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Radio show date 12-24-2021

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John C. Morley: (00:00)

 JMOR tech talk show. Where we answer, questions about technology, explain the way they should work and why they don't sometimes. Well, Hey everybody. It is John C. Morley serial entrepreneur here and welcomes once again to another fine episode of the JMOR tech talk show and welcomes Marcus. I can't believe it is Christmas Eve. For those of you who are celebrating Christmas, we made it through yet almost another year.

Marcus Heart: (00:30)

 Yeah. We are out here, season’s greetings to everyone.

 John C. Morley: (00:34)

 Season’s greetings, Feliz Navida, Nav. Bona Na tal it's a lot of other ones, right? 

Marcus Heart: (00:43)

 yeah, there's a lot of them out there. 

John C. Morley: (00:45)

 Happy Kwanza, happy Hanukah, which that I think was a while ago anyway. But yeah we going to be celebrating pretty soon. I think we have our first anniversary coming up pretty soon.


 Marcus Heart: (00:59)

 Yeah. Two months,

John C. Morley: (01:02)

 So a lot of good things happening. Well, I want to take this opportunity to thank Hot Take podcasts, a radio show for being a sponsor of ours. We're very grateful for that. And incidentally, you can find them on Spotify and again, that's Hot Take podcast radio show, and you can find them right on Spotify. So why not check them out after our show and of course another sponsor we want to thank Arukah Holistic Life Academy. We'll learn a little more about them later, but they empower people to become healers of their home and their community. We'll learn more about them a little bit later in the program. Well, friends, we are at the holiday time and I think what everybody probably wants to know, even though it's probably a little late because it's Christmas Eve, the 23 hottest cool gadgets. You could still get them after Christmas. I don't think they going to be in the store though. 

Marcus Heart: (02:08)

 yeah, that's nothing. They only mean the store. Forget about it. 

John C. Morley: (02:10)

 The Novo drone it's a $99 drone. It's supposedly one of the greatest inventions from 2021 and it's only a hundred bucks. I have to say that when you get these drones and they're only a hundred bucks, like the one I bought was 6-700. You get what you pay for in these things. They're not made very substantially, the less money you pay, they just don't seem to hold up. Another big item this year has been miracle sheets and they'd probably say what the heck is a miracle sheet. Well, it's a new type of antibacterial sheet that keeps you clean and cool. And so I mean, people will pay for anything, won't they Marcus. 


 Marcus Heart: (02:59)

 Yeah, they will John. You know you'll be surprised here. You know, people getting pretty creative with gift-giving nowadays too.


 John C. Morley: (03:04)

 So it's going to keep you free from bacteria, supposedly 99%. It's going to keep you nice and cool. And the luxury hotel chains and air and breakfast are quickly jumping on board now as they're reporting more five-star reviews as a result of this. So peers that if you're going to get this in a five-star hotel that maybe you may want to get this for yourself at home.


 Marcus Heart: (03:34)

 Yeah. So, just because you saw it in the five stars, you got to have it at home. 


 John C. Morley: (03:39)

 You got to have it at home. The star scope is binocular, nothing is too far. You can see it as if it is next to you. And when you view parks or different things, you can't see everything. Everything looks like a tiny bug. Well not anymore with the star scope binocular, you will create completely new experiences for yourself for outdoor adventures and you'll be able to see those things. The photo stick Omni has been getting a lot of reviews to find and protect all your photographic moments in one click. So the problem with computers is they can get viruses. They can wipe out all your memories and things like that. The photo sticks Omni, it takes your information and protects it in minutes. So we've seen stuff like that before. I don't know if that's going to stay on a trend, the heater heat up your room in minutes and save a hundred dollars and electricity bills. I don't know if I agree with that.


 Marcus Heart: (04:48)

 No, I don't think so either. 


 John C. Morley: (04:52)

 So, some trends and then there's another one that's been it's called snow.


 Marcus Heart: (05:05)

So is it the opposite of that one?


 John C. Morley: (05:08)

 This is a concocted device. I don't think I'd want to use this though. You're wired, you plug it in and then you put it in your mouth.


 Marcus Heart: (05:20)

 Oh, man. 


 John C. Morley: (05:24)

 Yeah, you get not noticeably whiter teeth in nine minutes. I don't like the idea of plugging something in and putting it in my mouth.


