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Radio show date 10-01-2021

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Final Verdict on Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max


John C. Morley(Host):(00:00)
Alright. So Halloween’s coming. But imagine a doorbell that you could actually change the ringtone to maybe load a spooky message or a song.

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Well, Hi everybody. It is John C. Morley serial entrepreneur here. And welcome once again to another episode of the JMOR tech talk show. I can't believe that we are actually on the first day of October. Today is October 1st, in case you didn't know that. And of course, it's great to be with my wonderful co-host Marcus. It's great to have you with me here tonight. 

Marcus Heart: (01:02)

It's great to be with you too John.

John C. Morley: (01:03)

 And you know a lot's been happening as you know last week. I reveal the iPhone 13 max pro and gave you my first impressions. If you haven't already seen that, go to  and go down to social and go to where it says shows you'll see a JMOR unboxing, and you'll be able to see my first impressions right after I got it from FedEx, literally seconds after they delivered it. 
And, you know we'll talk more about that this week. I'll give you some more of my thoughts about what I think of the iPhone 13 max pro, what I like and what I don't like, but before we get into that, which will be a little bit later in the program. I want to talk to you about a new robot. 

Yes, a brand new robot Amazon's Astro, and everyone is saying that it is terrible 

John C. Morley: (02:00)

Because it will undoubtedly I guess topple down the stairs. And this is coming to us from many different developers that have actually put this together. It doesn't have any type of hands or anything like that has a little screen that kind of turns and it kind of just you know has two wheels, some of the people that built this robot were not really impressed with it because they were expecting a lot more, you know, when you want a robot to be agile and flexible in your home environment or work environment, it's got to have hands. 
I mean, the thing can't even bring you a sandwich or bring you a drink, or even a glass of water, or let alone, you know, get your paper or do anything for you. And this robot just under a 1000$. But I goanna tell you, I wouldn't spend a penny for this thing. So definitely a letdown

John C. Morley:(03:00) 

For all the people. And unfortunately, those that invested in this terrible robot. It's, Amazon's latest robot. It's $999. And unfortunately it's going to be hitting the market soon, but I think they really shouldn't let it hit the market. I think they should do some more R and D because I think they're going to have a lot of complaints with this robot that that's just my feeling. Marcus, I think, you know, anytime a company like this does something major, they have really got to put the time and the effort into it, because if they don't guess what’s going to happen, it's going to backfire in their face and then they're going to have to deal more repercussions and then deal with repairing the tarnished image that was caused by this inferior product. 
All right. Well, for those of you that don't know what is it just at about 30 more days from today. Actually, yeah 30, yeah 30 more days from today. 

John C. Morley :(04:00)

We're going to be hitting October 31st, that's Halloween. Alright. So Halloween’s coming, but imagine a doorbell that you could actually change the ringtone to maybe load a spooky message or song like may be the monster mash. Well this is not far off the spooky Halloween’s ringtones are coming to the Google nest video doorbells that's right today It's actually when they launched. So this is pretty interesting and you're not going to have to hear that terrible, you know pre-programed sound that you couldn't change before. And you know this doorbell I think, is going to change peel because, you know, I was at home many years ago.

When I got one of those doorbells you could program, it's pretty neat when you can have holiday tunes in the air or somebody's birthday, you can play happy birthday, and that was just before you could even program it with anything besides, let's say maybe the pre-populated 12 or 14 songs from the factory, but now you can actually upload them digitally, which gives us a lot more flexibility. And in case you're wondering, I know some people here are wondering this the Google nest video doorbell. Okay. if you didn't know what the, the Google nest video doorbell was you can actually buy the Google nest video doorbell for right around $179 up to around $229, depending on which model you get. And so that's definitely going to be interesting for a lot of people now that, 

