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Radio show date 10-22-2021

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John C. Morley: (00:00)
Is now being grilled and I don't mean getting ready for lunch. They were grilled by lawmakers over social media pressures that are getting in the way of teens and causing real problems with their lives. And you know, today Facebook showed us many ways. And this was actually not too long ago, how Facebook was approaching the office check job show. 

(JMOR Tech talk show, we answer questions about technology, explain the way they should work and why they tone sometimes)

well, good evening, ladies and gentlemen, this is Johnson Morley, cert entrepreneur, and welcome to another wonderful edition of the JMOR tech talk show. We have an amazing show for you guys here tonight, Marcus, it is so great to be with you again. I hope you are doing well

John C. Morley: (01:07)
And you know, a lot has been happening with COVID going into some rebuilding stages. And as I like to call it remission of like a cancer, because it isn't totally gone Marcus as it, but let's get right into tonight show because we have some really great juicy things we want to talk about. Well, first thing is Facebook. So Facebook says that they use the AI technology, artificial intelligence. And what they're stating is that their technology really was supposed to, you know, remove the post based on hate speech and violence, but the technology they say really doesn't work, which is very interesting. Facebook's artificial intelligence removes less than 5% of hate speech viewed on the social media platform. And I quote a new report from the wall street journal details flaws in the platform strategy to remove harmful content.

John C. Morley: (02:13)
Facebook whistle blower Francis Hugin said that the companies dangerously relies on AI and algorithms. This is interesting Marcus. So Facebook claims to use artificial intelligence to identify and remove posts containing hate speech and violence, but the technology doesn't work. So does that mean that they've dumbed it down on purpose or is this another one of these games or lies that Facebook is actually trying to put off on us and I want to quote our Facebook CEO, mark Zuckerberg. And he said again, I quote the vast majority of problematic content and he's referring to that in regard to he believed the Facebook's AI would be able to take it down now before 2020, according to the journal Facebook Stands bias, claims that most of the hate speech and violent content on the platform I've got taken down by a super-efficient AI before users even saw it Facebook's report. Now from February of this year 2021 claims that the detection rate was above 97%.

John C. Morley: (03:33)
I want to make another quote to you. They won't ever show their work Rashad Robinson president of the civil rights group “colour of change” told the journal quote, quote again, we ask what's the numerator? what's the denominator? How did you get that number? And it's funny, they don't share anything. And Facebook's head of integrity guy Rosen. And I quote told the journal that while the documents it reviewed were not up to date, the Intel influenced Facebook's decisions about AI driven content moderation. Rosen said it is more important to look at how hate speeches shrinking on Facebook overall. Facebook to not immediately respond to the insiders requests to comment. Of course, we expected that and you know, I think they know what's going on but let's face it. They just do whatever they want. And, you know, we have to do something because if we don't then Facebook is going to keep getting away with all this nonsense.

John C. Morley: (04:35)
So want to share that point with you? And I know that's a little disheartening, but it's the truth, but on another brighter note apple, we've talked about the phone before, right? And so there is a brand new feature that they've been starting to talk about, which is the magnifier iPhone and iPad Mac screen feature. So how do you get to this feature? Well, it's really simple. You can just go to your settings and on your phone, you can go to settings at the top. You can literally just type in the word zoom and you'll see it says “display zoom”. And then on the very bottom you'll see an option here for “view”. So you could go to “view standard” or “view zoomed” and I click on “view zoomed” and then I go back to set you zoomed, it'll take a second.

John C. Morley: (05:21)
The screen will go blank. And once it does go blank what you're going to see is that the screen is actually a little bit bigger. All right. So let me show you here. So the screen is just a little bit bigger and again to turn the zoom off. I'm going to go back to my settings. I'm going to type the words “zoom”. I'm going to go right here to our zoom, and I'm going to take zoom and I'm going to go to “standard” say “set” you standard. The screen will go blank for a second. And so this is a new feature. You can also get to it by going to “settings accessibility” but I just go to settings and type zoom and finds it. And so this is something interesting that they have you know, started to tout this new apple zoom tool.

