Did you know CES 2024 opened on Jan 9, 2024

Did you know that on Jan 9, 2024, the CES (Consumer Electronic Show), run by the CTA (Consumer Technology Association), opened at noon Eastern at the Las Vegas Convention Center?  The first show opened in June 1967 at the Hilton and Americana Hotels, a by-product of the Chicago Music Show.  It has been the leading showcase for featuring consumer electronics and related technologies, making this the 57th show.  CES is not open to the general public as you must be in or affiliated with the consumer technology industry.  CES is the largest show unveiling the latest and greatest in technology.  Matching vendors, distributors, and retailers to culminate deals behind the scenes is what it's mostly known for and affects what comes to market in the fourth quarter of the current year.  Throughout the article, I will give you a flavor of how the CES 2024 operated and important information shared.

Do you know someone who misses the flavor everyone else can taste?

Imagine having that person get their sense of taste back and remove horrible aftertaste, almost via magic.  Well, it's not magic, but thanks to science and a breakthrough from SpoonTEK using what they call “ion sensory technology.”  SpoonTEK created a spoon that delivers a slight electric charge to cause tongue stimulation.  An LED on the handle turns on to let you know that it is providing a subtle charge through the food you are eating and then, lastly, stimulating your tongue and taste buds.

Did you know that CE had robots make bubble tea drinks, a market expected to exceed 4.3 billion by 2028?

CES has many nuances to catch attendee’s attention, including several robots that were able to make food and drinks, including bubble tea.  Bobacino now sets up mini-shops with robotic assistants they now term “bobaristas” to make and serve their bubble tea similar to that of a vending machine.  They hope to place these in high-traffic areas like airports and universities. to cut down on labor and location costs.

What is your body trying to tell you? Learn with Vivo.

Vivoo, in a nutshell, is a wellness app that can check for UTIs (Urinary tract infections) using deep learning and image processing—just five simple steps to get information on your body’s health in only 90 seconds.  First, download the free app, urinate on the strip, wait 90 seconds, scan the strip with your phone, and then receive your advice and scores.  They allow one to make a one-time purchase and receive 4 test strips.  Sign up for a three-month subscription, thus giving you 12 test strips for 29.99/month, or pay every quarter at 89.99.  Those who want to test more can save with a 6-month plan billed at 24.99/month, giving you 24 test strips, or pay 149.99 to save even more.  This technology lets one get real-time stat about their water, magnesium, calcium, vitamin C, ketone, pH, sodium, free radicals, and protein via urine in 90 seconds.

Did you know this washing machine can wash/dry your clothes and vacuum and mop your floors?

Eurkea will be launching an appliance that not only makes this possible but will also be perfect for those with limited space.  Thus, the roving unit is a 2-in-1 robot floor cleaner that pulls into its garage under the washing/drying machine.  When the roving robot returns after a vacuum, it automatically releases its waste into a bag capable of holding 60 days of debris inside the washer/dryer home base unit. The roving robot uses the washer water and drain lines to fill and empty its tank. 

Hey, where are you; oh, they can’t hear me unless I press the button.

Remember when you had to push the button to talk and find that clunk walkie-talkie?  Loose Canon Systems introduced their Milo Action Communicator, a clip-on disc version of a traditional walkie-talkie that enables hands-free, multi-way group conversations.  Just clip on Milo, and when it hears a voice, it broadcasts it to the other users wearing one, even in windy conditions. They designed this gadget for hikers, mountain climbers, skiers, or even those. Did you know you can even buy this today, as it has been on the market for a while?  However, as cool as it is, it will only communicate a much shorter distance than a typical 20-mile walkie-talkie.  Milo creates its mess network between users with a maximum distance between two users of 2000 ft based on the conditions and can extend as you add more and they spread out.

Do you want to play video games or feel them?

Razer’s new lskur V2 gaming chair enables you to relax but also feel that shot going into your back or but like its natural.  The chair cushion has a list price of $649.99 as of today.  The first gaming chair to add a 6D adaptive lumbar support system and 4D armrests to allow adjustability on height, position, and or angle.  Remember the memory foam head cushion they said to support your head and neck during extended gameplay? 

Who or what is that, says your dog?

Meet Ballie, a redesigned version of last year’s model about the size of a bowling ball. It now has a 1080P projector perfect for showing a video anywhere, making a video call, controlling lights and other devices, or acting as a mouse/keyboard for a local computer/tablet or smartphone.  Researchers claim there is enough battery life to run the projector for three hours.

Do we have any beer drinkers here?


Are you looking for the future of homemade craft beer, kombucha, or ciders; then your wait is over; introducing exobrew.  Have the flexibility to brew 1.6 gallons in only 3 to 30 days, and use pre-made supplies and recipes to make your favorite brew every time.  Exobrew lets you explore mini brewing and go from a single grain to a rich mini keg of beer at home or in your office. They allow you to make various beer styles, customize the brewing settings, and even control the recipes via your phone app or the web.  You must sign up for their pro-membership to explore the 12,000 recipes from many other aficionados.

Now, something for those who get their nails painted often?

Nible announced their new machine that scans, paints, and drys nails all by one device and will go for about $699.99.  Their big push is that one can receive flawless manicures in under 25 minutes 24/7, without ever having to make an appointment and select from over 30+ hues that shine and last.  To use it, one starts by inserting their base color and top coat capsules, then placing your hand in the nimble and pressing start.  Nible will scan, paint, dry nails, press the other hand in, and start.  The system uses AI while scanning nails, which tells the machines how each nail is contoured and how much nail polish to use.

Did you say you wanted more than those smart massage chairs?

Someone heard you; iYU is a leading AI-based massage through a medical quality robot arm.  Patients start by lying on the table, and the device scans the body’s contours to create the most optimal massage experience based on precision, pressure, timing, and various other massage criteria.

Have you ever thought about controlling your mouse with your tongue?

A new San Francisco startup has, and they call it, a mouth pad designed to help people with quadriplegia.  They built a Bluetooth device into a mouthpiece with sensors that sit on the roof of your mouth, and when you position your tongue on the palate, it moves your mouse.  They claim it can run for about 5 hours on a single charge and will support iOS, Android, Windows, macOS, and Linux.  This product is manufactured with the latest advancements in 3D Printing, electronics encapsulation, and dental-grade materials.

Do you know why CES takes place each year?

Thus, CES 2024 and the shows after this one will continue to be the executive playground for developers and businesses, including but not limited to our local, county, state, and country governments, to choose what they may want to implement.  Many ideas will make it to market, while some will never see a light of potential outside the exhibit hall.  Remember, the main reason for CES is to culminate relationships between manufacturers, developers, distributors, retail stores, and governments to choose to implement these technology innovations.



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