John C. Morley :(06:00)

can actually load their favorite song for the holidays for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, and all kinds of special occasions. So, kudos to Google and nest for doing, I think that's going to be a pretty amazing thing, especially on Halloween you know you ring the doorbells, like who goes there you know. I think that all kind of Sykes of people. What do you think Marcus? 
Well, you know a lot's been transpiring in the media of course, about the iPhone 13, and before I give you my review on that, the iPhone 13 had a bug unlock bug with the apple watch, but want to let you know that that's actually been fixed in beta. They have not released that version. So I'm presuming we're going to be getting a new version of the IOS for those of you that are on the 15,

John C. Morley :(07:00)

there’s going to be a new version coming up, but I guess they want to make sure there's no other bugs in there as well. So that'll be interesting. All those people spend a fortune on the phone and the watch and they can't unlock it. That's a, they call it a slight annoyance. I think it's a little more than an annoyance, but something else has been happening. 
And that is the fact that Facebook is actually starting to exploit kids on their play dates turning them into growth drivers. Now, I don't mean anything X-rated or anything like that. But what I do mean is that they're taking kids and learning about them and their environments and how they interact with others. And they're starting to use that to help them profit, to sell more types of services, and that's what Facebook is doing, and I got to tell you, I'm not in favor of this. I think it's really bad that they're doing this and

John C. Morley: (08:00)

They claim they're just doing it to help people. Well, the company's child research is, mostly motivated by the success of the apps, like tiktok and Snapchat to attract younger users. But I feel that this is not the right market to go after. 
First of all, I don't think these companies have the right to be exposing these kids to these situations so they can learn from them. Then, I mean, getting compensated, they don't even know what they're really doing. And these companies are making some Mondo bucks on there. And anytime you exploit kids to make money I think that's bad. I mean, there are things you can do that are for the benefit of the kid. And if it's going to bring the kids some value, great. But when you're just taking information to sell it to a third party that's bad. I mean, there's services like, you know picture services and things like that. That's not exploiting kids. That's, that's letting them have experience and 

John C. Morley :(09:00)

Letting them treasure that. But when you think about marketing using young kids in a child research project, that's a problem, children could be converted to Instagram and Facebook users down the road. 
I don't like that. I don't like that all and exploring play dates as a growth level, as I quote, not happy with that either. And you know, they're actually talking to kids that down into six age brackets, adults, late teens, 16 to maturity, 13 to15 and 10 to 12 year olds. Okay. But then five to nine year olds. I mean, come on guys, can somebody step in there and knock some sense in these people? What are they doing? They're exploiting youth. And these people don't even know

John C. Morley :(10:00)

that they're being abused in this way, all to help these big monster companies profit. I think that's despicable. And I think they might be getting themselves in trouble down the road. I possibly see some lawsuits happening because we're not even thinking about the way that this might actually affect a kid's mindset for the worst, for life, and what's gonna happen. 
Are they signing a release when they go there? I hope not. And I hope that release doesn't hold up in court because they should be really ashamed themselves for what they're doing and how they're learning about this data. So I'm not really happy about that. Well, if you thought it was fun getting the apple 13 max pro, which I am much of you guys heard last week, I spent over two hours trying to get online website, kept crashing in fact sites in, I believe it was in China were crashing when the 400 Million pre-orders were going in.

John C. Morley (11:00)

So lots of issues. I remember going to a, the big site with the V on. I'm sure other companies had a similar problem. And when I went to what the order and they kept telling me, no, you're not getting this color. No, you're not getting this garment but that's not the color I want. And the site was having like a, almost a 60 seconds delay. Absolutely terrible. But if you thought that was fun, well, you can now get it lined to purchase the PS 5 and Sony. Yeah. Both the disc based console and the digital edition. So that's a very, very interesting as a, you know, that released you know, basically not too long ago, actually, we learned about this just a couple of days ago and Sony has sold out of the Ps5 and the Ps5 digital editions as of the 28th of this week. They want to make sure to let you know when the next opportunity comes up.

