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Radio show date 09-11-2020

Facebook stating they will pay people about $120 for deactivating FB accounts during the elections. FB may not be all that for B2B Advertising and business are starting to see this and pull out. Walmart now jumping on the bandwagon with test piloting Drone Delivery. Uber saying they will be going to all electric fleet. Bose new quiet comfort earbuds coming out that you can pre-order and also their audio sunglasses. Robots that are helping kids with diseases, companionship robots and also tele-presence robots. Can a robot really in-act or display empathy? Apple is now retaliating against Fortnite Law Suit. Apple not coming out with a new iPhone for a while. September is Suicide Prevention Month and make sure you have the 800-273-Talk, recognize the signs. Don't judge your friends or colleagues just be there to listen.


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