John C. Morley: (06:06)
The zoom feature will let you magnify specific parts of your screen. You can customize the feature to magnify the whole screen or a drag able window view. Zoom also allows you to turn on gestures like double tapping, three fingers to activate zoom. So let's talk a little bit how the zoom tool works. So what you're going to find is that you can turn on or off to make the magnification feature work. So again, I'm going to go back to my zoom screen here. And again, if you want to get to the other way, you can go to accessibility options in case you are wondering just ACC accessibility options, accessibility options. And then you're going to splay where it says zoom. Okay. And so I can go right over there to zoom. And over here, I have something called a zoom level. Now I can turn on my zoom will magnify the entire screen and you can see I've got my screen pretty much magnified.

John C. Morley: (07:02)
I can move around my screen. You know, I can change my screen around. So it, it is it. And you can just, you can, you can basically tap the screen. So if I'm on zoom right now and I make my screen, for example, make it bigger, here to kind of show you I can do smart typing, which we've obviously had before. And so I can change my zoom level. Okay. So you can have your zoom on, you can have your zoom off, so you just double tap three fingers to zoom and you drag the three fingers to move around the screen, double tap the three fingers and drag the change to zoom. So you're going to double tap the three fingers to zoom. Okay. And, and then you'll, and then you'll be in, you'll be zoomed. And it's going to ask you a question and then you can, double-tap the three fingers again, and you're out.

John C. Morley: (07:48)
Now, you can zoom out, you can choose a region, you could show the controller so I can go back again. It works very, very easily, three fingers and I'm off. So really neat little feature. So again, how do I get to that really easily? So if you went to zoom right on your phone, you're going to see here. It says display, zoom, and display zoom. And it has zoom express ability. Okay. So very important, there's a zoom at the top. This zoom at the top that I want to show you is display zoom. Okay. And that's just the zoom. That's a little bit different. The display zoom is just displaying like your screen, but that's really not going to do the same thing as this. You want to go to the, what we call the zoom feature, and then you can actually turn on zoom, turn off zoom.

John C. Morley: (08:35)
And again, you can choose to do a full screen zoom, or you can just zoom a window. Again, very, very nice. You can go all the way from 1.2 and you can take it all the way up to four 15.0, nice feature. I like it again. Just to show you, because I know it might have been a little tricky, so zoom is on right now. If I tap 3, 3, 3 fingers on the screen, I'll go ahead and turn on my zoom, which is on right now. And now I can make my screen and I can move around my screen. Okay. If I want to turn it off, just type my three, touch my three fingers again, and it goes off. So you know, work's really easy, really simple. It's a nice little feature and I think you're gonna like it. The zoom controller gives you quick access to controls, like, you know what can activate for single and double and triple taps.

John C. Morley: (09:25)
So you can also choose to show the controller on the screen and that puts a little icon on the screen that you might find helpful. And you can control, like I said, the zoom region again, I think it's pretty neat. You know what it does if we go to zoom controller on, you're going to see over here, you're going to have a single tab, shows menu, a double tap, a zoom in, zoom out, a triple tap right now. You can do a speak on touch. You could do lots of different things. You could change color idle capacity, capacity to 50%. So just a matter here. So let me go back here to my zoom. And if I was to just type my touch, my finger like this, and I touched three times, okay. It just tasks my screen.

John C. Morley: (10:07)
But if I do this, let me go back here to screen so you guys can see it. All right. Let me go back here. If I touch or so my zoom is off right now, okay, my zoom is on right now. If I touch my two fingers, three fingers and come back, I can very easily break my zoom, see right there. So three fingers right of the screen. It works fairly well. I'd say 99% of time. It seemed to work for me. And I think you're gonna enjoy this feature. It can help people of all different ages, be able to see the screen, not just a screen, but you also can, can zoom in on different windows. So I really liked that. Well, let's get back to our lovely friends at Facebook again. So Facebook is now being grilled and I don't mean that they're getting ready for lunch.