John C. Morley (12:00)

 But I think they're doing a little bit worse of a job than apple, because at least I know that everyone that wanted to get one could get one, even though there are challenges and some people are still waiting for, for shipments. I mean, I know I got mine on the 24th, which was the first day you could get them and other ones are coming, you know, like within a week or two later. So they're doing a pretty good job, but this Sony update about the PS 5 and the PS 5 digital edition, I don't know. I really don't know this is gonna be probably a lot of people's holidays and Christmas lists, because if they want it for Christmas, they're gonna probably have to get it now. I mean, we're in October, October, November, November, I guess you better get in line. Now, if you want to get one or pay some extortionist price on one of that those sites with the ear or other sites, which I think is absolutely terrible, how they do that. Like the guy just about a year ago. I mean, the FBI did go after them for selling masks. 
John C. Morley (13:00)

I think it was five or seven times what he bought them for. He did that with cameras too. He bought these Logitech cameras for, I don't know, maybe a little 100 bucks. And he was selling them 5 or 7 times what he did that with the masks, the FBI broke in and raided their place and actually arrested him. Because I think that was absolutely terrible that somebody would do that. But there are people out there that do extortion. I think why the FBI stepped in is because what they did with the masks, that's why they got involved. It was affecting people that needed those things. So definitely, definitely, definitely a challenge. And as you're thinking about whether you want to get line or not, well, just figure out whether your son or daughter is going to be disappointed. If you don't have a PS 5 Sony for them on Christmas or the holidays that are coming up. Well, let's do some of our imaginations, shall we? let's think about just for one second.

 John C. Morley (14:00)

The possibility of a drone that's in your home that flies around when you're not home to monitor your house. Well thinks no more. This is the new ring, always home cam, and it's basically a little device. The drone is currently only available to those that apply and it's an invite only access. And it's going for about $250. So this was announced last year, Amazon's was going to announce that they're going to start selling the ring, always home cam and they started actually selling it on September 28th. But again, it's by invitation only alongside the new ring alarm pro the blink video doorbell and, and some other products that they have. So the ring drone is just the latest, Amazon's privacy puzzle box. 
John C. Morley (15:00)

 You know, and I have to tell you that I am not really pleased with this, what one person said, and I quote, I'd be more worried about the camera on your phone than I would be about a drone. Okay. I don't care where the camera is. I care about when it's accessed and the drone is just one of dozens of technology advancements, or derailments. I'm going to call it that could be exposing people's personal information to other people that maybe shouldn't have access to it, like bad actors that may want to Rob your home, learn about your styles, or maybe an explore your kids. So that's not a good thing. So I'm not really in favor of this, to be quite honest with you. You know, I like to be honest, and that's what I'm doing. Alright ladies and gentlemen, the moment has come the iPhone 13 pro max. 
John C. Morley(16:00)

So I got my iPhone 13 Pro max and I have to tell you that they incorporate a brand new feature in the 15th iOS version, but as a, a nuance with the new phone, which is what they marketed it with. I actually was able to turn on my old phone, which was on already and my new phone. And literally I was able to transfer my data from one phone to the other. I had a lot of data in under 15 minutes, it was pretty fast, Bluetooth to the Bluetooth, and I although transferred all my pictures and transferred all my websites, all my apps, everything came over beautifully. Do you know what didn't work? I'm going to tell you.  Well, what didn't work was one thing. And that one thing you guessed it for those who use two factor authentication, all of my two factor codes did not come over. 
John C. Morley (17:00)

I think apple must have some block to Microsoft proprietary storage, which I think is wrong. I think it should be able to include the backup, but they probably did it for security. So one thing that didn't happen. So you do have to go over to your two factor authentication app, go to the top over here, and you'll see where it says basically settings. And you'll see where it says backup, make sure it's on backup, iCloud backup, cloud backup. And then what you're able to do is you have the application on your phone and you're gonna click on recover; put your email in and your password. And then what it's going to do is want to verify that you, so it's going to send a code to the other device so that you can actually allow the login on the other device. So, one thing I want to encourage is make sure before you erase your phone, which only take seconds. 

