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Whether you have a laptop, pc or server it deserves professional care from


The JMOR Connection, Inc. Team.  One wouldn’t go to a foot doctor for their heart; than why would someone even think of going to a mass production store that sells office supplies for computer repair.  Did you know that most of these places don’t even employee people that have extensive computer knowledge.  Many of the students and staff hired at these establishments don’t even follow or understand basic safety precautions and procedures for fixing computers.


One of the things that can damage a computer is ESD which happens in seconds and can render your computer components useless after it takes place.ESD is an acronym that stands for Electro Static Discharge and is one sure way to easily do damage to your computer or other sensitive electronics.  Did you know that ESD can take place without one ever receiving even a mild shock.  It doesn’t matter if you’re working on a laptop, computer or replacing internal components; ESD discharge doesn’t discriminate it just happens.


How many of you may recall a time when you were in the office or home and you walked across a carpeted floor and suddenly felt a ZAP.  Yes, it is that ZAP we call Static Discharge the magical force that can erase hours of work in seconds.


One should be observant of the universal yellow warning sign depicting on a triangle and a line going through a hand in the background.  It is imperative that one is properly grounded whenever working with any components which have the known warning on the EDS Bag and or packaging.  Our Team right here in NJ can perform repairs at your home or office without ESD damage and did I mention we guarantee our work.


ESD it not the only damage that can occur to computers; another is dust.  Did you know that just taking off your cover and using a can of filtered air may possibly extend the life of your computer system. Why is getting dust out of your computer so important you may ask.  Dust build up over time can cause fans to jam up, cards not to ventilate, equipment to operate efficiently.  Yes, Dust is a serious problem because it too can cause ESD issues in some cases but will inevitably result in another common issue which is overheating.


Home Computers, Business Computers, Servers, Laptops and Network Info structure is subject to these threats and  people overlook overheating.  Any company whether it’s a mass computer super store or IT Support Company that doesn’t choose to follow safe computer practices when fixing your computer is a sure fire recipe for a disaster.  If a fan doesn’t work the PC gets hot and if your processor fan fails, the laptop or computer should not even be able to boot.  However; there are many IT Technicians and companies that take short cuts; again we just don’t play games like the super stores.


The fan in an Intel I7 PC gets to about 136 degrees Fahrenheit and if that was on for even more then 3 seconds; that prized Intel processor would all be just a memory.  That’s why it’s so imperative to keep your PC flowing with several fans for the proper in/out direction as applicable and to check your thermal sensor and fan speed monitors often.


We just don't play games in NJ like the superstores; we fix your business technology computer problems right the first time.