 Marcus Heart: (05:31)

 No, it, it sounds weird. You know, all the time it’s not safe.


 John C. Morley: (05:37)

 On my face is one thing but not in my mouth. Like that's just like the new boo eco-friendly body toxin removal system. So you put them on your feet at night and supposedly in the morning you take them off and all that junk from your body has accumulated onto the pads. The Kailo futuristic patch, that uses nanotech to relieve your pain. Broly automatic toothbrush sterilizer.

 Really? Seriously? 

That protects your mouth from millions of toilet germs.

I don’t know.


 John C. Morley: (06:18)

 Bliss sleep, sleep on silk for better sleep skin and hair. So that's a new type of silk pillow supposed to be nice and comfortable.

Peeps, molecular technology to clean dirty glasses. That seems pretty interesting because I know I wear my sunglasses and I'm always putting them under, the faucet, but I learned something the other day, you know, for years I was putting them under the faucet using hot water or Luke warm water and the eye doctor's like, you know John, you really should be using them. We should be using soap. You don't clean your car with just water. You don't just clean your body with just water. It's like, yeah, that's a good point. So I guess I should start using soap when I clean my glasses. 


 John C. Morley: (07:25)

 The peppy pep ball, the smart ball that keeps your dog engaged, entertained. And I don't know they claim keeps some happy. It's a toy ball made of a tear resistive material meant to withstand lots of chewing while keeping your dog entertained and engaged for hours. And its smart programming technology moves the ball in a randomized pattern. So it's not just a ball. There are built-in motion sensors hidden inside that activate anytime your dog touches it instantly starting a game of automated fetch. That's pretty interesting.


 Marcus Heart: (08:02)

 That is that's pretty cool. You know seems like you're getting kind of lazy though with not engaging with a dog.


 John C. Morley: (08:08)

 And it's a smart programming technology that moves the ball in randomized patterns and it means the ball will bounce and roll in a variety of different directions and keep your dog guessing on what the next move will be. So we don't need people to entertain our dogs. 


 Marcus Heart: (08:24)

 No, you don't.



 John C. Morley: (08:24)

 The go donut, it's a device that stands to rule them all. The go donut is the world's most portable universal stand for phones and tablets. They call it the go donut and I guess they're Aa reason they call it. The go donut is it looks like a donut. Weird name, but I understand where it comes from.

Through ice headache relief hat. The kind of This look of funky. You put it around your whole face. You leave your nose and your mouth open, but it kind of shuts out all viewing area to your eyes. Just leave the area for your nose and your mouth open.


 Marcus Heart: (09:08)



 John C. Morley: (09:10)

 Yeah. I guess you put that on when you go to sleep. I wouldn't put that walking around.


 Marcus Heart: (09:16)

 No look ridiculous. 


 John C. Morley: (09:20)

 Yeah, so it says it works on all types of headaches. It stays cold 10 times longer than a wet cloth. 


 Marcus Heart: (09:27)

 I may have to put that one to the test because I get quite frequent headaches. So yeah,


 John C. Morley: (09:32)

 I had one this morning, Marcus, so I was doing fine, but I get my allergy sometimes and it's very rare, but I had one this morning. I was up basically, oh gosh, starting at three o'clock. I could not get back to bed. I just had this pounding in my left jaw and finally, once my brain started to think I could get up and I decided to take to Advil, which helped, but my brain wasn't thinking about taking Advil. Like I don’t know for whatever reason you don't think about it. So that was interesting. But that took a while for that to go away. And I think because of the cold and things like that, I think that's where it comes from, the first time I hear somebody's like, oh my gosh, is it COVID? No, it's not. COVID it’s just relaxed. It's just a headache.


 Marcus Heart: (10:27)

 Season changes and being on the east coast, you get these things,


 John C. Morley: (10:33)

 Eco tune is out, reduce your gas consumption by up to 35%, they say it's no secret that gas prices seem to be ever rising. And a full tank just doesn't go as far as it used to. So don't deny it. Because everybody dreads the trip to the money-eating gas pump for 57, 87, or more. Eco tune will help you fight rising gas prices by lowering your fuel consumption, eco tune works by remapping your cars. This is interesting. ECU engine control unit, which can significantly lower your car's fuel consumption. Spend less money on gas and less time at the pump within just one month of driving with this fuel-saving chip. That's interesting.