John C. Morley (18:00)

 Make sure that you have all your data on the other phone, just because the icons are there doesn't mean you're safe and out of jail. You have to make sure the icons are there and they work. Another issue I found was one of my banking apps did not allow me to log in. It was not all of them. It was just one of them. And it was a regional bank. I was able to log in with my password, but my face recognition didn't work. 
I will tell you that my face recognition worked on the new phone right away after I, you know, because when I did the, the process, it actually built a brand new face profile and linked it to my password. So that's why that worked. Obviously, you know, the Bluetooth won't work for any type of Bluetooth devices, whether they are a headphones microphone or your car, like my car has a Bluetooth receivers and transmitters in it so that it can actually get music and play it like my iPhone music or other

John C. Morley (19:00)

data sound from the web that can play through my Bluetooth connection. So that, that had to be redone. That was pretty simple. And the other thing I have to say about it is the battery does get a little warm, not all the time, but it does get a little warm. And when I had the case off of it, I could feel it getting warm and sometimes not all the time may be out of the week, maybe two times out of the week. I felt this getting warm, not hot, but warm. And so I think apple needs to do a little better of a job on the battery system. I think that was rushed too much. So what I do like about the phone is it is much faster, much faster. I do wish that they would have gotten rid of the port that they have the lightning port and standardized to a USB-C because you're not really getting the full transfer rate.

John C. Morley (20:00)

 So not happy about that. The phone is liquid quick and when I go to, you know, a website and I scroll, it has a smoother scroll, which I think is really, really cool.  Now the phone, we measure things in what we call micro meters. So that's a µm. So one micro meter is equivalent to 1.6meters. So it's actually 1.0e- 6 meters. Now the primary 12 mega pixel sensor is a 1.9 µm or 1.9 and equivalent to the µm micrometers pixels and 26 millimeters equivalent, the f-stop on the camera as a 1.5 aperture lens. And the sensor will take you all the way down to 1.8,

John C. Morley (21:00)

You have dual pixel. it also goes from your regular focus to ultra wide, which I think is really cool. So you can be at, for macro photography, which is really neat. You have the telephoto 12-megapixel lens, 77 millimeters equivalent to an F 2.8 aperture, a lens 3d sensors definitely has the 4k technology at 24, 25, 30 and 60 frames per second and at the HDR it's a 25, 30 and 60 frames per second. So you have video recording now with the Dolby which is pretty good  and you have cinematic mode for recording videos, with shadow depth of field. You can change lots of different things. I'm not going to get into it, but you have so many more menus that you can get into.

John C. Morley (22:00)

 So for example, when I go into my camera right now, and I'm going to go down to my video and I was just let's see, I'm just going to like, pull the screen up just a little bit. I actually have, I can go from a half. I go to one time or three times zoom, which I think that's really nice, but let's go into photo mode for a second. And when I go into photo mode or I go into like, let's see, I'll go to my photo mode for a second here and I will swipe up and I have the ability ladies and gentlemen, when I swipe up, you will see that I actually have my flash. I have some forethought to change my proportion to swear for 3, 6 and 9. So some nice things just touch the 43 again, it goes away. I think it's a nice, I think they gave us some nice, some nice controls. Definitely good stuff. I think a lot of people may not welcome this just because

John C. Morley (23:00)

 they're not used to it. You have the ability to change like I said, the focus you could change the mode you're in, the flash, which we've had before. That's no surprise, but you can also change as a wheel and you can change the level on the wheel for the light exposure.  So you have a lot of pluses here ladies and gentlemen that make this phone pretty, pretty interesting. I mean, I could tell you for being a phone the camera is if I had to give everything on this phone or a view, I don't give things a 10. I give the camera about a 9.5, because I believe that this camera is a lot more superior than the older camera. Now, what do I say that? Well, the camera, when you take pictures of it, they're more crisp, the details are better. Okay. It's a better camera. And when you're taking things in night mode, it's better. I actually find that it takes less time to take the photo.

