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Radio show date 12-31-2021

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 JMOR tech talk show. Where we answer questions about technology, explain the way they should work and why they don't sometimes.

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 Well, Hey everybody, it is John C. Morley, serial entrepreneur here. And welcome once again to another fine episode of the JMOR tech talk show. I'm really happy. A bit little sad because this is our last episode for 2022. That's right today is December 31st, happy New Year’s Eve to everyone. We have a great show tonight and this will be the last show for 2021. And then we'll be kicking off New Year’s show, which will be January 7th, the following week. So hopefully you will join us on that, lots of great information. So let's get right into our show. Marcus, it's great to have you with us but before we get into our show, I do want to personally thank our sponsor Arukah holistic life academy, for empowering people to become healers of their home and their community and giving them the naturopathic herbalism, health coaching, business coaching, and more online.


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 We'll learn a little more about them a little bit later in the program. But the challenges going on in technology really can be a problem, especially when we're faced with very large theme parks, and these theme parks, run on AWS, Amazon web services. And so they're not impervious to having challenges and Disney was already facing heat from their fans. And now that AWS outage came, Disney was starting to have some challenges when it came to revenue because their apps is where they were directing everybody for the guests to go and buy tickets and manage their resources, make reservations but because AWS outage occurred it was starting to put how can I say a damper on the fund and frustrate people not even Disney's magic could save Disneyland park from the widespread Amazon web outage.


 John C. Morley: (02:31)

 So I guess it just goes to show you that if you just rely 100% on technology and you don't have a backup plan that could be vital to whether you stay successful or not. And Disney's been increasingly pushing its theme park guests to use their mobile devices as we know to access tickets and make reservations. And it's even put in a new paid version of the fast pass system, they rebranded it called genie pass onto the app. And that means that these outages were affecting people in lots of different ways, getting lots of people frustrated and the outages underscored the kind of risk a company like Disney takes when they put all their eggs in one basket, having an extremely loyal fan base faces them with embracing of technology that is failing. And although it sounded like a great idea, there was no backup plan.


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 And I just can't believe that AWS, Amazon, and Amazon are not like I said, foolproof. So even though they're a claim to be so great, they're not because they can have problems. And just the fact that they let an entire publicly-traded company and several other companies not be able to conduct business and people were charging money at Disney to use these apps. Well, that had people a little bit upset. This week's outage came on top of the recent controversy over Disney's galactic star cruiser, the impending launch of the Star Wars-themed immersive resort at Walt Disney World of Florida had garnered tremendous, intrigue and excitement. And it dampened slightly by, and I ordered 6,000 rates for four guests to spend two nights at the hotel. So again, lots of challenges happening.


 John C. Morley: (04:29)

 And as one guest said and I quote, "I realize now Disney didn't make the galactic star cruiser for star wars lovers. They made it for rich people who think Star Wars is neat." So, this is the challenge with Disney. Disney's experience, but the problem is that Disney may not be affordable to a lot of families. And this is a big challenge for lots of people that are coming to visit the park. And I think, you know, the magic is not that magic that I grew up to know. It's changed it become a commercialized park all about making money and it is evident that's what their goal is. It's not really to entertain, it's to entertain while charging the highest amount of money they can on tickets. And so it saddens me that the original vision for Walt Disney has kind of been destroyed, not nice to say but that's where they're going.


 John C. Morley: (05:31)

 If they keep going down the path they are. So again, a lot of people are frustrated and you know the FCC settles with Verizon and AT&T over 911 outages. So, this is very interesting because with all these challenges that have been happening in the network and that led to failed 911 calls in 2020 before companies have agreed that's AT&T, Verizon, Intrados, and century link, will implement compliance plans that adhere to the FCC's 911 rules, as well as pay a total of a list of this ladies and gentlemen, 6 million in selling payments, according to one of the spokesperson's announcements from the FCC. And I want to quote what they said, "the most important people call you ever may be a call to 911," close quote, said the SCC chairwoman, Jessica Rosenworcel. So, you never really realize how important a 911 call is.


 John C. Morley: (06:35)

 And if you ever had to make one and when the call comes back and says, it's not able to be made, now they have something called reverse 911 where the system can call you back. If you hang up or you don't get through. But even that system was starting to fail. So that's pretty bad when our 911 systems can't even properly make a call. I don't even know how to answer that particular question. So Google is facing nearly a hundred million in fines from Russia over failure to delete banned content. Yeah, this is a pretty amazing thing. So, Google is not clean here. And the Russian court had fined Google 98 million over its affiliate, removing content deemed illegal in the country. The 7.2 billion fine is around 8% of Google's revenue in Russia.


