So you might notice, I do rhyme a bit, that is completely improv. But really, it's all about recognizing that we have this platform for greatness and it's about giving them a voice for the voiceless. And we actually have joined forces now with Flipgive in order to better serve through the power of everyday purchases. So there is a funding program there as well. I am so excited because we have all of these different organizations that are jumping on board. This is the USA today show. So we're branching out from Toronto, Canada. We are coming to Wisconsin. Let's give it up. That's right, [54:30 inaudible] connection. I'm so excited. I mean, it's just really, it's so amazing. People asked me, you know, how did you get involved in this? I've been involved now for over five years. And when I met the founder, Jay, he just blew me away with his passion, his tenacity, his purpose. It's really about having that vision. Like you've heard from all of these amazing souls today. You know, what their mission having a plan. And he really wanted to spearhead this movement to be able to give people a platform, to be able to have their say, and to be able to be seen and heard. And through this channel, I have been able to meet some of the most inspirational, amazing, uplifting, inspiring people that I’ve ever had, I'm just so grateful. Honestly, every day I'm humbled. I meet so many people that are just overcoming the odds and it really speaks to the fact that within all of us is a masterpiece because each one of us has a piece of the master within us. And I just really, I'm honored and humbled to be a part of this. Once I started, I didn't want to stop. And I'm like, Oh my gosh, it's like an octopus. It's got all these different directions and arms, and it's just becoming a movement. It's becoming more than just a vision. It is taking off. And it has momentum like ever before. And I'm just so grateful to be a part of it. And I think I answered your question Kurt, please feel free to add in true co-host fashion. Thank you over to you.


Kurt: How do people watch our show?


Cindy Stone: Wow. That is a great question. Wow! I mean, we have various different platforms. Maybe you want to take it away. I mean, I know that you are, well, we can actually go on the That is where our website is. We are on Roku. And we have the USA today show. Oh my goodness. So excited.


Kurt: Yeah. So watch for it on Facebook live on Monday and like, we saved the other platforms and be in touch with yours truly me, Kurt Roskopf, folks can a call or a text me at (262) 372-1754. Can email me I'm happy to be your customer service, obviously for here at the world of ability and also the USA today's show. Cynthia any contact information you would to leave with their audience, that they can get a little bit more background on you and stay in touch with you personally? 


Cindy Stone: Absolutely. Yes. Thank you for that. You can go, so as well as being on the I have my own one-stop shop as it were just with all the social media contact, all in one place, you can go to That's It's got it all there. I even have a free gift there with NLP and I'm just yeah, it's a great way to be able to, let's keep the conversation going.


Kurt: There you go. Thank you for being here, Cynthia, and Reverend Don Bennett. You've got your cloaking device on, but feel free to give us any more thoughts. You've been doing a lot of listening in the several minutes of this show as of late, what's on your mind, Don Bennett, and give us a little bit of your calling card and make sure our listeners can support your mission.


Reverend Don Bennett: First of all, I got to have that poem. I got have that homeless letter. I have to have it. That is so wonderful, man. Yeah, that was just great. I was really touched by that. I think John said it, it just kind of infiltrated everything. I mean, it just kind of slowed you all. That slows you down. Not slow to getting real slow, but to a halt. You have to stop for a minute and just take that in. I appreciate that. Thank you, Cynthia, for reading that. Well, I care ministries email is kind of long, but it's That's and my phone number, because I don't mind giving it out. I want people to call me (414) 334-9687. And again, Kurt, I want to thank you for the opportunity to come on and talk about what I care ministries is all about. Let's give some snippets of what’s going on. We're just starting. We just got into the game and things are going to explode here in Southeastern Wisconsin, because God is on the move and he is going to make some things happen. And we want to continue to come back and share with you the movement of God in this area. So thank you again.


Kurt: You bet. Thank you, Reverend Dan Bennett for everything you do and taking on this devotion in ministry and church work. My father taught me something when I was 12 years old, he bought a golf course and we got into operating a country club together. And what he did, Reverend Dan is he made it a business practice that clergy did not pay greens fees at country club in the Myra Wisconsin. And so Reverend Don, I want to tell you that I live in his legacy. My father has passed away, but Reverend Don, whatever I can do, all of my resources are Kurt [1:00:04 inaudible] cheer for you and your ministry. I want to help you and everything you're doing and those that support you in your church any way that I can. So please, Reverend Don, you and I let's definitely keep in touch and Samuel Salgado come on here as again, our resident change agent and leader.


Samuel: [1:00:28 inaudible] 


Kurt: I Know. So I'm having to queue up your mic again and leave your calling card and people are to want to talk to you at some other hour of the days. So tell them how to reach you and keep doing what you're doing. So give us some more of your business card.


Samuel: Well, Cynthia and John, I definitely want to talk to you too, because we're, I want to propel the alternative medicine community. So please put your info in the chat. But yeah, really just, I'm just contacting all alternative medicine practitioners give us a call (813) 766-4900. Really just love to speak with you. Anybody that's interested in cryptocurrency, anybody that's interested in getting Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency, because I know it's soaring right now, so I know you probably are also give us a call (813) 766-4900. I'd love to get you some Bitcoin, explain to you more about cryptocurrency. Explain to you about the software that goes beyond cryptocurrency or not the software, the platform that cryptocurrencies are on. Explain to you blockchain, explain how you know, four years ago, two years ago, every business needed to be online in some capacity. You know, right now, you know, the days of doing online or doing, you know, billboards is just not the way to go. Now I'd say four years later 2021, every business needs to be involved in technology as far as blockchain, every business needs to be on the blockchain. They need to utilize technology or AI because if they don't, you're going to get left behind. My email is Samuel Juan. That's J-U-A-N Salgado, S as in Sam, A as in alpha, L as in Libra, G as in garage, A as an avocado, D as in dolphin, O as in Orlando, that is Salgado [1:02:26 inaudible], samueljuan [1:02:33 inaudible] Please give us a call, give us an email. I love to speak with you.