John C. Morley (24:00)

 So when you use macro photography and all the switches from ultra wide when you get close to an object from wide to ultra-wide, and you have the 815 bionic processors. So it was a four cores on the I phone 12. And on the iPhone 13, you have the five course. So you can breeze through your entire day without ever needing to charge your battery, which I got to tell you is probably one of the best things that I like about this phone the most. So in portrait mode, I have something called natural light. I can change the light. I can go natural. I can go studio. I can go contour. I can go stage. I can go stage like mono, or I could go stage, I could go with the end, which is highlight mono. So nice flexibility options. They definitely give us a lot of things. Of course you have the piano, which you've had before, but I got to tell you the camera on this is pretty remarkable.

John C. Morley (25:00)

Now, when you're on a zoom call or video conference call, it actually helps to keep you in frame. The other thing I like about this is that the body of the phone, because, you know, everybody's phone like, oh, I gotta buy another case really seriously. My phone, I was so happy to learn that it actually fits inside the same case that I had before. So that was great. That saved me a $100. So I was very happy about that. So you do not get the plug Apple's trying to, they claim quote unquote, be environmentally friendly. You do get the you do get a chord in the box. You do get that. And you know, so you're able to, you're able to use the chord. It's just a standard to USB. It's not the USB-C which those you have to buy extra. So you know, all in all I love the way it was packaged. If you didn't see the unboxing go to  , go to shows, 

John C. Morley (26:00)

Social shows go to JMOR unboxings. And you'll get to see my first impressions of the phone. If I have to give this phone a number, which I really hate to do, I got to give it about a 9.5, which is pretty good for me. The upgradability was seamless. I mean, it really was very, very easy. The pictures came over so easily, not just the ones that is on the phone, the ones that were stored. So that worked really, really nicely for me. They have some other modes. Now they have the share with you feature where it can look for different things in different places, not just in one place. So I like that feature the other nice thing about the phone, which was great. It came with plenty of charge in it.  So I was able to transfer my one phone to the other and not have to worry about it dying. That happened on another phone where they didn't give you enough chart. So kudos to apple for, you know, making sure the battery was.

John C. Morley (27:00)

 It was probably over 50% charged or a 100% charged, but it was probably almost about 50% charged. So I was pleased to hear that and you know, all in all, I think the best thing I like about is if you hold the power button down, I turn off the phone just to show you, I'm gonna turn off the phone right now. Okay. The phone is off. Okay. Now I'll just give it a second or two. And if I go ahead and I touch the button, which will take a second to see her on camera might take a second to be off. I'm gonna touch the power button here. We'll give it a second time. Sometimes we turn it off. It takes a second to come back on. I'm going to touch the power button. There might take a second to come back on. So I'll hold the power button down. There it is. It's on. So it's on. And now watch how fast this phone loads. There's the apple. Okay. 

John C. Morley (28:00)

And it's going through, it's a little pace, which, and we're loaded already. That was under 20 seconds. That's sick. So this bionic processor makes the phone a lot more intelligent when I did play 3D games on it. Wow. It blew me away. You're able to switch from apps, from screens. Really nice phone. The weight doesn't seem that much different than my old phone. There was one little issue that I came across and I think it might be an issue there's with my case. When I hit this button here, I was able to turn the notch for the phone off. But then when I did again, it didn't come back on. So it might just be that my cases getting old, I really didn't want to spend money on a brand new case because this case works fine. And I was hoping I could save. It's just, it's a Life Proof case and also I don't like to change it because then I'd have to take this thing off and have to get another one.