 John C. Morley: (07:34)

 So don't worry. They have plenty of money. And rooters report comes amid a broad pusher within the country to exert more control over big tech companies and the content people publish on their platforms. Google tells the verge and I quote, "study the court documents when they're available and then decide on the next steps." But the Russian officials, which was noted by Bloomberg threatened that I quote, "very unpleasant measures." If Google doesn't comply with the country's mandate to delete band content, which could include promotion of drugs and posts by organizations" the government says, "are extremists or terrorists, including those associated with the opposition leader, Alexi Navlani." So this isn't Google's first time in Russia, as you may or may not know and it's not the first time that they've been hit over content moderation. So it faces another yet troubling setback by getting hit with a nice slap or a pretty big fine.


 John C. Morley: (08:42)

 So Google says the ban is due to the United States and the UK sanctions against the channels owner and companies like Twitter and meta, which we all know the name is Facebook have also faced slowdowns to their services and finned based on their failures in moderating to Russian regulator standards. So it's going to be in to see what the heck they're doing and what's going to go on but I think it's going to hopefully wake a few people up to things that are going on, but we've said this before you can't just take media and do whatever the heck you want with it. You really can't, you have to be respected and there has to be a consortium or a standard if you will that is going to be responsible for this. So I think that's a very, very big problem.


 John C. Morley: (09:32)

 And we're just going to have to see what happens but these big giants are not going to be shielded from things just because they're great big companies. I do want to take this moment to again thank our sponsor Arukah holistic life academy. You can visit them incidentally by visiting  So Arukah empowers people to become the leaders of their homes. They are a company that has a health coach certification. They equip people with naturopathic herbalism, health coaching, online businesses, marketing skills. So they're a place for you to learn things and then be able to implement those things in your business if you like to learn more about them. And again, we thank them for their sponsorship. You can just visit


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 So with all these slaps and these fines happening, they're not the only ones that are having problems. TikTok. We already talked to Instagram before. Well, TikTok is getting sued for yes, for failing to protect mental health. It's like all about the money for these companies. It's about content and they don't seem to be moderating anything. They just seem to be having a problem. And if we moderate all kinds of content, then we're going to be breaking the first amendment. But if we have content that is going to damage the minds of teens or kids and minors, that's a big problem. And they are alleging that the parent company bite dance provides inadequate safeguards to protect moderators and mental health against a near-constant answer of traumatic footage.


 John C. Morley: (11:40)

 I guess they're too busy taking in the go and not having time to figure out is this something they should show or not show. In the proposed class-action lawsuit filed in California, central district court, Candy Frazier says she spent 12 hours a day moderating video uploaded to TikTok for a third-party contracting firm named TELUS international. In that time, Frazier says she witnessed thousands of acts of extreme and graphic violence, including mass shootings, child rape, animal mutilation, cabalism, gang murder, and genocide. I mean, that's just terrible that they're able to find it that easily. It's not even talking about one, it's like several. And I think it's sending a message that these companies don't care about people. They care about one thing, how much money can they put in their pocket and how much can they get away with it. Now you don't have to believe me but I think their actions right now are starting to set the stage for what matters to them until we slap them with some hefty fines.


 John C. Morley: (12:51)

 So TikTok failed to meet the industry standards for content moderation is what the lawsuit is going to claim. And it's just something how we talked about Facebook, we talked about Instagram and now different ones. And then we had some of the Twitter. I mean, they're all just starting to get into the loop of not caring about people and what they're really about. So I have to say shame on you, TikTok. And I knew TikTok was a challenge when we saw it was going on overseas. I was not a big lover of it. And, I feel that if they keep going down the path they're going, they're not going to be around very much longer. Hopefully, they do clean up their act but they're all about money. They're all about how much money they can make and store in their pocket.


 John C. Morley: (13:44)

 So I don't know what to tell you, ladies, gentlemen, but not very, very good. And you guys might know the international CES was not too long ago, the world's largest technology show. Well, it might be in jeopardy. As we're saying now, because of the rising COVID cases in the United States and maybe future years to come, because what had happened at this as several companies, including Lenovo we had ATT Google and GM that wants opt-out. So Intel says it will move to a digital-first experience with minimal onsite staff. Ooh. And Lenovo announced that it would suspend all site activities in Las Vegas, following an announcement from T-Mobile Amazon met and others that they'd be ditching as well. And despite CES organizer statements that they would, the show would still go on. You know, I don't know what to say here.


