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John C. Morley Serial Entrepreneur

John C. Morley Serial Entrepreneur

Finally a Tech Show that delivers weekly value to improve our lives not just technically but personally too.


We all may have challenges sometimes in our day but do we let it spiral our day down or choose to see it as just a bump in the road”

— Mr. John C. Morley


FRANKLIN LAKES, NJ, BERGEN, February 6, 2022/ -- People from all around the world have been recently downloading and watching this show every week at 5:30 PM Eastern Time. Many viewers said this show is not only educational and interesting but also has some motivational tips that they can quickly apply to their everyday lives. The host of this show has a passion for interviewing guests, providing insights and knowledge while keeping us entertained on the seat of our chair each week. The co-host Marcus Heart also has a great personality and chimes in perfectly to compliment Mr. Morley who is a serial entrepreneur. This host radiates enthusiasm and congeniality which magically connects with people at any age around the world. Hearing from that they broke 1000 downloads opened many people’s eyes to this great technology show.

One of their past episodes included the first man to ever talk on a Cell Phone, Mr. Martin Cooper, and also the inventor of it. Another Mr. Paul Claxton a Robotics Entrepreneur and even local people in his state like Mr. Jonathan Miller from the Bergen County Association of School Security Professionals that gave remarkable safety tips for anyone at a school. The information they deliver is so relevant to many people’s lives today and it is a show that is going to keep growing.

Some are technically inclined but others are not and it is nice to find a show that treats us with respect and makes even the most daunting things easy to understand.

They even started producing these quick, attention-getting videos/reels that are disseminated on social media that instill a craving to watch the amazing guest that will be featured on the show for the current week.

Later on, they shared that Mr. Morley not only is about to notch 2000 downloads for this great Tech Show but also has a daily motivational show called Inspirations for your Life. 

They even shared a link to see all the other fascinating content they continue to create at The host has a great mission which is to help everyone become a better version of themselves and those around them as well.

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John expresses his gratitude for 1000 plus downloads to The JMOR Tech Talk Show