John C. Morley (29:00)

 And you can't wait to take these off to be you have to buy another one and then pop that on. So really want to keep my case. I think the plastic mechanism here might get broken, so that could be, it might not align properly, but all in all I have to tell you that I am very pleased with not only the presentation of the phone, um, they gave you a nice little plastic, which you can see from my video, how I unpeeled the phone. Camera very, very easy to use. I mean, you know, with the cinematic mode, you can take a picture of, let's say if there's two people or there's a dog here and a dog behind it'll automatically kind of blur out the one in the back. So it puts focus on the one, the front. So all this phone, if you're on the fence about this phone, I know it may be a lot for some, but here's the thing, ladies and gentlemen, it's definitely worth it because even when I go to, let's say, 

John C. Morley (30:00)

I'm going to go to my Wi-Fi right now. I'm just gonna show, and I'm connected in the office here to my Wi-Fi. I'm going to go to my speed test, which I've gone to before .  And that's going to basically take me to a site. Okay. So I'll go to my speed test here. And so I think what a lot of people are gonna appreciate about this phone is that it's just liquid fast. I'm gonna hit go right now. All right. And it's going to take a second or two. I'm pulling in some pretty fast speed with this. Okay. I'm on this thing right now.  You know, I'm pulling in speeds at the top of the limit and I think that's pretty amazing that just unregularly. But now if I go to Wi-Fi, okay, I'm going to go to my Wi-Fi. So we're getting in the, in the, let's say the, the broadband provider right around 25, 35, which is very, very decent.

John C. Morley (31:00)

 Okay. For, for a Wi-Fi provider, Right. That's, that's what it's about, but let's go now and check the speed test with us in house network. And we're zooming. I mean, we're getting little over a hundred. Okay. And the reason we're getting that is because the access points in the other room and I'm in another office, but none of them in front of it, this thing's going to probably jump probably over four or 500. So lots of flexibility, lots of power. I love the way you can switch around. You can move around. There are some other things that's nice about it. When you think about, you know, perspective of the screen and how you can move, I don't seem to get stuck anymore, when I press buttons. I talked to a few of my friends and they had issues when they run some screens. The only time, I believe that I got stuck.

John C. Morley (32:00)

 I was actually in Facebook and I'm sending a message and the screen got stuck. And so I had to close the app, come back down, and then it seemed to work. But that was the only time. So I know there is a little bit of a bug, but it's not that much that I would worry about it because it only happened to me once. And now, I've owned the phone over 20, well, more than 24 hours. I've owned the phone. I'd say a week easily. Because I got the phone last Friday. So, you know in another couple of minutes I'll be owning the phone, you know, well over well over a week. And I would say that if you're on the fence about this phone, this phone is not for someone that's just going to, if you're just going to talk on the phone, this isn't for you.

John C. Morley (33:00)

 If you want to explore data, you want to do things like virtual reality and you want to harness the power of data. Oh my gosh, this is the phone for you. If you want to do a QR code scanning, this thing scan the QR codes so fast. The other phone was still thinking about it, even though it was an I phone 12. Okay. And again, it was the 12 Pro max and I have the 13 Pro max one at four cores to set five course. I love the fact that I don't have to charge my phone in the middle of my day. I mean, my phone is just at half right now and we're into 7 o'clock and I've been using the phone since about 7 o'clock in the morning. That's not too bad ladies and gentlemen. So I think if you're trying to think about, you know, does it make sense to get the iPhone 13 Pro Max you have to ask yourself, are you a data user? Are you going to be surfing the web? Are you going to be using QR codes?

John C. Morley (34:00)

Do you want to check your email? Right? Do you want to do things like that? one of the things I want to share with you is that it brought over all my corporate email accounts. It did one thing. I didn't like it didn't preserve my setting, which was to delete mail when, I empty it from trash. And I actually discovered that about three or four days. Then when I had several thousand, it wasn't like, why do I have several thousand emails? And I let them like oh here's what happened when it did the upgrade. It did not check the box option to delete when I empty from trash. So that was a little annoying. And that took me about an hour or so to delete a lot of those superfluous messages, because they were all coming in double. Because it never told our server that they were actually gone. Now, if you're using IMAP you don't have to worry about that. But I like to work with copies of messages. I like that. And I'm tracking how they come in and stuff like that, but all in all nice phone, you know, again, very flexible phone