 John C. Morley: (14:44)

 And Google said, " we have decided to withhold from having a presence on the show floor of CES 2022." So what does all this say? And when they say they don't want a presence on the floor, does that mean that they're going to be digital? So as we keep watching the chips fall, general motors announced its presence will be all digital and GM confirmed to the verge that it's still planned to attend CES. Now that's great that they're coming but it looks like Google doesn't even want to be a part of it. And I have to say shame on them. I think this is a really important event. They at least should be there digitally. And Lenovo had said after closely monitoring the current trends in COVID, "it is in the best interest of the help and safety of our employees and customers, partners, and communities to suspend all onsite activity."


 John C. Morley: (15:39)

 Okay. So they're going to suspend all onsite activity but at least they're agreeing to engage digitally. Google doesn't seem like they want to even come to the party if they can't come in person, which I have to say is pretty bad. Mike Seavert said, "I'm sorry, we'll be missing seeing everyone at CES this year, but we're prioritizing the safety of our team and other attendees." All right. So that's nice, companies like Samsung, GM, Intel, LG, Panasonic, Sony, Nikon, and Cannon are at the likely tipping point. They've asked some key companies if they're still committed. A Sony rep suggested to us that the company still plans to attend. And LG said that unless CTA says, otherwise it's still on board. So CS maps show that LG has a very large booth at CS but the company said it's taking a hybrid approach making use of QR codes and AR to show off its wares. 

John C. Morley: (16:46)

 That's augmented reality. Bloomberg got into the act and reported that AMD and Samsung are still planning a limited presence. The video will have a virtual-only keynote and Qualcomm, OnePlus, HEC still plans. So these are some of the comments and this is what we've seen with the event happening, it's going to be very interesting. What's going on. CES took place in January, actually taking place January 5th through January 8th, so it's not yet happening but it's going to be intimate, whether they're going to attend or not. And CES 2022 will go forward as important innovations for world health and safety mobility and solving problems will be exhibited. Furthermore, thousands of smaller and medium-sized companies rely on CES for their business. And they've increased their official count to over 2200 exhibitors as announced recently.


 John C. Morley: (17:48)

 So given CES's comprehensive help measures vaccination requirements, which you much have to be there masking and availability of COVID 19 tests, coupled with lower attendance and social distancing measures, they claim they're confident that attendees and exhibitors can have a socially distanced experience that'll be worthwhile and productive, into the event in Las Vegas as well as a reward experience on the digital access. Very interesting but I am a little unhappy that Google is not planning on attending even digitally. So we'll have to see maybe that'll change, who knows. It's going to be interesting to see what's going on. We're going to have to just wait and see and you know another instinct thing hit the news recently. Chinese regulators paused a partnership with Alibaba. I'm sure you guys all know Alibaba. So China's telecommunication regulator has paused the partnership with Alibaba cloud.


 John C. Morley: (18:49)

 After one of the firm's engineers discovered the log for Shell's security JavaScript flaw, according to state back Chinese media, the suspension is because the firm did not log the reports properly for the log for shell JavaScript to the ministry of industry and information technology, in time and the company first alerted the foundation overseeing the flawed code and Alibaba cloud has not yet commented on the suspension. The firm is part of the Chinese tech giant Alibaba group and log for the shell is the name given to a security flaw in the wildly used log for JavaScript software. The open software is overseen by the Apache software foundation. And that has gone through some major challenges but I think it might be time to start beefing up the security and a lot is open source stuff that many companies are using even though they have licenses for some parts they're still using open source technology and this was developed 20, 30 or 40 years ago.


 John C. Morley: (19:56)

 And it just doesn't have the actual protection that people believe, it does. So I think that's a bad problem. I don't know what to say there. Just that it is a great big challenge and we're going to have to see, what's going to happen. But I think the biggest thing that we're going to know right now is that safety has to be paramount for our society. If it doesn't, then we're going to pay a much higher price than just a fine, we're talking about the prices of our safety, our security, and our lives, which are something we cannot put a price on. As an individual, as a government, as a country, as a nation, and as a world, there is no room for it.


 John C. Morley: (20:57)

 And there's something new that's going to be hitting the streets in 2022, I thought you'd like to know about it. It's called 3D billboards. What the heck is a 3D billboard? Well, there's the couple kind that they are on screen and they appear to be very animated and stuff like that. But now when we talk about 3D billboards, we're talking about billboards that are not just bringing out their content through glasses and stuff like that. We're talking about billboards that have objects that are moving, could be armed, could be legs, could be a cat, all kinds of things they're even working on almost like these containers and inside of containers, they open. And there's almost like these animatronic figures and they're going to be advertising. So I think the idea now is that people are going to be marketed to in a completely different way.


