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Exploring the Technology of AI and Metaverses


Whether in school, working, or entertaining yourself, technology will continue to morph to accommodate different environments and experiences.  Many startup companies will pop up with technology, some sticking and others just being a fad.  Throughout this article, I will share some key insights about where AI is going, Web 3, Metaverses, and how they will impact our world.  There will also be links to several recently published shorts on YouTube.


What does AI everywhere mean?


AI (Artificial Intelligence) is starting to pop up in more places than many had initially imagined.  Now, at checkout, they have to tap their card or hold their phone above a card reader.  Contactless payment allows users to complete their transactions without needing to touch any device, thus preventing germ spreading and enabling a faster checkout.  Many large retail stores will implement autonomous systems to make their shopping experience more convenient.  In short, AI Everywhere means AI will benefit anyone in our world, regardless of software and hardware applications.


Is the Metaverse becoming real?


A Metaverse is an online platform that provides an immersive virtual world using VR/AR and incorporates digital versions of the natural world.  One may connect to Metaverse for entertainment, exercise, word, and general socialization.  Instead of going to a physical mall in your town, you can log on to a metaverse and walk virtually through the mall online, moving an avatar around. 


What are the parts of a Metaverse?


Metaverses should contain a friendly, intuitive, interactive experience for all users.  Extended Reality is not a luxury and must be included to embrace and deliver the highest enriched, immersive experience.  Metaverse platforms will utilize AI, computing vision, mobile networks, edge & cloud computing. and IoT, security logging, MFA(Mutl-Factor Authentication).



What are the benefits of a Metaverse?


Metaverses will allow us to connect to people worldwide and offer new, immersive, innovative experiences.  This new type of platform will also give users the ability to provide education and e-commerce purchases that may be delivered in a variety of ways.


What are the disadvantages of a Metaverse?


Metaverse may sound like a great thing to experience; however, there are some drawbacks that I should mention.  First, they may exclude some people from participating, especially those who get simulator sickness, a type of motion sickness.  Others may not be able to experience it because the price tag is high for the equipment and, in some cases, also software.  This world will open up a Pandora's box for those who want to bully, harass, or stalk individuals online.  Privacy concerns include PI(Personals Information) and PHI (Personal Health Information).  These types of worlds may cause people to become addicted and thus take them away from other things that need their attention first.

What is WEB 3?


Web 3.0, the third generation of the Internet or World Wide Web, was created to decentralize data, open the Internet to everyone, and operate with a bottom-up design.  This new revision is structured to be an extension of cryptocurrency, blockchain technologies, and NFTs and a source of valuable linked data.  One of its main goals is to allow everyone to access their data wherever they are while allowing them complete control over their data.


How do we bridge the physical and digital worlds?


We are creating ways to represent physical objects, including but not limited to places and things in a virtual world such as a metaverse.  This also means there has to be a reference to the digital world synthesized objects in the real world.  Until now, these two worlds' demarcation lines have seen confusion and thus impacted potential opportunities for individuals and businesses.


What does it mean to increase our editable nature?


Many of us understand that we can quickly delete a sentence, change a word, or completely rewrite something in an expression, thus proving it has the flexibility for editing.  Hardware and software are giving us new tools to employ simple edits to media and complex video alterations in a way that was impossible several decades ago.  Now, scientists and researchers use technology to change DNA structures in part or whole.


What is Nano Technology?


Whether you were watching a James Bond Movie or a sci-fiction show, what seemed to be something from a fairy tale may be real today.  Nano Technology is a science and engineering division concerned with building and using atom structures, devices, and systems by manipulating atoms and molecules at the nanoscale.  Did you know that Nano Technology has been the reason strong household products such as degreasers and stain removers were able to come to market?  Nano Technology has also made environmental sensors, air purifiers, filters, antibacterial cleaners, specialized paints, and sealing products possible.  Don’t forget that without Nano Technology, we would not have sunscreen, medicine, and even computers.


What is Green Technology?


Green Technology is anything that will reduce adverse effects on humans, animals, and our environment.  Due to fear of regulations commissions, many companies are starting to brake on carbon emissions to avoid warnings and hefty fines.  Several groups are already working on developing green hydrogen, which is expected to be clean burning energy.  Shell & REW are building a green pipeline fed by wind turbine plants.  Some examples of Green Technology today are electric vehicles, solar panels, carbon capture software, LED bulbs, wind energy, programmable thermostats, and vertical farming.


Did you know online and retail stores are adapting to new consumer buying?


Globally, from large-name department stores to local family businesses offer optional services to facilitate a better shopping experience.  They are implementing services to reduce significant trends:  BOPAC (Buy Online Pickup at Curbside) and BOIS (Buy Online Pickup in-store).  Don’t be surprised if they add another one soon called BODTH (Buy Online Deliver to Home).  The store allows the customer to choose how they want to shop online, in their store, and also how to receive their products.  For example, you may order a new toaster online and then choose the BOPAC, which will be delivered to your car at the store's curbside.  When you arrive, click the option to inform the store you are here, and some stores are implementing GPS Auto Arrival tracking, which can tell the store when the customer gets within so many feet of the store.  These technologies appear great, but are the stores protecting the consumers' buying history and PI (Personal Information)?





Did you know Microsoft & NVIDIA are working on a Metaverse Meeting platform?



Microsoft and NVIDIA are working to create an industrial Metaverse platform and AI for enterprise users via Azure Cloud.  NVIDIA is also engineering workstations to support the new world of upcoming AI designs to be unveiled in this new Metaverse Meeting Platform.

The differences between AR, VR & XR


We know a metaverse will offer an immense user experience through various AI, AR/VR, and XR technologies.  XR is the culmination of AR and VR into one mixed environment.  Remember that an AR world will place a digital layer over the physical world and the objects, peoples, or places it contains.  Virtual Reality is when the environment of objects, people, or places it has is synthesized.  When XR (Extended Reality) is utilized, the digital elements can be with objects, people, places, or things in the real world.


What will a Healthcare Metaverse be?


An online platform that has virtual buildings where Doctor’s offices are located.  For example, you will find your doctor by visiting a virtual building, discovering the virtual floor and suite, and then checking in with a receptionist.  This may use AI-Chatbot technology or start a live video conference to have you check in.  Next, being your avatar, you will sit in the virtual waiting room.  When the Doctor is ready to see you, your avatar will walk into another room, and a video conference will start.  Data may be gathered by wearable IoT (Internet of Things) devices.  These doctor visits are called telepresence and are beginning to be covered by many insurance companies.  Doctors may then send your prescription electrically to your local desired pharmacy.  This environment will also be a virtual training center for healthcare professionals, encompassing VR/AR and live training content sessions.  Digital Twinning Technology will also be utilized, where a digital copy of a person or object can be researched and tested virtually.


What principles should a Metaverse be based Upon?


The key to remember above everything is that it should exist to allow tasks that only operate for the greater good of all concerned.  They should be open, universal, and interoperable for all who use them.  Remember the first point that it should be understood humans come first and that they should always treated respectfully without discriminating against race, religion, color, gender, sexual orientation, political party, etc.  Lastly, all components must be completely transparent while maintaining full accountability for any information it receives or shares with any party and maintain HIPPA (Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act) compliance.


Emerging World of AI & Multi-faceted Technology


AI, AR/AV/XR, Green Technology, and online worlds will be constantly evolving to solve today's and tomorrow’s challenges for exchanging information with people, devices, and systems as our needs change.  Many technologies will appear and disappear like yesterday's fads, while others will take a key place in our lives.  What I have said in the past I will repeat again “Technology, is not good or bad, it is how we choose to use it that makes it so.

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