John C. Morley: (10:54)
They were grilled by lawmakers over social media pressures that are getting in the way of teens and causing real problems with their lives. And you know, today Facebook showed us many ways. And this was actually not too long ago, how Facebook was approaching the office and providing information about Facebook. But the thing about Facebook that's interesting is that they're starting to exploit kits and they're exploiting them in a way that they're starting to benefit based on their behavior. So I think that's really terrible to be quite honest with you. And I feel the impact that Instagram is going to have on teens is really going to affect their mental health. And I think Facebook is going to be paying for many years to come, because if we're aware of what they're doing now, right, we don't know what they were doing in the past, but now we know they're doing this, that's really bad.

John C. Morley: (12:02)
And they're just getting these kids drawn into Facebook, to Instagram, and they're learning so much about their habits, but you and I both know, they store so much information. They don't tell anybody what they have and they're a capitalizing on how kids live and what their behaviours are. So they can figure out how to attract more. And they say, that's what they're not doing, but I really don't believe them or trust them. And it's interesting because now we know that it's well known within the company and that the company we while is casting doubt on the research while hiding their own research. So the fact that they're a hiding their cookie jar, they've got cookies in the jar. I mean, figuratively speaking, right? So I, I don't tend to think that they're on the right track with that. And let's talk about a new fishing threat that's really been coming up.

John C. Morley: (13:03)
Coinbase is warning that users are now very susceptible to a large scale fishing attack. And Coinbase has disclosed a large scale Fisher attack that impacted users early this year. And Coinbase announced that the broad attack occurred between April and May of 2021 and at least 6,000 leads yet. Let me say that again, 6,000 Coinbase customers were affected by the attack. It's funny, Marcus, how they suddenly want to share things with us months, or maybe a year later, half the things happen. I am not a fan of how they are doing this. And in the blog post, the company claims that the scammers never breached coin basis, security infrastructure, or broader systems. Come off it. Like quit lying. I mean, they've already destroyed the reputation. Why do they want to keep lying? And what remains a little unclear right now is how the hackers were able to identify the email addresses of a large number of Coinbase users.

John C. Morley: (14:06)
Coinbase said, and I quote, there was no evidence to suggest the information was obtained from inside the company. Of course, they're going to say that. I don't know if I believe them. So if you have a Coinbase account definitely be careful because they were hacked once. I'm sure they can be hacked again. Usually they go after the same targets again, again just something for you to consider and to, and really to ponder, because I think it's going to be a problem. It's going to be a problem with what's happening, where our society is going. And, you know, at the end of the day, I think people really don't want to get hacked, but you know, they're just too lazy to do anything else and they don't want to change their patterns. And that's why these hackers are able to exploit their lives.

John C. Morley: (14:55)
I can't say how many times I've talked to people and they get an email saying, you know we're going to send an email out. We know what you were doing last night. I'm like, okay. I was sleeping last night or I was out with my family last night and, and they make this accusation against you. Well, we know what you were doing with your camera at 11 o'clock. Yeah. I was actually finishing dinner with some friends at a restaurant. And so they try to play these games or we know what car you drive. They try to put fear in people and then they click a link and then they give them some information. Well, now they're really messed up because now what happens is they've really exploited. And by that exploitation they're now going to start asking for money. And if you don't have software, that's monitoring ransomware.

John C. Morley: (15:38)
Well, you're in pretty deep trouble. Well, we've talked about things before, like HP being blamed, you know, for making the printer, not print when the cartridges have expired, but here's a new one. How about using your MFC device? Write your multifunctional device and a fax scanner printer copier. And when the ink runs out, I get that we can't print, but now how would you like it if you couldn't scan? Just because you didn't have ink? Well, Canon USA is being sued for not allowing owners of certain printers to use the scanner or faxing functions. If they run out of ink. Oh, David Lee Craft. And I quote a customer of cannon filed the class action lawsuit on, on a recent day, alleging deceptive marketing and unjust enrichment by the printer manufacturer, refusing to scan, went out of ink while using a Pixma MG 6320 printer from cannon.

John C. Morley: (16:54)
The plaintiff was surprised to discover that the all-in-one machine would refuse to scan or fax documents if the printer ran out of ink and ink is not necessary to perform scans or faxes. The argument is very valuable and valid because the printers features should still continue to work. Even if there's no ink, if you're just using a scan and I want to quote the plaintiff Lee Craft what out of purchase the device or what not have paid as much for it. Had he known that he would have to maintain ink in the device in order to scan documents. Now, it's one thing if the main factor says, okay warning, this device or important, this device must be loaded with ink to at least 90% or scanning functions will be disabled. It's one thing if you state that, but they didn't state that.