John C. Morley (35:00)

settings are just very easy. They made the screens very user-friendly okay. Now, not that it changed much from where it was before, but what did it do? Well, they made the phone powerful. And in doing that, I believe they took away a lot of the user's frustration in owning my own past iPhone 12 Pro max there was sometimes I got frustrated with it. I’d be turning off the phone because something froze. This phone only froze one time in a week. Now I'm going to let you know, after a month, what I think about it. But right now I'm giving it a 9.5 and I'm very happy to give it a 9.5 because I think apple did a great job with the, with the camera, definitely a great job with, you know, the back camera. And I also feel that although they tried with the battery,

John C. Morley (36:00)

 I mean, that was good. I just feel they needed to put more time into the conductance and how the heat sinks were dissipating. You know, the power of the battery. I think that really could have been handled a little bit better. So I felt that was kind of rushed to be quite frank and quite honest with you, you know, but everything works on it.  And when I touch stuff, everything from my air print to, you know, connecting with networks it just works late. And gentlemen, I mean, it works so well when I connect to a network it's like seconds. My other phone wasn't quite that fast, even though it was a very new phone. Oh, what else I love with it about it is that I use the personal hotspot a lot and I have unlimited data with my carrier. And so when I turn on the personal hotspot, the data just works. It works so well.

John C. Morley (37:00)

 And other phones that I did that with, I found that that function was crippling the phone. But now that it has the five cores, I really believe that that is giving this phone like a whole other lifelike that it's able to do so many more things. And I can't say enough about it using Instagram and moving between just very easy, very simple. The screens are so fluid. So when I switched from one account to another account, I'll just touch my bottom here and I can pick my account. And once I do that, I mean, I'm literally in the account in seconds. I mean, that, that is just that's amazing. There was no delay and that’s what I think people want. So if you want a phone, that's gonna be reliable for you and you're in business. Okay. If you're just using one for homes,

John C. Morley (38:00)

 probably not going to matter much, but if you're somebody who wants to, if you're an avid gamer, if you're somebody who wants to do a lot of social media, if you're somebody that may be wants to send emails, maybe you're doing slack. Like we do a lot of slacking one of the apps, maybe you're doing Skyping or zooming or anything like that.  It just works, guys. It does not freeze. And so that's another reason I like it. So is that worth spending more money for a phone in my eyes? Yes, it is. Because the amount of time that I would take, because I'm frustrated, because it doesn't work would aggravate me. Right. And now that I got a phone that actually has the power, think of it like more horsepower, that's what that chip did. It gave it more horsepower. So you can do all the things that you tried to do in the past, but you just couldn't do them. Right. I'm sure you've, I'm sure you've heard of that before in the past. Right.

John C. Morley (39:00)

 But let's take a look at some other things because I know owning the iPhone 13 pro max is something people are still on the fence about, so let's look at a couple of things like specifically.  So one thing I want to tell you is the iPhone 13 pro, as I said, starts at just under a thousand dollars, $999. And the 13 pro max is that starts at $1099. Okay. So you have the option now to get one terabyte of storage on the iPhone and the extra storage pushes the price of the phone. You got it, ladies and gentlemen 4 hundred it actually, it actually pushes it up $400. That's a big jump. I know I got the 256, but that's a huge, huge jump. Okay. Do you really need that? Probably not. And if you do decide to get you know, the phone the iPhone 13 pros, $400 more,

John C. Morley (40:00)

 And if you have the I 13 pro max its $500 more not worth it. No, that's, that's not worth it. So the iPhone 13 pro, the notch is 20% smaller on the top.  So that was nice, but there is still a notch so that doesn't annoy some people. It doesn't really bother me too much. The promotion on the iPhone 13 pro is really to die for. It has a 6.1-inch screen and a 13 Pro max 6.7 inch one as well. That's a different size. So 6.1 on the 30 pro max is 6.7 inch. So in everyday use of the screens are a little bit brighter. I've noticed they're easier to see, and the display have what apple now refers to is promotion, which just means that the iPhone for the first time ever supports a high refresh rate.