 Marcus Heart: (11:21)

 That is.


 John C. Morley: (11:24)

 So that means that your car is designed to waste money. I have to give that a try. I don't know that's an interesting thing. 

Sudol relief muscle pain, the easiest way. So if you sit at a desk it soothes you in a combination of cutting-edge massage techniques to stimulate your muscles and release tension in just 10 minutes. It uses infrared heat, massage modes, and electro-frequency stimulation. Not terrible, not bad. 

The Mu Mama unit poly clock with a touch of a button, 43 languages in your pocket. To remove barriers when you travel and you can communicate with other business people who work in other places, especially around the holiday. Just ask a question and ask Mu Mama to translate it for you, but doesn't Google do that? 


 Marcus Heart: (12:36)

 Yeah. Google does, they do it for free.


 John C. Morley: (12:40)

 Yeah, it does it for free. So I don't know like this is another interesting one for ladies, but it could be for gentlemen too, the original defense siren, the personal alarms saving millions of lives. So every day people find themselves in dangerous situations, unfortunately, crimes rising. And despite the lockdowns that we saw back in 2020 when they started clamping down on that, the slow easing of restrictions elsewhere in 2021 is making this a problem for citizens every day. So the original defense siren is like a shield. It protects you and your loved ones from harm. Now, more than ever, it's better to be safe than sorry. The siren is widely considered to be the best self-defense product for men, women, and shields of all ages, unlike pepper spray or knives because that could harm somebody, a siren will just incapacitate them, but not permanently damage them. Snapshot, selfie stand, does it, and be free. So it's a stand, you put your phone in and it pivots very similarly to like a gimbal the only problem with these stands and these gimbals is they don't work with your typical case. You have to take them out of your case.


 Marcus Heart: (14:06)

 And you have to find one that will allow you to either video record hands-free.


 John C. Morley: (14:12)

 Exactly. They need to come out with that. At number four, air physio naturally improves your breathing and your life. As they say, you're looking for a way to strengthen your respiratory muscles and maximize your lung function. 

Once you just go outside and take a breath. I mean just like go take a walk. Yeah. And just inhale.


 Marcus Heart: (14:39)

 Yeah. Its that still free.


 John C. Morley: (14:40)

 Yeah. Or go work out, get some weights. So air physio is a patent (of course it's patented). It's certified FDA class two. It's a medical device and allows you to breathe easy again by oscillating positive expiratory pressure. When you exhale through the device, a positive pressure is creating your lungs, which loosens mucus from the airway walls. So you can cough it out naturally to breathe easy again. I don't like that. 


 Marcus Heart: (15:15)

 Yeah. Again, this is just another one of these ways to make people lazy.


 John C. Morley: (15:23)

 The core scales coming in at number three are revolutionary new scales to look inside your body. That sounds interesting. So you typically know your body weight, but what's happening inside your body is still not known. And most diet regimes do not have information. You need to ensure you're doing everything right. So the core scale with patented bioelectric, impedance is doing a BMI. We've had BMI scales for a while. Can see your BMI, body, fat muscle mass water weighting more and you'll know your body is responding in real-time diet and exercise. That doesn't sound like that's anything great. We've had BMI skills for years.


 Marcus Heart: (16:05)

 Yeah. That's not really.


 John C. Morley: (16:07)

 The Solo comes at number two, the number one rated solar power bank. So you plug the, So vote into your phone and WAMO, you can now have a portable battery that charges your phone with the solar cells. So standard power banks are always gambling as you know. Did I change it? Did the battery wear out you always seem to be, spending more time with these power cells, and sadly they never work when you need them?


 Marcus Heart: (16:46)

 No, they seem to die faster than your phone.


 John C. Morley: (16:49)

 Right, Solo eliminates all of that and leaves the bulky battery behind, and enjoys a little charge source from the power of the sun. Interesting, I'll have to try that out. And the one coming in at number one is the sleep connection. Stop snoring, anti-snoring wristband. They say that snoring could break up the couple. So this is designed to keep marriages intact. And unfortunately, it's something that many couples face, but nobody wants to discuss it. Stay of the art technology stops snoring, is comfortable to wear, adjustable to fit extremely effectively, and highly affordable. So what it's doing is it's kind of giving you a little bit of a zap. They don't tell you that, but that's what it's doing.