Kurt: Very good. Thank you for speaking with us today, Samuel and Anna Marie Sheridan, you are next, give us some concluding thoughts and more of your calling card information and details that our viewers and listeners can catch your show and the work you do at pursuing compatibility.


Ann Marie: I'll give you a little rhyme I wrote. So my thing is rhyming. I love to rhyme. It's like how I get people to remember me. So like I write little mini rhymes, but I wrote this [1:03:10 inaudible], I'm the founder of pursuing compatibility where we improve society with creativity. So check out our inspiring platform of genie match, a safe place to compassionately connect with people in a catch. And but yeah, you can like the Facebook pursuing compatibility Facebook page on Facebook, you can follow me on Instagram, on pursuing compatibility. You can contact me at or [1:03:42 inaudible]. You can find me on LinkedIn, Ann Marie Sheridan. There's also the pursuing compatibility page on LinkedIn. You can read my full biography at Cause it's a long story because everyone's always asking me to summarize. I'm like, it's hard to summarize, it is such a long story. But yeah, go there. And then you can also see my blog and podcast. My podcast on the transforming media network for [1:04:10 inaudible] and Marcus incorporated, started incorporating my blog. Some blog articles. You can read my recent blog article titled who faces serious adversity. Is there such a thing as modern USA? So please check that article out on the show for some credibility. I have my own page there. I wrote my article on basically how people with high IQ and the average worker that works hard will eventually be fine, but people with special needs and education will get behind no question if they don't get help. So that's why I argue who faces the serious adversity. So in the modern society. So please do check that out. I highly encourage you to read the article. I'm going to have a lot more thought-provoking articles in the future. And I can't think of anything else to say. I'm sorry.


Kurt: No, that's good. That's good. That brings us right over to, I'm going to call our three headed monster. John, you are a leader in technology, a leader in business networking and a leader in podcasting. You got the whole spiel, cover all three.


John Morley: Thank you very much, Kurt. It's great to be a guest on your show. It's been really moving to be here and to, like you said Reverend Don, just to stop and just to, I guess, take in the beauty, but just to kind of stop for a moment and just see what's around us. So a little bit about me. I'm a serial entrepreneur, an engineer. I'm a talk show host and I'm a marketing specialist. And the thing about it is, I leave this for you. You can visit our website, You can click on the little button on the right that says, reach out today, click on contact us, let me know your thoughts. If you'd like to be a guest on my show more than happy to have you. And just lots of social media, you can find, I'm not going to give it all to you. If you just go to our site and you go to where it says social, we have an entire menu, shows, shows I have appeared on its guests, social channels, it's all there. And then we take every show, and we transcribe it too. So again, I really want to thank you for letting me be on this show today. It was really great. Just getting to meet some wonderful people. I definitely hope to come back again the future, but what I want to leave you with is this important thought is that technology and websites are important, but we have to make sure we take care of the people in the ADA. And if you don't, you're going to have some hefty fines. So if you're developing a website in the next year or more, and you don't make it ADA compliant, Oh the federal government is going to be knocking on your door because the website is not able to be accessible by those. And you have to do that if you have more employees at your company. So if you're a one-person company, you're okay right now, but if you have 15 or more employees, you better make sure it's ADA compliant.


Kurt: Thank you, John. Again, thank you for being here and Samuel and Ann Marie can vouch for me that everybody's welcome to come back as much as you would like. So yeah, we definitely look forward to having you back here, John, and I would ask that our viewers and listeners consider taking a look at the Facebook page and Facebook group for the world of ability and also find us with And I also point out that Samuel, Ann Marie and John and I, we all have been participating in the happy neighborhood projects. I encourage people to check out and you're as truly me as co-hosting captain of cohost on Tuesday at 1:00 PM central, the brand-new co-hosted event, the zoom session for business networking free for guests to come and check out. And again, through this show, you can get more information on that, but you should be able to find it at So Marcus, that brings us to the tail end of the show, button it up, Polish it up, put the finishing touches on it. Marcus, please help me take the crowd out of here.


Marcus: Well, that doesn't sound like a bad idea. You know, it looks like we have now made it to the top of the hour here and everyone has got their plugs in and you know, and contact is full. So if you have gotten your pens and papers out and you have took some time out to get some of this information, I would just encourage you right now to maybe take the time to replay this wonderful episodes recorded and saturate everything all over again. And while you are at it, may be take time out to hit that share button. Maybe more than once, not just two times, maybe three times, maybe even 15 times as it do help to further everything you have heard here today. The world of ability podcast show is on every Saturday at 2:00 PM. You can find it right here on the transform your media network. As you have heard transform U podcast, transform the letter U Don't forget to rate and subscribe. Until next time, Many blessings, peace and lots of love.


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