John C. Morley: (17:48)
Now since 2016, other customers have contacted Canon about this exact problem. And were told by support agents that the ink-cartages just must be installed at contain ink to use the printers features as shown by the agent's response below which we've seen in many, many places. You can see this all the place and the complaint further illustrates with images of the Pixma MG2522 box that cannon advertises it's all in one printer as including three distinct features, print, copying, scanning. All right, well, if there are three distinct features, then why the heck are you blocking the scanning feature when there's no ink?

John C. Morley: (18:27)
don't know. We're just being known by these different things that are being said that Canon's telling us that all ink tanks must contain ink if they wish to print in great scale, as it may damage the printer. Yeah. So, well, ink tanks must contain ink, if they wish to print and greyscale damaged the print. So that's another issue. And the Pixma MX 710 must have all ink tanks installed and they all must contain ink. If I you attempt to print with no ink or an empty ink, you would risk damaging the printer. This was posted by a Canon support agent, how thoughtful of them. Now, and I want to quote again, as opposed to the single function printers itself, Canon call these multifunction devices a three in one or four in one for the fact that they are supposed to provide three or four functions, right?

John C. Morley: (19:23)
And in truth, the all-in-one printers do not scan or fax documents when the devices have low or empty ink. So you got fan, scan, fax, copy, and print. What the heck does faxing and scanning have to do with having eight? Now, the only thing I can understand is that if you have the report enabled, okay, then it would just not print the report journal because some people have their machine set to always print a transmission report. That's the only thing I could see on the fax, but again, to quote them, there is no reason or technical basis for me, if actually all one printers with an ink level detection function that causes the scanner to scuff functioning when ink is lower or empty. Canon actually design these own printers in such a way to require consumers, to maintain ink in a device, regardless of whether they intend to print.

John C. Morley: (20:13)
And this is the complaint that many users and businesses owners are annoyed about. The lawsuit was filed in the district court for the Eastern district of New York and see at least 5 million in awards, exclusive of internet fees and litigation costs. The alleged violations in the complaint are the New York general business law 349, the New York general business law refit the 350 and the breach of express warranties, unjust enrichment, and failure to close material disclosed, mere material information. If you have bought an all in one printer from Canon and faced similar problems, you could be eligible for receiving compensation in the future. However, it is important to note that this class action was filed this week and is not approved by the court yet. So it's too early to decide whether anything can be processed, any refunds or money can be given. But it's getting interesting questions will arise regarding this lawsuit, but I will tell you Bleeping Computer actually contacted Canon USA and they refuse to comment. It's interesting how, when you suddenly reach out to a manufacturer and you ask them a question and they don't get an answer, it's one thing to say, Hey, you know, that was our mistake. We're going to fix it, but they're already in so much hot water that I think they should just, you know, one thing they might want to do is, you know, they may want to send everyone a free set of ink.

John C. Morley: (21:58)
I don't know. I think what they could do is they could actually change the software, but just software. And they could basically change that software to not pay attention to that device. So it doesn't, you know not work as long as it was in the software and not a hardware function. So we'd have to see how that could be done, but there are options that can be done, right. It's just very interesting to find out, you know, what's going on, what's happening and more and more stuff is going on that manufacturers, like we heard about the recall with the IV pumps because none of the pump, but in other words that hackers could get in and actually change the dosage or stop the dosage or control the pump. And I think that's really bad. Right. And so how do you, how do you handle this?

John C. Morley: (22:54)
I think there needs to be a standard needs to be a standard. And this has to be adhered by all technology products, almost like a UL ultimate labs tests like UL labs, but it seems like nobody does anything about these situations until they close a problem or until they cost people money. I mean that's what it comes down to these gentlemen, would it costs somebody money than everybody is willing to jump on board and say, oh, well, I didn't know about that. Or I wasn't really sure about that. Right. And I know ladies and gentlemen, that when they make these products, they are trying to do this the cheapest way possible. And I can honestly tell you that this feature was not put on there by accident. This is something that they actually put time and effort into develop. Yeah. So I just really don't believe what they're saying. And I don't know. I think it's just a, a ploy right now and they were hoping that they weren't going to get their hand stuck in the cookie jar. I mean, that's what it really came down to. But now that they did get their hands stuck in a cookie jar, what are they going to do about it? Right. What are they going to do about it?