 Marcus Heart: (17:50)

 So, who's doing Zap?


 John C. Morley: (17:51)

 The system does. Okay. Right. I thought you wear this, you wear this wrist strap and it, when you snore, it just automatically kind of interrupts your pattern.


 John C. Morley: (18:06)

 And it's related to another one called the Du-do you know the Du-do these names. Best night's sleep you'll ever have. Do you have trouble sleeping at night? Why don't you go take a walk before you go to bed? How about that? Or lift some weights. So the Du-do, it's trademarked. Don't go into any expensive medication or unhealthy regimens. When you can use this natural device to help you fall asleep right away. The Du-do it's a metronome, scientifically designed to combine yoga, meditation, and behavioral therapy to allow you into sleep while keeping it safe and effortless in less than eight minutes. Another one that's been interesting coming up is the battery vault. Some people that wanted to buy that when you have all these batteries, it's nice to have a place. You could put them somewhere. There is a place you could test as well, which stores 180 batteries of different sizes. I think that's a great idea. 


 Marcus Heart: (19:17)

 Yeah. That's very different.


 John C. Morley: (19:21)

 FIXD, we all have cars and we have problems with them and we usually get ripped off and we go to the dealers. So car problems are kind of common. And there's something more common, which is people are getting ripped off every day. So with FIXD, you just plug FIXD in FIXD links to your phone. So basically there's a spot in your car, you plug it into, which is where the diagnostic utility gets plugged into. So you just plugged that in, and it connects to your phone cure to 7,000 potential issues with your car in real-time.


 Marcus Heart: (19:57)

 Ooh. You know, that's very useful there.


 John C. Morley: (19:59)

 That seems pretty interesting. So those are, the top picks and the other big one that a lot of people are buying is Bondic fix everything without ever needing super glue. It comes with a little brush and it has a little light to cure it. They're using it on wires and lots of other stuff. So you know, by this time, if you haven't gotten your gifts well, it's probably too late, but and the other big one is barks buddy, a device that stops annoying dogs from annoying you, the dog barking that you see around may be driving you crazy, just press barks buddy once and the dog will stop barking. I think what it does is it sends a signal to their ear that they can't stand.


 Marcus Heart: (21:18)

 The real high pitch is always,


 John C. Morley: (21:20)

 That seems very inhumane though.


 Marcus Heart: (21:22)

 It does. I don't think I agree with that.


 John C. Morley: (21:28)

 So there're a lot of great gifts coming out, as we were saying that you can go get them after the holidays if you were not fortunate enough to get one of those from one of your family members or friends. 

There's something called the digital companion. It's what I like to call it. It's Moxy. So Moxy is a digital companion. It's supposed to be great for kids. And Moxy is a personal digital companion to help inspire growth learning and education. One of the things Moxy does is, they have a program in there and one of the programs they say, let's try something different today. Let's try writing down all the things that make us happy. How about that?


 Marcus Heart: (22:22)

 That's cool.


 John C. Morley: (22:24)

 So definitely pretty cool. It was 9 99 99. It's now just 7 99 99. That's perfect. But you know the digital companion could do a lot of great stuff for kids. It's the next generation AI robot that complements traditional therapy and supports social, emotional development in kids through play. It's ideal for kids 5 to 10. So Moxy does things like, ask you to draw pictures. Instead of Moxy reading you a story says, would you read me a story?


 Marcus Heart: (23:09)

 There you go.


 John C. Morley: (23:12)

 But you know, Marcus, when we're thinking about all these things, you know what I'm going to tell you finding the right gift may not be the only challenge that you probably had this holiday season, but instead the fact that you might be opening Pandora's box to security challenges.


 Marcus Heart: (23:31)

 Oh Yeah.


 John C. Morley: (23:31)

 Because they're connected to the worldwide internet and we don't know if these products are made to a standard. We don't know that, but this product is something that they claim is good. I just don't know how well the security on it is. We've already seen what happens with other devices where people can take them over. They claim that can't happen. So Moxy comes with basically a set of workbooks and they're called mission books. And these mission books are designed to develop the social and emotional development of kids. Interesting little product just under a thousand dollars but we have to be careful that when we hook these things up, we know what's going on.


 Marcus Heart: (24:47)

 Yeah, we do.


