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Over the holidays, I had a chance to converse with some of my extended family about my current job.  I explained to them about the JMOR Connection and mentioned our new backup solution.  Being mostly businessmen and women, my relatives unanimously identified with the importance of having a good backup system in their respective companies.  I had a chance to reiterate the points made in this article and though I don't think I made any actual sales right there, there were all very impressed.  My uncle even remarked that he wanted to take a second look at his current plan because it seemed "too cheap to be true."  I laughed at this because I completely understood his point.  In this struggling economy, many people get so focused on saving money that they forget to make sure that the service that they're buying is actually effective.  To me, it seems pointless to employ a budget backup solution if it doesn't actually work when you need it to.  I think some of those that do this figure that it's worth the risk because they subscribe to the "it won't happen to me" mentality.  However, disasters DO happen and when they do, when are people ACTUALLY expecting and ready for them?  In my experience, the worst things usually happen when you least expect them to, so I think it's a good idea to keep that in mind the next time you are thinking about adopting a sub-par protection service just to save a couple bucks.  I'd rather pay a little more and not have to worry about my data being secure in case of emergencies.