We won't start selling shoes;just professional computer support

At JMOR we are not going to start selling you shoes; yes, are clients may have feet but we are A Technology Company.  Our firm is not one to jump on bandwagons; we will continue to do what we have been doing for years:  professional Computer, Network, IT Support and Repair Services delivered right the first time. 

Yes, we are here to fix your computer; provide technical support, offer computer help, computer repair, network support, remote computer repair and even training.

Many of our clients ask us what is the difference between computer help, technical support and training.  That’s an easy one but for starters computer help is when we provide one or two sentence answers to your quick questions.  One can utilize one of our NJ It Support Technicians for Computer Help when someone either forgets how to access something, change a setting, download an update, or connect a peripheral.

Technical Support is more involved; typically, this is when a client may need more than just how to change a setting but a more in-depth process of gathering technical environment settings and program information.  Sometimes the client may require a technician to gather more information t on what they were doing before this problem or issue occurred to come up with a resolution.  Other times; the technician may need to perform the task the user is trying to accomplish many times to gather data on the failure and analyze the logs to see what was not working.  Sometimes the issue may require a pc repair or support specialist to go on site to swap out a component card or other piece of hardware to solve the problem.

For example, a user may want us to show them how to create a form, mail merge not working correctly.  From this it is clear that an NJ IT Support Technician cannot just answer how to do a mail merge in one or two sentences.  Unless the question was:  Where is the mail merge option in word; I forgot where it is located and thus would really be Computer help.

Now an example of training would be:  I need to create a mail merge and send it out to everyone in my database how do I do this.  Creating a mail merge in word requires several steps:  create or important the database, create the document or label file to be used and add the merge fields to the template.  Before running the mail merge directly to a printer it is important to test the data and make sure that the merged fields are bringing in the correct data but that the format of the output is exactly the way the client wants it.

Since mail merge is more than a few steps as we can see from the brief description above and since we want to make sure the client retains this their needs to me a formal training process.  Sometimes the PC Specialist will prepare a mock up project and then walk through that with the client.  Then the trainer will ask the client to do the same thing with their own database while he/she just watches and says nothing unless asked.


Thus, we will keep doing what we do best and leave the shoe selling and other non-related technology items to the mass retailers.