 John C. Morley: (24:50)

 And you know, speaking about things going on, I want to take this opportunity right now to thank our sponsor 


 John C. Morley: (25:05)

 Arukah holistic life academy and health coach certification. So Arukah, that's What they do is empower people to become the healers of their home and their community by equipping them with naturopathic herb health coaching and online business and marketing skills. So something pretty much for everyone you can go to their website and they have a free mini-course. So if you go to, you will see there's a little thing on the website that says free mini-course and virtual open house, you can click right on that and you can start exploring and improving your life by getting some of the coachings that you need to become a better version of yourself. Again, we do thank them for their sponsorship. And we ask to take a look at them after the show and see if there's something that might be something to help you, maybe something you're missing that could help you achieve those goals that you've been struggling with. And you know, when we think about tech, tech has just evolved so very much, but when I said to you about. is your Christmas present spying on you? That's a problem.


 Marcus Heart: (26:39)

 Oh, man. We never thought in years we were hearing something like that.


 John C. Morley: (26:44)

 I mean, somebody buys it to you as a gift, and then it could be a security nightmare. So buying a holiday gift is a bit of a gamble because it's possibly going to reveal sensitive information about you and your life to a stranger.


 Marcus Heart: (27:04)



 John C. Morley: (27:06)

 And people say that you know, these manufacturers are not concerned about people's well beings, but a new trend in California seems to speak differently saying that their paramount reason is to make sure that there is extensive data protection. I don't know. Talk is cheap.


 Marcus Heart: (27:37)



 John C. Morley: (27:39)

 And it's like, nothing happens until something happens when something happens. And it's like, that's usually what happens, Marcus. We don't have a problem until we have a problem.


 Marcus Heart: (27:50)

 Exactly. You know, until the lawsuits come.


 John C. Morley: (27:53)

 The lawsuits come and they just keep pouring in and then people are like, oh, I just bought this product. And now you bought, and you have to realize, I wonder what kind of a document you sign when you open that, you know what I'm saying? If there is some kind of disclaimer.


 Marcus Heart: (28:15)

 Yeah. A lot of times those are not explained either, even when you get them.


 John C. Morley: (28:21)

 Well, they're very cryptic, that's the problem they're extremely and nobody knows what they're doing or what they're not doing. I think that's our issue, but people just need to be cognizant of what's going on. So 2022 is just around the corner. What are we going to see in 2022 in the tech world? Well, I've told you we're going to see more wearable systems, not just things that monitor your body and systems but also things that will deliver medicine, as well as things that claim to stimulate different parts of your body to relieve pain.


 John C. Morley: (29:14)

 So wearable systems, smartphones, cameras, more games, more integration, automobiles, cloud servers, and with that we have more chances of risk for privacy. We have something called X scale supercomputer. So we're going to be seeing more of that because the problem is when we talk about cloud and we talk about artificial intelligence, most people don't realize this but the infrastructure to run artificial intelligence is massive. So that's why they rent space. A lot of these companies like even Moxi they probably rent space on a cloud. That's not their infrastructure so that could be a slight problem.


John C. Morley: (30:03)

 And Silicon photo tonics will be a fundamental technology to address bandwidth latency and energy challenges in the fabric of high-end systems. So that's a new one, Silicon photo tonics say that works fast five times. But when we think about it, it's SI pH it's a material platform from which photonic integrated circuits can be made, and it uses silicone as the main fabrication element. So they're claiming that by doing this, there'll be less loss and because it's a better conductor we will have higher speeds. But the real advantage of them is that they're just like normal computer chips but with the pattern, silicone to transmit data-carrying laser signals. So this is going to open up a whole new avenue because as we start getting into artificial intelligence, we are going to have challenges on where we're going to be able to get these resources that are going to be a serious problem.


 John C. Morley: (31:25)

 So when we talk about X scale and stuff like that, and again, this isn't for the everyday consumer or business owner, but companies that want to take advantage of artificial intelligence are going to start using one of these platforms and we're already seeing it with Facebook and meta and things like that. And you know, and now they're starting to do more investigations into apple for things that went wrong, so with the labor dispute. By the way, they also announced that they have changed their policy of indefinitely returning to work in the workplace. So Marcus it just seems like it's a great big game. Nobody knows anything.


 Marcus Heart: (32:18)

 Yeah, nobody does.