John C. Morley: (24:32)
I know it's really something that we're going to have to keep monitoring, but, you know, they, weren't the only companies besides I'm going to say the candy companies to have products that operated like that. HP was another one, right? HP printer won't print when cartridge is expired, right? You remember you remember that? And it's funny because that situation had a class action lawsuit as well. And HP can't escape this claim either because they're being caught red-handed with their hand in the cookie jar. Thus, I know ladies and gentlemen, that these manufacturers did not really put the time or the effort to understand what the consequences were going to be. They were just hoping that they wouldn't get their hands stuck in a cookie jar. It's crazy.

John C. Morley: (25:56)
It is crazy. It is very crazy, but you're probably seeing me, John, you know, what, what new technology is in store right now, but he keeps asking me for 2022. Well the biggest thing is artificial intelligence is going to be changing quite a bit. They're going to be building more neural nets and getting even more data that can collaborate back and forth. When you talk about trends. I think the biggest thing is, are we still going to be in a hybrid workspace? Are people going to go back to work? Is that going to change the way technology is operated? Or is it going to keep things about the same as a temporary and as a permanent? Hmm. Right.

John C. Morley: (26:48)
I think that's really the question that we want to ask everyone. Is it short-term or is it long-term? We talked about this war before laying and that a lot of people out there, they just want to manufacture a product cheaply. That's what they want. Do they want to manufacture the product cheaply and in, so doing they're hoping that these little things that they've intentionally planted in there are not really gonna cause much suspicion, but let's face it it's an annoyance? There was no sticker. There was no warning. So Canon you're guilty, but they've got to go before the court, they've got to do all this stuff. So we'll follow that up and let you know what's going to happen. But the lawsuit has not been approved or denied at this point. It's still is, is waiting to be reviewed.

John C. Morley: (27:57)
So I have to tell you that, you know, whether we're talking about technology, that's on your wrist technology, that's in a, in a laptop or on your desktop computer. Everything comes down to security, ladies and gentlemen. And if you can understand that security is vital and what controls security, how information is regulated and its personal information. We got a serious problem. Well, ladies and gentlemen, I hope that you've enjoyed. Tonight's show about technology, about where we're going more about Facebook, the big giants and how they're able to just, I don't know, just miraculously just cover up things, but I got to tell you, they're not gonna be able to do this for long because the government and the federal courts are now starting to really get in their face now, because they know that what they're doing is harming people. It's wanting to harm people, but to harm little kids that don't even know better and to exploit them and maybe to room their mind because of what they're doing.

John C. Morley: (29:11)
I just think it's terrible. Again, I hope you've enjoyed this show. And if you would like to be a guest on the show, we have a brand new system, just go to click on the “reach out today” button, and then click on “apply to become a guest”. There are several steps you need to go through and you will get into our queue a to be pre-vetted and vetted. And we'll let you know if we think you're going to be a good guest to be on the show. Remember it has to be educational. And also if you have an idea for a product that you'd to unbox, let us know about that. You will have to send us the product prepaid and donate to us, and we'll do an honest unboxing on the JMOR unboxing channel and the JMOR reviews channel. Well Marcus, I think we need to say goodbye for tonight. It has been a wonderful evening. I hope you guys enjoy that we are now getting into the fall so the needle is starting to drop a little bit, you can go actually take those brisk walks without having to worry that it’s gonna be too hot because it’s starting to really dip 60’s and 50’s and I don’t think we’re gonna see too many warmer days. Well ladies and gentlemen I wish you a very happy, healthy and safe weekend and I look forward to seeing you guys again right here next Friday on the JMOR tech talk show 5:30 PM Eastern on October 29th and we’ll see you then everyone have yourself a great weekend and until next week use your technology, be smart and watch what you click on before you decide to explore. Have a great weekend. Take Care



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