 John C. Morley: (22:00)

 We're talking about buildings that might have for a concert might have something live that pops out. So this is going to be pretty amazing. And my concern is that, is this going to deter from people safety? Like if it's on a major highway, is this something that should be allowed? We know in some areas they don't even want spinning signs. This becomes a lot more intrusive than just a little stupid spinning sign. I mean, we're talking about one company that is making a type of fuel sign that has a billboard where they have not only the thing, the tips, but they have an actual rig that they pour the fuel into that'll be transported to market or for delivery. So they're getting high in this. Another one, Guinness is doing one called made of Moore where they're going to pop bottle out of a sign. The car, our companies are getting involved with this as well. And another big one that's coming out is the astonishing 3D cat billboard.


 Speaker 1: (23:20)

 So we're going to see the Miller light bull board. They've got their bull that's coming out, and then they've even got a 3D big wave that has a billboard with waves inside. So advertising is going to be coming a lot more interactive. I see it not only is this 5D but I see 3D45. I see it also being available to interact with the actual user that's close to the sign. And again, I think it might cause some safety concerns that are a big, big problem. And now you cost for a sign. Instead of it being, some signs or 2000, 4000 or 6,000 a week, we might be taking those costs per week and maybe tripling them. That means we could be talking 18 to $20,000 per week. That means in a typical month, we could be $80,000 to have your message up aboard.


 John C. Morley: (24:32)

 I think that could be a slight problem. And I think these boards are going to be very distracting. And again I'm very concerned about the safety factor of these boards big safety factor. So we're talking about the LED billboards. So 3D 4D, 5D, and even the animatronics as we're talking about that can be life-like and pretty much get your face. Even if they are far away, something that you're not expecting. So I think it's is going to have that wow factor for people. But again, it's going to surprise people for some time. Once people get used to boards that they can do this, they're not going to have the same impact as they first do in the first year or two, because now people will expect it. Just like when we had 3D movies before that came out, it was nothing.


 John C. Morley: (25:32)

 But then once it was launched like, oh my gosh, what am I going to do now? It's out. And then after a few years, people were like, oh yeah, yeah, it's just 3D. Put the glasses on. That's what happens and people just accepted it. So our world is going to get a lot more advance, what it comes to technology. We're going to start using people's marketing data that we learn from them. And based on that information that comes from their phone, how they buy, and stuff like that, we're going to be able to create experiences that are going to be not only in a 3D world but could be 4D and 5D that are going to captivate that person. That means that a billboard might have 3, 4, or maybe even 5 different types of messages, depending on who is in front of that billboard.


 John C. Morley: (26:17)

 And this all happens because of the product that they're selling, let's say there might be two or three products that they sell but maybe one product wouldn't be targeted towards you. And so this is going to be very interesting. So they're going to be able to multi-market at the same time, by only showing one product, that's going to apply to you. So very, the very interesting stuff is happening. I hope you guys are getting ready for your New Year’s Eve tonight. I am hoping you had, I said of great Christmas happy holidays. So what can I advise you to do to get ready for New Year’s as we're kind of wrapping up the show here? Well, one thing I want to encourage you to know is that when you set goals, whether it's 2022 or whatever year it is, you have to get very clear in what your goal is and your needs to be loud enough.


 John C. Morley: (27:15)

 If it isn't, your goal is just going to float by and nothing's going to happen. Do you have a plan to achieve your goal? Do you have enough motivation? Do you have the why? If you have the why then my question to you is what's going to keep you on track and maybe you need to take that goal and break it down into smaller micro-goals because maybe that big goal is too much and you need to start celebrating some small wins. Well, ladies and gentlemen, I am John C. Morley serial entrepreneur. It has been a pleasure to be with you again on this New Year’s Eve. And I do want to take this opportunity of course to thank our sponsor Arukah holistic life academy where they empower people to become leaders of the type of world and destiny that they want to create, whether that's in-home health, naturopathic herbalism, health coaching, online businesses, marketing skills, etc. Giving you the tools that might be precluding you from getting into the lifestyle that you want. And you can learn more about them right now, or 24 hours a day by visiting I hope that all of you tonight have a wonderful new year's Eve. You have lots of fun and after New Year’s you start to wonder what's going on. I'm John C Morley serial entrepreneur, have yourself a great rest of your day and a happy, healthy new year. And we'll see you in the New Year with a great new show. Take care.



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 Thank You for tuning in to the JMOR weekly technology show, where we answer your questions about how technology is supposed to work. And sometimes while you have challenges, getting it to work that way for more IT support and tips, just text “IT support” to 888111 and you'll get technology tips. I'll see you next week. Right here on the JMOR tech talk show. Remember 




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