 John C. Morley: (32:21)

 But the next era of supercomputing will be called X scale computers and X scale computers are a new approach to computing with the HPE Cray X scale. So it's a software as a service, that's hardware is a service too, because the hardware is being provided and you rent it for the time that you need and when you don't need it, you don't use it. But this going to allow companies to become very very focused right on what they're doing. And I think with artificial intelligence, it's going to just blow things up. It's going to take things, so we'll have to see what's going to happen in that. But I just feel that even with the 5G and stuff, I feel that we're trying to develop new technology. However, I don't think we're always doing it the safest way. I think we're more concerned about the fast buck than we are about the actual integrity of the product.


 Marcus Heart: (33:48)

 Yeah, exactly.


 John C. Morley: (33:50)

 And I think it doesn't become an issue until like you said, the lawsuits pile right. Then everybody is suddenly concerned about it. It's an interesting thing. But one thing I know is that there needs to be a standard Marcus, if we want to nip this in the bud and make sure people are safe, there's got to be a standard. There's just no way around that people are starting to get ready to people that are not doing their Christmas or holiday celebrations in person they're getting ready to zoom Christmas. That's crazy. I was talking to somebody the other day and he's like, yeah, I'm just so burned out with zoom. That's the problem. It consumes people Marcus more than just seeing people in person. People just don't have the wherewithal for that. And I know that as we move forward, it's going to change some things, definitely going to change some things.


 John C. Morley: (35:50)

 And I know that we just have to be more cognizant of, I guess, what we do and how we do it. Well, we're at the top of our hour already. I can't believe it. And I want to take this opportunity to wish you and your family if you celebrate Christmas a very Merry Christmas, a happy, healthy new year if you celebrate Kwanza, Happy Kwanza if you celebrate Hanukah, Happy Hanukah. But I just hope that all your holidays are very Merry, happy, healthy and abundant. And 2022 is a great year for you, your family, your loved ones so that we can move forward hopefully with this pandemic, starting to subside, hopefully, we don't know yet, but hopefully and being able to just enjoy, it's just nice to hear that businesses and places were having small little parties.


 John C. Morley: (36:48)

 It was nice to see that they were having some small parties, even with social distancing, mass, and stuff. It's just nice to see that things are slowly getting back together. Well, late and general. It has been, as I said to you, an extreme privilege a pleasure, and an honor you know, tonight on Christmas Eve to be with you. And I also just want to take this opportunity to thank Arukah holistic life academy. You can visit them by visiting and check out some of the things they have, start to figure out how you can empower yourself and become the healer of your home and your community by equipping yourself with a naturopathic herbalism health coaching and online business and marketing skills. So check out their website, Arukah.


 John C. Morley: (37:52)

 And when you do go to their website, you're going to see there is a bill box in the center of the screen-free mini-course and virtual open house. Just click on that. It'll ask you for your name, your email, how you would hear about us, of course. Tell them that you heard about them on the JMOR tech talk show. We do appreciate our sponsors and again, wish you guys a great holiday season and we will be back. I can't believe this. We have one more show left this year. That's the 31st and that's new year's Eve. We're going to have a great show then. And then we'll be in 2022. I can't believe it. And we'll be having our anniversary coming up very very soon. So have yourself a great Christmas Eve, if you're celebrating Christmas, have yourself a great Christmas day, have you celebrating Christmas day, and take the time ladies and gentlemen to get to know the people. Remember it's not what you have to eat at your holiday table. That's important. It's the people that are surrounded and create the memories and the experiences that you'll treasure for years.


 John C. Morley: (39:11)

 That's what the holidays are all about. I'm John C. Morley, serial entrepreneur and I will be back next week which is December 31st, the last show of the year, have yourself a great rest of the night and make sure to have all the little ones get to bed early because they can't be up when Santa comes. So read your night before for Christmas and have them get off the bed nice and early and wait for the next day when Santa comes and brings all those great presents. But remember the most important thing about the holiday is it's not the presents. It's not the food. It's the people that make the holiday special and that make our lives special. So have yourself a great night, everyone Merry Christmas. 

(Thank you for tuning in to the JMOR weekly technology show, where we answer your questions about how technology is supposed to work. And sometimes while you have challenges, getting into work that way for more IT support and tips, just text it support to 888111 and you'll get technology tips. I’ll see you next week right here on the JMOR Tech talk show. Remember )






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