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I'm sure that you've seen some websites that you felt were poorly designed and failed to meet your expectation.  I've seen plenty of these (unfortunately) and as someone who writes content for websites, here is a list of things that a good website should accomplish.




1. Indentify yourself


Put your company name and any taglines in a place where they can’t be missed.  You want the viewer to be able to immediate realize who you are.


2. Explain your product/service


It’s very important that you explain what exactly you do in a clear and easy to understand manner.  You don’t want viewers to read your website and be confused as to what exactly you’re offering them.  Make sure you keep your explanations short and simple; you don’t want to discourage people from reading with huge walls of text.


3.  If you are a physical company, hours of operation and location


If you are an online only company, then this obviously doesn’t apply, but if not then you want to make sure to promote your place of business. 


4. Name the cost


Some may disagree and claim that it’s better to get a customer interested before mentioning the cost.  While I understand this, personally I find it frustrating when I’m looking at a service and there is no cost mentioned.  Giving a price lets the viewer know if they will be able to afford your services and allows them to better consider whether they want to become a buyer or not.


5. Share the benefits of choosing your service


This is one of the most important aspects for a website, in my opinion.  I think one of the best ways to create interest in your service is to show what makes your service great and how it can benefit your customers.  If your product or service is something that is offered by similar companies, then explain what makes your product unique or a better choice than the others.


6. List contact information


This may seem obvious, but it’s a crucial thing to remember nonetheless.  People need to know how to contact you with questions.  Imagine how frustrating it would seem to lose buyers simply because they weren’t able to reach you with an important question or two.  You want to include an email address that you will check regularly and a telephone number if possible.