JMOR Business Flagship $99/Month


-  Keep your system updated with the latest windows service including Office, Firefox,

    Chrome and Adobe:  Reader, Flash & Air

-  Proactive remote monitoring of your system

-  Secure remote dianostics for any problems that may pop up

-  Aannual Review and Quarterly onsite vists from a JMOR Technician for a

      hardware inspection  (60 Mins per PC on Plan)

-  System may be on a domain

-  Support for Servers may added to this plan

-  Webhosting for one website

-  E-mail for up to 100 users for Anti-Spam and Human Verification System

-  MySql Website Database

Monthly Yearly
JMOR Business Flagship

 JMOR Business Flagship $99/Month

JMOR Business Flagship

 JMOR Business Flagship $99/Month