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When it comes to making news we certainly aren't timid. From sharing the latest contributions we made to businesses, to emerging trends and sharing our practical ways to get businesses to work smarter and not harder.  The JMOR Connection, Inc has the insights  experience and stories to Engineering Technology to Grow your Business®.

Here in our virtual press room you will start to find a variety of resouces from Press Releases, Case Studies, Business Research and clear easy to understand information to help business make smart decisions regarding their company's technology and their applicable compliance regulations.  If you have questions please feel free to contact our media relations team for more insight or to schedule an interview for your next story. Our team will get you the information you need to help you with your story or particual media impacting concern.

Case Studies

server security consultant

NJ-Based Production Client Case Study

Client: NJ-Based Production Company

*The Problem: Slow speeds for network users.* JMOR received a call from a nearby production company complaining of a slow internet... Read the full story

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