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Whether you are having issues with the technology on your desk, watching your building or managing other systems, The JMOR Connection, Inc has you covered.

Our company deploys and manages solutions to give you and your residents peace of mind even while most of your community is sleeping.  The question is not if you will be attacked by ransomware, but when if you are not properly protected.  Staying ahead of these emerging threats is essential to protect your data, prevent unnecessary work disruptions. 

We have our own (ESD) Electro -Static Discharge Lab which means we build PC's and servers adhering to the latest safety and quality standards .  We know you may only need a few phones and later that could change and even if you have some staff that needs to work from home at times.  It's important that your staff deliver a professional call showing the phone # you want to appear not a cell phone and a way that your team can manage and triage calls without breaking the bank.  We also know that one of your most valuable assets is your data thus will protect and safeguard it with our enterprise cloud backup that is mirrored in several locations across the US.

Developing and growing a stable, reliable technology foundation is paramount to keeping your resident clients happy, lower costs and being ready for future expansion when your needs arise or change.

Some management offices want us to be their full IT Computer, Network Support Service Team; while others need us to just supplement their IT Support they already do themselves,  At The JMOR Connection, Inc we will devise the right solution(s) to run your community efficiently while you will be able to get a good night sleep.

Just fill out the information and one of our Team members will get back with you shortly to learn more about the current technology challenges you want to solve.

"Wall Street Trusts us with Their Technology, Shouldn't You"