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Here at the JMOR Connection, we understand the inner joy that comes from giving and the satisfaction that comes from seeing a smile on the face of that special someone.


As residents of New Jersey, we feel the pain Hurricane Sandy unleashed on our city and the surrounding areas, and we understand that now, months into the aftermath, we still have unique opportunities to reach out to our neighbors, our children, our elders, and our co-workers.


In times of crisis, join with the JMOR Connection and help us commit Random Acts of Kindness by sending tokens of gratitude and love: cupcakes, sandwiches, balloons, and other random items straight to those in need of a smile and a hug.


Spread the love and make those around you feel extra special with a Random Act of Kindness today. We're all here to help, and when you partner with the JMOR Connection for a special gift, you will earn the extra platinum.


Some acts of kindness you could perform today:



    Put spare change in a meter that’s about to expire

    Pay for the car behind in the drive through

    Pay for a movie ticket for the person behind you in line at the movie theatre

    Pay for a car wash for the car behind you

    Pay for someone else’s tab in a restaurant

    Pay for some or all of another car's gas at a gas station


Be a hero when the opportunity presents itself and commit a Random Act of Kindness today.



Yours truly,


The JMOR Connection


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