Moving your business to a new location in New York or New Jersey? With all the planning that goes into a big move, relocating your network often gets lost in the mix. Office and computer relocation is a critical part of any business move and, if not done correctly, can have dire consequences that include lost time, lost sales and lost productivity. Your safest bet is to hire experts who know how to orchestrate a seamless move of your network that results in little or no downtime.

JMOR’s New Jersey office relocation professionals take on the task of planning and executing office and computer relocations through a comprehensive technical relocation service where we disconnect, pack, move and re-connect your PC, computers, printers and telephones from one location to the next.

It’s stressful enough for your employees to pack their office files, personal effects and other items. While they are packing personal effects, desk drawers and filing systems, let JMOR’s office and computer relocation services team take care of your computer hardware and other IT so you and your employees have one less thing to worry about.

JMOR has partnerships with trusted New Jersey and New York based moving vendors who are experts in relocating business IT. Our partners know exactly how we work and work seamlessly with our services, allowing you to make one phone call that ensures your office computers and other IT is moved, shipped and ready to get back to work when you are.

JMOR’s business relocation services for New Jersey and New York areas will allow you to rest assured that your entire computer setup will be safely and securely relocated without you having to be involved. From start to finish your business relocation will be the hands of the most capable and competent professionals who will ensure that your network and system are installed on your new premises, exactly the same way as they were set up before. Our technical relocation service team will take care of:

  • Labelling all your computers and peripherals so that no pieces are mixed up
  • Safely disconnecting your network, computers and peripherals
  • Safe and secure transportation to your destination
  • Reconnection of all your systems and networks
  • Ensuring that your systems are up and running

Whether you're moving to the next floor or across state lines between New York and New Jersey, the task or moving your IT is never be too big or too small for JMOR’s technical relocation team. Let us worry about all your laptops, desktops, cables phone and more.

With JMOR, you'll have ease of mind knowing that once we've finished re-connecting your equipment, your employees will be able to pick up right where they left off.

For New York and New Jersey based businesses who are planning to move, the choice in clear - JMOR gets your technology moved and set up for a seamless business relocation.