John C. Morley (41:00)

And depending on, you know, what you have on your screen refresh rate can switch between 10 Hertz and 120 Hertz. So the approach is very similar to the way Samsung took their galaxy S21 ultra and the screen looks very stellar. So that's kind of where that came from. The iPhone 13 pro has a longer telephoto camera, the main camera has a new sensor and it has a faster, F1.5 aperture lens, which basically equals improved light gathering while we're taking pictures or video, the ultra-wide has a new auto focus sensor and the lens that also improves light gathering. So the telephoto camera gets a new sensor and the lens with a longer three times optical zoom. I think that was cool that they did that. That's really cool. So the iPhone pro

John C. Morley (42:00)

does definitely produce brighter photos so that I can tell you without a doubt hands-on I understand. And as I said, the night mode is definitely better as it's faster, which then you have to hold the phone a little bit steady during that time. And there's just a lot of great features, but if you take pictures of food or you take pictures of a building, you're going to see a lot more vitality in the pictures, sharpness, clarity, detail.  Okay. I think what a lot of people are on the fence about is, you know, is it worth the money? And I will tell you this it's worth the money to go to an I phone 13 pro or pro max. If you need that for 120 to 56 to go above that, I think you're wasting your money. I mean, do you really need a phone?

John C. Morley (43:00)

 That's that large? I mean, half the time. I mean, I know I take my photos off all the time and I store them on secondary storage. So I have to say it definitely was innovative. Okay. I would have liked if they could have sent us the USB-C cable, which would have been nice to the box. Also, what I would like to see is when you have a phone like this, that you have the ability on chargers to charge it by the pieces, because let's face it. I put this on you, this Life Lock thing and this is great because it just goes right on my belt. I clip it. And then once I clip it, that sucker's never coming out unless I unlatch it. So that's really, really great. Well, ladies and gentlemen, I hope you have enjoyed tonight's episode, we had lost to share with you, Marcus great to be with you and see you again. And we got some great stuff. We have our audio show as you know, tomorrow on Saturday. 

John C. Morley (44:00)

And I remember ladies’ gentlemen, if you are looking to become a guest on the JMOR tech talk show, go to , click on, reach out, you'll see the icon “Apply to become a guest”, fill out the appropriate information. It's all automated, and our system will get you scheduled for a vetting interview. If it makes sense with our producers, and then we'll sketch up for time to be on the show. I hope you've enjoyed the show. Ladies and gentlemen, I am John C. Morley, serial entrepreneur. You know what always gives me great pride, great pleasure and extreme honor to be with you every single day that I'm online and as well when I'm here with my special audience every Friday night, right here, 5:30 PM Eastern time and also 3:00 PM. When we get replayed to prince the community TV. We're very grateful for Princeton and their community for broadcasting our program and allowing us to share the knowledge out to so many other people. I hope that you enjoy the rest of your weekend.


John C. Morley (45:00)

 I hope that you do something fun now that we are out of summer and we are first day of October. So pretty soon we'll be saying Thanks Giving is coming.  So if you know that Halloween is coming, which it is, and about 30 days and you have one of these ring doorbells where you want to go buy one of them, that The Nest ring doorbell you now can customize it with sounds like a monster mash or other songs. And, give people scare when they ring your doorbell. You know what I'd like to see? I'd like to see the doorbell have tiny increments so that if it's a certain day and time it could place or messages, like maybe they could have three. Maybe they could do one for 7 days and they could have one, like even set one for the morning, one for the afternoon, one for the evening may have one for the night and then maybe have the ability to, to have a different one on weekends. I would like to see that.

John C. Morley (46:00)

 Well, ladies and gentlemen, it has been a pleasure being with you. I guess we have to say goodbye, Marcus. Right? All right. Goodbye, everyone. Have yourself a wonderful weekend and I'll be back here. Yes. Next Friday. That'll be on October again, October 8th, have yourself a wonderful week and check out my iPhone 13 Pro max first impression at  under social shows and unboxings. And I think you'll find it quite interesting. Take care everyone has a great weekend.




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